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Testimony Love

Katelyn started off as one of my dear clients, and turned into a dear friend and now also great teacher, spiritual guide and gift activator for me. As I’ve gotten to know her, and witnessed her gifts over the years (not to mention observing how coaching her helped ME grow and naturally activated my gifts!), it became clear that hiring her was an important next step in my journey and work.

I’ve always been pretty in touch with my intuition, however working with Katelyn allowed me to refine and clarify my intuitive gifts AND activate new gifts. Most recently I received/activated the gift of doing cellular activations while in one of Katelyn’s Intuitive Gift Activation Ceremonies. I was able to quickly apply that to my clients and community, allowing me to provide even better results for my clients than ever before. *As a bonus it also added an easy additional income stream as a new offering. Even more importantly, working with her supports me in expanding more and more into my fullest potential and to do what I’m most here on earth to do.

Being around Katelyn is powerful enough, but working with her 1×1 is a thousand times more powerful. It’s allowed me to access and trust my intuition in an even deeper way, meaning all my choices and actions are easier in my business everyday AND I’m an even more powerful coach and mentor with more confidence and clarity in my gifts and abilities.

Allison Braun

Business & Life Success Coach + founder of Living Richly™

Working with Katelyn in ANY capacity is a gift beyond words. I have now had the pleasure of receiving her guidance and support in a variety of ways (1:1, small group sessions, retreats, and her Divine Prosperity course), and every container has been unique and powerful. I am always amazed at the results I receive, and how easy and joyful the experience can be.

Katelyn has supported me through some major stuff: releasing past life traumas, following my guidance to shut down my business after five years of diligent work, clarifying and grounding the next-level version of my gifts, creating a new business that’s already wildly more successful than the last one, deepening my romantic partnership and supporting his alchemy and growth, exploring my truest experience of prosperity, and on and on.

After years of working with many teachers and mentors, Katelyn is still one of my primary sources of sisterhood and support. I love everything about her and the light and magic she brings into my life.

If you are feeling called to work with Katelyn, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her presence is a blessing I hope everyone has the pleasure of receiving.

Sally Mercedes

Sacred Business Partner

Honestly, it was hard for me to write this testimonial as I don’t feel that words can even properly express and encapsulate all that Katelyn guided me through and the transformation that took place in me since we met. Even just the retreat alone has shifted my life forever.

I was drawn to work with Katelyn because I had decided to pursue coaching as a career path and wanted to learn from someone who was doing the type of coaching I resonated with the most. Some part of me had a desire to be an intuitive coach, even though I doubted in my abilities and didn’t feel I was naturally “gifted” in this area, as I thought to be the case for many others. I knew as soon as I saw Katelyn’s website, without even fully reading through it, that her Intuitive Coaching School mentorship was exactly what I had been searching for.

Even though I was scared to make a such an investment in myself at a time, when I already had other mentors of different styles in my life, I knew that Katelyn embodied what my soul was desiring for me to step into and I went all in.

During our work together, SO much has changed that the massive shifts I had in that amount of time almost seem impossible! I have often reflected in awe and extreme gratitude for the intuitive and empathic gifts that she helped me re-awaken to, the forgiveness that I found for myself after carrying around heavy guilt and shame from childhood, the deep and powerful reconnection to God that I was able to experience in many layers, the opening of my heart to unconditional love for myself and others, and finally coming to feel my power as a women that I had never allowed myself to own because of trauma that I was able to set myself free of.

All of this led to me truly realizing my soul purpose and being able to step into service as an Intuitive Coach – and I know with certainty I would not have gotten there on my own, especially in such a short amount of time. I now am able to hold space and support my clients with confidence because I have integrated her tools and teachings first hand (rather than having just an intellectual understanding of what someone told me to do, maybe only ever learning about them in a course or book) and I know the gifts that I am meant to share with others. I would recommend Katelyn’s services to anyone who is serious about doing the “work” to remember the truth of their soul, their connection to God, and what they are here to do so that they can be of service to the world.

Alanna Louise

Intuitive Healer & Soul Coach

Katelyn is an extremely powerful embodiment of love and compassion and because of this she holds space for quantum growth and alchemical transformation.

She is a pure and clear channel and her intuitive guidance, through the application of various tools, processes and practices, combined with her loving support are always spot on.

Katelyn has guided me through profound breakthroughs. I’m grateful for the high level of support I’ve received from this alchemical Priestess of Divine Love as I continue to shift my reality and break free from what’s no longer serving me.

Danielle Ashé

Soul Liberation Coach

The main reason I felt drawn toward working with Katelyn in the Intuitive Coaching School was her magnetic energy, confidence, and peacefulness that is so beautiful. I knew right away that it was the right decision because I had been stuck in anxiety and self doubt for too long and her presence and essence is what I wanted for myself and my business. She proved to me that I can be successful using my intuition and divine feminine power.

The monetary investment scared me at first but it’s never about the money. I decided to go for it because I realized that I am worth it and I deserve this kind of loving one-on-one support.

So much has changed during our time working together. The biggest things that have shifted for me are I’ve built a solid trust with myself and my intuition, my confidence has sky-rocketed, and I have a deeper love for myself and the gifts that I bring to the world. Through this life-changing experience I have been able to strengthen my own intuitive gifts so that I can be of service to others and inspire other women to love and trust their own intuition.

I would recommend working with Katelyn if you desire to have a strong intuitive feminine flow in your coaching business and a soul sister to guide you along the way.

Karla Mejia

Intuitive Coach

Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity program has brought about some of the biggest shifts in my life! Every time I go through it, I receive significant abundance upgrades. For example, the first time around, I was able to activate my ability to channel healing activations through sound and movement, eventually applying that to my work with clients. The second time around, I manifested the opportunity to move into a beautiful home I had been dreaming about for some time. Most recently, after completing the program for the third time, I received clarity on professional offerings that I was able to distill into a brand new website that truly reflects me. 

In working with her, I was able to heal my relationship with God and the Divine, allowing his blessings to flow through me in a much deeper way.
Katelyn has so much love for every single person she works with, and you can really feel it in how she cheers you on, no matter at what stage you are in your life and business. Even when I was not actively working with her 1-on-1, I could still feel her lovingly watching over me from afar. If you want to work with a mentor who truly embodies what she teaches, and who cares about you as a soul sister and fellow earth angel, then I’d highly recommend working with Katelyn!
Amber Sophia

Feminine Embodiment Coach and Ecstatic Priestess

Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity program has completely changed my entire way of being!!! She is such a powerful healer and teacher. I have transformed my financial reality, from credit card debt to being overabundant With clients and money coming from multiple sources!! And a feeling of full trust in my financial security, forevermore. And that’s not even the best part, my connection to God is the strongest it’s ever been as well. I am so connected to God, I feel I am so loved and supported in all I do, a deep security I can fall back on anytime.

Deep down, I always knew these truths, and have studied them mentally before in books, but Katelyn’s powerful program and energy has me deeply embodied in them!! Her 40-day kundalini yoga practice contained in this program became my absolute favourite part of my day – so much fun, and so healing!!! I will definitely continue to do, even though I finished the 40 days now.

I highly recommend working with Katelyn in any aspect, as her energy is so powerful, you will become who you really are if you do what she teaches!!! I love you Katelyn! Thank you so much for sharing your light and allowing me to have this transformation within myself!!! Xo Cannot recommend her enough!!!

Britney Taylor


If you are a priestess, spiritually-minded coach or healer wanting to make sense of the higher realms so you can ground your dreams into reality, look no further. My soul guided me to Katelyn and I am still overjoyed that I said YES. Her love knows no bounds, and her radiance Divine.

I will be eternally grateful for the love, healing and Sacred Sisterhood I received through the year and beyond. As an energy alchemist, Kundalini Yoga has been a game changer, and Katelyn is an incredible teacher. Every bit of this year has been a God-send. If you are sitting on the fence, take the leap of faith, your heart knows!

Peta Panos

Soulful business mentor & Prosperity Ascension way-shower

“Before I started in the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship I didn’t know how to trust my own intuition, Higher Self, and spiritual gifts. I knew I was creating a powerful transformation for my coaching clients but I had no idea how I was doing it. I also knew I was destined to create an even bigger impact and serve more clients, but I was riddled with doubt, grasping at every spiritual training and business program available, and creating minimal results. I was exhausted.

After working with Katelyn for two years, I have completely redefined my relationship with my intuition. I live with such a deep knowing that my soul is guiding me and no longer grasp at external programs to teach me what I already know.

While working with Katelyn I experienced my two highest income-producing years, hosted my very first in-person conference, signed a publishing deal for my first book; The Feminine Warrior, was hired as a paid keynote speaker for a women’s empowerment conference and finally felt grounded and confident in my ability to create powerful transformation for my clients. 

I’d highly recommend working with Katelyn to every single spiritually-minded human being who desires a deeper belief and connection to their true Self. Her work is pure magic and produces incredible results in both your personal and professional life. Thank you Katelyn. xoxo

Deanna Deacon

Author, Speaker & Intuitive Life Coach, Founder of the Empowered Woman Conference

Potential when nurtured blossoms and Katelyn recognized my potential before I did. A talented coach, amazing role model, and gifted mentor, you will be drawn to her supportive spirit and inspiring nature. Reflecting over the past months, I’m so grateful that I listened to my heart and made the connection.

Through divine timing I began Katelyn’s program in Intuitive Coaching School and it was within this beautifully transformative experience that I was guided to liberate myself from the limiting beliefs that had long held me back. In releasing the fears I had of my innate power I was able to understand and express my feelings of vulnerability and transmute those energies into confidence and strength.

Expanding beyond my wildest dreams I am more profoundly aligned with my intentions. The biggest shifts I have co-created include deepening my spiritual connection to Source and the Divine, embodying my Highest Self through my life’s purpose, and unleashing my intuitive gifts and abilities. I am now more poised and aware of my potential having eased into the natural flow and rhythm of the life that I desire.

Katelyn is a master at her craft and I would recommend her program to any woman who seeks to journey the path of becoming an Intuitive Coach. I am truly grateful and appreciative not only for her continued guidance and support, but also for all that has manifested and the bright future that is to come.

Karrol Rikka

Intuitive Empath Coach

My transformations started before I even enrolled in Angels of Intuition. During our Breakthrough Session, Katelyn helped me get clear on exactly what I am meant to do on this Earth. It was so moving that I had tears and goosebumps throughout the entire session. I knew in my heart and in my soul that I had to be a part of this program, even though I didn’t fully know what I was about to step into. For a split second I was nervous about the investment but my heart and soul were shouting in a way I hadn’t really experienced before (This is it! This is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Don’t worry about the money, you are always supported!) and when I could no longer hear the fear, I said yes. Actually, it was more like YES!!!!!!!! And it’s been exactly the blessing my soul knew it would be.

Katelyn is an angel on Earth. Her support and love are just incredible. The passion she brings to her work is truly unmatched. She guides you, supports you, loves you, and challenges you to step into all that you were meant to be. And, she doesn’t let you give up because she SEES you in a way you have never been seen before. And not only did I get Katelyn, but I got a group of soul sisters that I love and that love me more than I ever thought possible. We’ve known each other our whole lives, even though we only “met” a few months ago.

If you are searching for that missing piece, if you know you are meant to do and be more, if you desire to feel unconditional love and support, then Angels of Intuition is for you. I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our sacred sisterhood. You are in for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!

Gabriella Brunner

Career Transition & Intuitive Coach

My time being held in a sacred container with Katelyn and the other soul sisters was the most amazing thing I’ve done in my life. I was supported in such a beautiful way. I was longing for this support for years and it was magic how Katelyn entered my life. My one on one sessions with Katelyn and the individual support I received from her was so loving, and I was able to gracefully move through areas of my life and emotions that were very uncomfortable to come to a new understanding and Life.

The soul sisters in the group were so divine and it was so amazing connecting with them in person at the retreats and through the Facebook group. I am so blessed to have these connections that will last a lifetime. The additional support I received from each of them was such a gift.

The most amazing experience through this mastermind was awakening my soul gifts and confidence to shine my Light. My relationship with God is stronger than ever before. It was amazing to also watch each of the beautiful sisters in this space deepen their relationship with God and awaken to a new understanding of their gifts.

This was the best decision I ever made, joining this container that Katelyn so lovingly and tenderly holds. I am forever grateful to God for bringing her into my life.

Crystal Pawlus

Intuitive Mama’hood Coach

Growing up I felt totally paralyzed by stress, anxiety, and perfectionism. I did not know who I was or how to show up in the world. Through a journey of deep self-discovery, I began to experience a profound sense of peace and calm, along with a confident knowing in my truest identity. Along with the immense relief that came with this experience, I began to feel a strong calling to share the beautiful teachings and tools that brought about this transformation. With that being said, I had absolutely no idea how to share my gifts with the world.

Before I started Angels of Intuition, I felt stuck, and a part of me felt totally afraid of how other people would react. My soul longed for a support system from people who were doing the kind of work I was being called towards.

After starting AOI, I experienced big change – fast. I started my first online program, Peace and Presence, within one month of the program starting, I immediately felt so loved and supported by Katelyn and the AOL sisters. And, most recently, I fulfilled a dream I did not even know I had.

I recommend Angels of Intuition to anyone who is feeling the call to show up in the world in a powerful way. This process can be scary, and Angels of Intuition will gift you with the profound healing, empowerment, and support you need to feel totally confident in your gifts so you can share them with the world without hesitation.

Meredith McElroy

Intuitive Coach

There are no adequate words to describe the magic that Katelyn Edgar and Angels of Intuition have facilitated in my life. Before joining, I had already invested a huge amount of money in my personal growth, and I was fairly sure that I didn’t want to invest more. Within our first call, I completely changed my mind and got a glimpse of what my life would feel like if all this personal growth mumbo-jumbo I’d invested so heavily in turned out to be true. I felt myself–fully embodied as the woman I aspire to be.

Every moment of AOI has been as transformational as that very first call. Katelyn has supported me so fully in opening up: to my own power, to the power of source, to the magic that is all around me all the time. She’s held me as I released beliefs that were severely limiting my growth and my happiness. She’s held the space for me to expand farther than I ever thought possible and to embody the energy I want to hold.

Katelyn has been an awe-inspiring example of what it means to support others while also truly honoring oneself. She’s incredibly generous with her time and energy as a coach, while also modeling how to hold strong and loving boundaries with clients. She laughs at herself and is incredibly authentic. She has also created a stunning sisterhood. I have never felt so closely connected, so clearly seen, or so fully supported inside a group of women. These women are true angels in my life. They are some of my greatest teachers and without a doubt, some of my dearest friends.

I could go on forever, and if I had to sum it up, I’d say that if my future clients feel even one ounce of the love and gratitude for me in their lives that I feel for Katelyn Edgar in mine, I’ll feel successful beyond my wildest dreams. I will forever feel the deepest gratitude for Katelyn’s presence, and I will always be honored to call her my Sister.

Tyla Fowler

Intuitive Guide & Healer

Before I started Angels of Intuition I needed guidance on how to be a lightworker in the world and knew this program would help me with just that. You see, Katelyn has the ability to see you as your Higher Self. That person who is the true you.

In my journey with Katelyn and this sisterhood, I’ve learned so much about myself… The blocks, the pain, the hurt, things about myself I never even knew I was carrying around with me and that were keeping me from moving forward. I learned to embrace them and release them. I learned about my spiritual gifts and they have been enhanced, and become stronger and clearer through this journey. I learned how to connect with my own Higher Self and my spiritual team as well as other people’s.

Katelyn has helped me step into a version of myself I would have never even seen if I had not joined Angels of Intuition. If you feel you are being lead to take this journey, take it! It is a complete life changer! You will end up having an incredible support group – soul sisters who will support and inspire you on your journey! These women have become my family, they will encourage you everyday to follow your path, believe in yourself and never give up. I recommend AOI to anyone who is ready to step into their life’s purpose, become their Higher Selves, and help their clients achieve their true soul’s desires. I can never thank Katelyn enough for this beautiful gift. Take this journey! You will not regret it!!

Sandra Suarez Dominguez

Intuitive Life Coach & Healer

In 2016 I realized that what Katelyn RADIATES resonated with me then very deeply. I remember feeling drawn to desiring The Intuitive Coaching School “some day”, but would frequently write off my dream like it was beyond my reach. I realized; however, she was my MIRROR showing me parts of myself asking for healing; completely there the entire way already. Once I processed those feelings and awareness simply using the tools and processes she prescribes on the daily for FREE, everything simply just fell into place and I took the chance of a lifetime to follow my dreams. My best advice? Drop all the mental noise RIGHT NOW, if you are seeking that personal one-on-one support and you found the one that already EMBODIES those frequencies you want to hold for yourself, your Divine guidance has arrived!

It is STILL difficult to truly grasp the depths of the transformations I’ve made through Katelyn’s very special, close one-on-one support and unconditional love. She is now my loving mentor, my beloved sister, and has truly shown me more than what I could ever describe in words. The greatest gift? Everything I’ve experienced I can now assist others in doing; I have more tools and awakened gifts than I could have ever dreamed of, and now I too can support anyone in the world with growth and healing for highest benefit of all. This is literally THE QUICKEST, most gentle transformation I’ve ever experienced. I couldn’t be more blessed to have found her and received such a phenomenal opportunity.

Jess Stigall

Intuitive Coach & Healer

Before investing in coaching with Katelyn I thought I didn’t have the funds to pay for the services. Another hesitation was if the funds did show up for the coaching services then why would I give them to a total stranger? But, I learned that I am not giving my money to someone else, I am investing in me and my Soul’s purpose.

I experienced feeling unwanted, struggled with feeling unworthy, unloved, less than, and not good enough. I knew these were issues that I needed to acknowledge and release to God; therefore, I let it go with her gentle encouragement and love.

So much shifted in my life through that letting go. Internally, I experienced peace, clarity, faith, love, purpose, protection, vision, and trust. Externally, I experienced new opportunities like being transferred to a school that I always wanted to work at since its inception and I also experienced a much deeper mutual Love and Harmony in my relationships with my husband, children, and my parents.

One big benefit that I received through investing in myself is knowing that I am worth any amount of money and I must first invest in myself before I can ask others to invest in me or my vision. Another benefit that I received is an exchange of energy and what I gave to myself always came back to me multiplied.

I truly enjoyed everything about my coaching experiences with Katelyn Edgar, but I really liked that I got more than what I expected. I would recommend working with Katelyn to anyone; I actually already did about a month ago. I would recommend her because I know that she is connected to Source and she puts her needs aside to ensure her clients’ needs are met during each session. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you, Katelyn. I didn’t know what to expect, but I am glad I took that leap of faith. I am grateful that our paths crossed when they did, and I will forever love you. Thank you so much!

Jane S. Green

Working with Katelyn was an orchestration of divine alignment that I in no way planned or expected, and that completely changed my life. I encountered Katelyn by “chance”. I hadn’t been in her space at all, didn’t know anything about her, and within a week of discovering her, I found myself propelled by cosmic force, applying for a breakthrough call to work together! It feels important to note that even taking this step to apply was hugely out of my comfort zone – I didn’t want to waste her time because I couldn’t see money (beyond paying for my necessary bills) anywhere in my reality. But something kept telling me to just go for it, so I did! After the call, I knew that this was deeply RIGHT. Time stood still. It felt like everything collapsed into this moment of decision, and my soul was asking me to choose. It was as if a whole new way was waiting to open up if I said yes! I just had to trust that somehow, the money would all work out (it did). After 3 days of agony, fear, tears and excitement, I finally chose – YES!

And WOW, was it ever BEYOND worth it. There has been no other person in my life who has held space for me in every possible way I needed space held. I was able to completely surrender to Katelyn’s care, as we co-created a beautiful & profound transformation in my life. Katelyn guided me through releasing so much fear & trauma – I now have a completely different capacity to exist in presence, abundance & love! I have a new-found faith in the goodness of life, and have cultivated the capacity to be rooted in that goodness (no matter what is occurring around me). I now trust in the path of my soul, more than any idea “out there”. Katelyn moves with grace & deep stability, inviting you into those uncomfortable edges that are the portals to soul awakening and change (this is the real inner work). I wasn’t told what to do, but compassionately guided (and sometimes lovingly ass-kicked) into alignment with my own truth & power!

I would absolutely (100% times infinity) recommend working with Katelyn. You will, without a doubt, become more of your soul-self, and completely transform your perspective & reality when you do.

Sarah Bryn

Before I enrolled in Angels of Intuition and started working with Katelyn Edgar, I knew I wanted to serve using my empathic and intuitive gifts and I knew I wanted to create a successful business that allowed me to serve in a deep and impactful way that felt energizing, supportive, expansive, and totally magical but I was feeling so stuck. I was really lacking confidence in myself and my gifts, was often consumed with anxiety around money and how and when all of the pieces would come together, and felt like I still had a lot of “me work” to do.

After going through 10 magical months with Katelyn and my lifelong Angels of Intuition soul sisters, I can say that my life has drastically changed a hundred times over into a reality that I once could only dream of! With the love and support of Katelyn and the sisterhood, I was able to finally melt away and transform doubt, fear, and deep pain that I had been carrying since childhood (and probably many lifetimes before this one!). I learned how to connect to my intuition and to Spirit in a way that totally transformed my life and allowed me to feel completely confident in my work and my business.

With Katelyn’s guidance, I have done a lot of work to bust through money blocks and to start making the money I truly desire. Through Angels of Intuition, I have learned how to master the art of working and creating in the energetic realm in order to manifest miracles here on Earth. I cannot say enough good things about Katelyn Edgar or Angels of Intuition. This program gave me all of the support, love, and tools necessary to create a thriving business that sets my soul on fire, but the gifts received go even beyond that.

With Katelyn’s fierce love, powerful intuition, and kind and generous heart, she provided me a space to heal my life and experiences miracles within my relationships that I never thought were possible. Especially my relationship with myself and God. Katelyn’s devotion to her work and her genuine love and concern for her clients is absolutely unparalleled. This woman is the real deal and if you are reading this and are blessed enough to be working with this true angel, I am jumping up and down in joy for you right now! Expect Miracles.

Ashley Hogan

Empathic Earth Angel & Intuitive Coach

My time with Katelyn and in Angels of Intuition is precious to me. Before the program I was curious about life and wanted to develop my intuition so I could help people in a new capacity. I cannot even begin to share how much my life has changed.

After clearing out what was holding me back, I feel brand new on the inside. I understand the much bigger picture now. The friendships and support through this journey have been nothing short of amazing. Everything I learned and practiced has had a huge effect on my life and my outlook. I am taking away so many valuable tools that I can help others with including my children. Katelyn is an incredible coach who helped me see myself and the magic I am able to create now going forward. I am forever grateful to this beautiful, devoted angel for coming into my life at the perfect moment I needed her to.

Jen Macfarlane

Intuitive Life Coach

My experience working with Katelyn in the Angels of Intuition Program has been at the very least…life changing! I was drawn to working with Katelyn through her devotion and commitment to my success and her desire to fully support me in making my dreams come true. With her guidance I have been able to fully discover and claim my intuitive gifts, and learn the beautiful art of Intuitive Coaching (and much, much more!).

Without Katelyn and this sisterhood, I would have never imagined my life in the way that it is today. Her unwavering support, and her ability for her to hold sacred space for my growth and healing through the triumphs and successes, the scary times and the times where I was feeling low, have enabled me to keep going on this incredible journey and not give up. If anyone is looking to transform their life, become their truest and highest selves, and truly discover their own unique gifts to share with the world… look no further than Katelyn Edgar. She is the real deal!

Rachel Fishman

Intuitive Graphic Designer & Brand Advisor

I felt a strong call, an urge, a pull to work with Katelyn. I was drawn to her and, at first, I didn’t know why. I didn’t know how I’d be able to make it happen, financially. I knew that it felt right. It felt necessary – dare I say, urgent. I chose to answer that call. I said “YES!”, and I thank God that I did. I now know that call was coming from my Intuition, my Soul, the Divine – bringing us together to raise the vibration of the planet, and to co-create my dream reality as a Lightworker in the world. It was finally time to heal myself so that I could help others heal.

Before working with Katelyn, I was lost. I felt like I was at the bottom of a deep, dark hole admiring the light I could see above me, seeming so far out of reach. I was stumbling around down there, tripping over self help books, and affirmations that were scattered about. No matter how many of these things I tried to stack up, I couldn’t seem to get myself out of this hole. I kept seeking more, and craving more as bright sparks of inspiration led me to keep searching for a way out and into the Light. I needed to look deeper, and reach higher. I needed guidance.

When I found Katelyn, it was like God sent an angel down to guide me. Not someone to throw down a flashlight, not someone to throw a rope down and pull me out. God sent me an angel to stand beside me, to support me, to love me, to EMPOWER me to take each and every step as I found my path out of the darkness. Katelyn helped awaken the Light I already held within me.

I am now living in the Light with SO MUCH GRATITUDE. I have been cracked open, awakened, and activated. I am in complete awe of the many Divine gifts within me that we discovered, uncovered, and super-charged. I am inspired and I am healed, on levels I hadn’t dared to venture alone. Now I am free to be of service to others in this way.

I am forever grateful to have found Katelyn Edgar – who has not only been a powerful guide, an angel, and beaming light in my life – she is a woman that I am so blessed to be able to call a colleague, a sister, and a friend.

Erin Washington

Intuitive Coach & Healer

When I met Katelyn, I never would have called myself an Intuitive. I had a deep desire to explore the healer within myself, but felt like intuition was a gift I didn’t get, something I went to others for. I had just begun exploring coaching and didn’t totally believe in myself. I was on the verge of a huge shift in my career and was scared to take the leap. I was burnt out, mildly depressed, facing difficult issues in my relationships…and through our work together in the Intuitive Coaching School program and her intimate, intense, and powerful support of me, I shed all of these layers and began to reawaken the intuitive healer I AM!

I am now blossoming in my newfound power and confidence, having great success with my clients, launching a company I’ve dreamed of for years, and living every day happy, free, and connected to the Divine. I am SO grateful and honored to be able to share what Katelyn awoke inside of me with other people. She is a phenomenal coach and mentor, wise and gentle channel, and a caring, compassionate, vibrantly exceptional human being.

Katie Walsh

Intuitive Healer, Herbalist & Health Coach

I started my spiritual path in 2015 and after about one year of exploring various modalities, I realized that what I had been searching for for so long, was a career in Intuitive Coaching. I had no idea how to find the right Intuitive Coaching School and had been to some questionable Intuitives and Psychics so I was extremely skeptical. After looking at only 2 or 3 websites, I discovered Katelyn’s website in the most synchronistic way. I scheduled an intro session and felt very moved to join one of the last remaining spots she had open in her program. After our initial call, it was so clear to me that Katelyn had everything that makes a great mentor and teacher. She was patient, loving, supportive, attentive and very much in tune with wherever I was in my path and always could identify what we needed to work on in order for me to grow and develop into an amazing coach.

She manages to balance an extremely well-organized and professional program with the softness and warmth needed by a true mentor. I was constantly impressed by how well structured her sessions were, as well as everything leading up to them, and following after. The old me would have had reservations about being mentored by someone so much younger, but I never doubted her strength, authenticity and experience for a second. She believes in you, she goes the extra mile for you, and she is there whenever you need her. I feel extremely lucky to have found her, as working with her was exactly what I needed to propel me forward.

Jennifer Wai

Intuitive Consultant

Before I began working with Katelyn in her Intuitive Coaching School I was stuck on how to really tap in to the awesome intuitive gifts we all have but may not know about or how to use them. I was also hesitant to make the financial commitment! After going through the program, I have found this amazing connection to God and the universe and beyond and I started working with my first paying clients before the program even finished!

Katelyn was so great at encouraging me to really step out and dive in to my coaching practice and get my career up and running which was a big dream of mine. I am so grateful to have had such an awesome, inspiring and divinely guided coach to teach me on this amazing journey. If you want to take your coaching and intuition to the next level, Katelyn can get you there! I would HIGHLY recommend her she has amazing tools and is such a clear channel for God. It’s a pure joy working with Katelyn!

Valerie Langley

Intuitive Coach & Meditation and Manifestation Mentor

Before I started Katelyn’s Intuitive Coaching School I was afraid and miserable about everything. I had so many blocks that I didn’t even realize were keeping me from being the person I wanted to be and living my best life. I thought that I would never be able to develop my intuitive gifts. I thought I would never be able to be a coach. Before starting with Katelyn, I had been told by many intuitives and psychics throughout the years that I was a psychic but none of them could teach me how to access those abilities and I was blocked from being able to access them on my own. After going through this program my entire life changed, I’ve changed. I am a completely new person from who I was. I now have faith and belief in myself. I now know that I am enough, that I have many gifts to offer (gifts I now know how to access and use, thanks to Katelyn), and that I have the tools needed to face any limiting beliefs that pop up. But best of all, I developed and was provided tools and processes to be one amazing Intuitive Coach.

I’d recommend this program to anyone who is ready to change their reality, and open and access their intuitive gifts. Doing this program with Katelyn’s guidance opens you up to new possibilities, allowing you to grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally. You can’t leave this program without becoming a different person and changing for the better, moving ever closer to becoming your highest self. I am so grateful for this program and to Katelyn, who is one amazing, beautiful soul. She guides you on this amazing journey as not only a mentor but as a friend and soul sister. I can’t even completely articulate how special and amazing this course and the woman who runs it is. I am forever changed and forever thankful.

Sarah Sandy

Intuitive Coach & Meditation and Manifestation Mentor

I feel like there has been a complete overhaul of my entire being from working with Katelyn. I came in not knowing what I needed to work with her on, but that I knew a big change was coming and felt like she could help me most… Did she ever. Katelyn helped me completely bust through unexpected blocks I’ve had since childhood, enhance and embrace my own intuitive and psychic abilities (which have grown exponentially since starting with her), meet my angels/spirit guides as well as my inner/Highest self, and evolve into the woman I am meant to be–secure and strong in trusting myself to really make sure my needs and values are being spoken for and met. I didn’t have that before like I thought I did.

Katelyn is like a soul sister to the max–the absolute sweetest, most heavenly soul you’ll ever meet, highly gifted and intuitive, and this positive shining ray of light that gently guides you through what you need to work through to become your truest self. Yes, some of it is incredibly difficult, but she holds your hand the entire way like a best friend. I’d absolutely work with her again in a heartbeat.

Mikael Short

Writer, Singer, Actress, & Tarot Reader/Intuitive

Most of my life has been happy and joyful – I did my best to stay out of conflict and do what I felt was expected of me; do well at school, go to university, always have an income. There came a point however, where it all felt like an illusion and I started to take actions guided by my heart. My life became fuller, rich, and more heart based. As layers of myself were stripped away, huge blocks and walls were revealed, and although I knew I was on the right path, there were days and weeks where I felt more heaviness and darkness than ever.

Through divine intervention, Katelyn came into my life, as a friend and teacher. She took my hand and guided me through a process that allowed me to break through the walls and stagnant parts of my being and moved me into a version of myself I never could have imagined. Katelyn helped me find my true purpose and passion for life! I feel like everything I’ve ever dreamed of (and more) is within my reach – I now have the tools to live an authentic, juicy, creative, inspired, and illuminated life. Katelyn has given me a new life by allowing divine guidance and wisdom to flow through her – my  gratitude is beyond words.

Renee McLachlan

Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and EFT Practitioner

Before my first session with Katelyn I was struggling with making the leap into starting my own business. I knew I had it in me, I knew I could do it, but there was something holding me back. Like this giant invisible boulder dead centre in the middle of my path that I just couldn’t seem to get around on my own.

As soon as our first call began the wisdom just poured through her calm and steady voice as she gently but authoritatively guided me through a fluid series of subconscious exercises.

Within that first week of our initial session I cut back my hours at work and began designating a set schedule to making my business a reality. It was as if I was finally saying ‘Yes!’ to my own life and the opportunities began falling in my lap immediately.

The momentum I gained after my first session with Katelyn was absolutely priceless, and her gift of intuitive guidance is like nothing I have ever experienced. If you are ready to bust through your blocks and create radical shifts that last then you need Katelyn in your life!

Taiha Perron

Writer & Wellness Advocate

Before working with Katelyn, my biggest obstacle was my financial situation – I had recently been injured and was forced off of working. I had this strong feeling deep down however, saying, “just trust that it will all work out” — and it totally has!

My main desire in working with Katelyn was to deepen my connection to myself and God and to really just settle into the present. My life was going so fast; I felt as if I was spinning and in a constant state of chaos. I felt confused, scrambled, and anxious to the point where I couldn’t breathe normally sometimes.

I now feel empowered in my life and have the tools to connect me into a state that is grounded and clear. I am able to easily make or obtain conscious and intuitive decisions/ insights. This work, or transformation if you will, has taught me to settle into my true being, the being that is so entirely whole and deeply rooted in God. When I am rooted into my own being, my life feels like magic and I can call into my reality those things that are aligned with my truest self. I have learned the true power of manifestation by asking for, aligning with, and receiving what I want and need in my life.

The best part was Katelyn’s ability to shift energy and leave me overflowing with motivation, empowerment, and love. Katelyn has an amazing spirit and is so totally aligned with her medicine. I would tell any woman who feels the need to go deeper into herself to WORK WITH KATELYN!! Yes, I have such a huge appreciation for her as she has helped me to make such a major transformation. My intention for this journey has fully manifested and arrived… and my life feels like magic again!

Kyla Pyrozyk

Registered Nurse and Doula

Working with Katelyn opened up a much wider range of truth in me and allows me to truly explore my current situation; emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually, and so allows me also to explore all my relationships with the world around me in this fuller light. The fact that she speaks the language of spirituality and higher purpose is something I have been searching for in a counselor/mentor/guide. Katelyn is such a loving, straightforward, and insightful guide. Her intuition shines light, lovingly, on the dark or poorly lit places that require attention in order to move knowingly toward your highest purpose, and then she guides you into and through the other side.

I am now more joyful in my life, more discerning, and more empowered to make clear decisions. Through this past year I have gone through some big changes. Some very challenging and tumultuous, some joyous and smooth. All of the change in my life has had a new and giving framework within which I have been able to see so much more clearly the soul of things… the deeper important truth. I’ve had more ease in seeing beyond pain to real growth. I am absolutely sure of Katelyn’s assistance in this developing ability, which is transforming my life from the inside out. I recommend working with Katelyn to anyone looking to take a step forward in their lives. She is a facilitator of change and growth and SO importantly, an empowering, supportive healer who knows how to transfer wisdom as well as the tools of joyous, radiant living.

Maiya Robbie

Musician and Music Teacher

I recently had the amazing experience of working with Katelyn. I was drawn to work with her during our discovery call. I had an immediate shift during that very first conversation.

I knew it was a great decision for me right away because of the trust I felt with Katelyn. I had no fear in opening up to her and getting to the core of my issues.

During the time we spent working together so much changed. The biggest thing that changed is that I have started to love myself again. I also stopped feeling guilt and shame over my financial situation.

My experience with Katelyn was fabulous! She is extremely gifted and I would definitely recommend her if you are sick and tired of where you are in your life. She is a very beautiful person inside and out and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Linda Poteet

Losing a loved one in a sudden manner left me lost and confused about life. I was empty and felt hopeless that life would get better. I suffered from severe guilt and was unable to move on and enjoy my life as I once did. I seemed to have experienced all the signs of grief except acceptance over and over again.

Katelyn helped me make sense of things in a way no one else was able to, she gave me hope and something tangible to work towards. I am very thankful for her as she set the foundation for me to move on with my life. She gave me a sense of optimism and something to look forward to.

Before, I had seen various forms of professional help to get me through what I was going though, however felt that the advice and treatments were generic and unsuccessful, leaving me more hopeless. Katelyn’s positive energy is so contagious, she inspired me to want to be happy again. She relieved me of the guilt I was feeling and gave me reassurance that it was okay to feel the way that I was feeling, but most of all she gave me hope.

I love how intuitive Katelyn is; I truly feel that she is deeply connected to the Universe. She gave me a new perspective of my situation, something that was impossible for me to see before.

I would absolutely recommend Katelyn to anyone who needs guidance in their lives. Katelyn wasn’t helping me because it was her job; she helped guide me to the path of healing because she truly cares and wanted me to enjoy life again.

Naomi Stevenson

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