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My Story

Hello Beautiful Soul!

Like you, I’ve experienced a lot in my life already. I could simply give you the highlight reel of where I’m at now, but it feels important to share the journey with you more deeply today. So, let’s dive right into it, shall we?

A look at my past:

I grew up feeling a deep sense of not being good enough, and believing there was something I needed to be punished for. Even through all the beauty of my life, there was this underlying shame and belief of being worthless. And it haunted me.

That led to self rejection, abandoning my body, numbing myself out, and constantly trying to control something – anything – to escape and cope with the pain I was in.

By the time I was 13 years old, I was stealing money from my parents to support a crystal meth addiction and was basically using any drug I could get my hands on. I was suicidal and cutting my body to try to release myself from the pain. I was even admitted to a psych ward for two months.

I was severely depressed and anxious, not understanding that my pain stemmed from past trauma and shame that was buried deep inside, and thus, not knowing how to heal it.

I’ve had back to back to back HIGHLY dysfunctional relationships. I desperately wanted to feel better… to feel loved, accepted, cherished… and I searched for that approval in unhealthy ways outside of myself.

I used to REALLY struggle to make ends meet financially, before starting my business and tapping into Divine Prosperity, I was in a constant state of fear and panic over money. It was extremely hard to believe I would ever make “real” money, especially doing something I loved.

There have been times, even after finding my purpose, when I felt alone, scared, disconnected, and far from alignment. I didn’t feel confident sharing my gifts with the world, and even though I felt CALLED to make a big impact, I felt small and powerless instead. (Ugh… not fun.)

That’s (part) of my past. It’s been an intense ride, as it has been for many of us. I’ve struggled a lot and had a lot of pain and I did whatever I could to try to avoid feeling it.

Eventually, through the grace of God, I started to wake up and heal. I began praying every day and studying intuition, yoga, meditation, energy medicine, trauma healing, quantum science, reiki, psychology, and the power of reprogramming the subconscious mind for success. Where that all led me has been nothing short of miraculous.

Where I’m at now:

Through that journey, I came to clearly understand that it’s through a healthy and intimate relationship with myself and God (the Divine, Creator, or whichever language resonates for you), that all wounds can be healed, all life can be restored, and our dreams can come to life.

This path and all the initiations I’ve moved through have made me STRONG. I am empowered. I have a determination about me now that gives me the grit to keep showing up and growing. I’ve also learned to surrender into grace and allow Divinity, grace, magic, and miracles to take the lead in my life.

I now live in deep devotion to God. I am connected to the spirit realm in a really powerful way that clearly guides my journey step by step. Even in the dark times, I KNOW I am so supported and guided. My intuition is solid, giving me the clarity and energy I require to serve my soul’s purpose.

I’ve healed lifetimes of trauma and released deep shame. I love myself deeply, and I honour my journey.

I am IN my body. I move my body regularly, have a strong daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice, and eat all organic, nutritious foods.

I now own my power as a co-creator in my life, I’m tapped into my intuitive gifts, and I’m anchored in the vibration of Divine Prosperity.

My experience of money has become like a game I love to play – I share my gifts with the world and I am given appreciation, in the form of money, in exchange. I get to put my purpose behind that money to support causes important to my heart, travel around the world, invest in my personal and professional life, and follow my soul’s calls.

I have an amazing support system including a team of coaches, mentors, sisterhood, friends, and family who believe in me and my vision and hold me in my highest light. This support is SO key in my continued growth and success.

My business has become a booming success beyond my wildest dreams and a cherished portal for my soul’s expression…

I use my gifts as an Intuitive Alchemist, Coach, Mentor, Healer, Teacher, and Priestess with great integrity and honour. I support my (truly amazing) clients and community to deepen their spiritual connection, activate their Soul’s gifts and intuitive magic, and anchor into the sacred consciousness of Divine Prosperity (so they can also experience the life of abundance, freedom, impact, and fulfillment they have been longing for).

My transformation has been radical and the life I live is a dream. It’s such a gift and I give thanks to every bit of my journey for bringing me here.

Along with saying all this, I want to be really clear: I’m not trying to brag or paint you a perfect picture of me or my life. Believe me, it’s not perfect and I’m HUMAN. Sometimes my life feels really fucking messy. I go through hard times. I still have to face my shit and do my (sometimes seemingly endless!) work on myself. I’m still learning things every day, like how I can cause less and less harm to the planet, and how to dismantle white supremacy to co-create equality and prosperity for ALL, for example. I know the growth will continue.

But I share all of this because I want you to remember and reclaim YOUR power to make change and create what your soul calls you to. Wherever you find yourself right now, you CAN heal and overcome… you CAN bring your dreams to life… you CAN fulfill your soul’s mission… you CAN do this! I KNOW you can.

And I’m here to support you in remembering and actualizing all of THAT.

I believe living in prosperity and harmony it is the birthright of ALL. I believe that as we each love ourselves and and face our shadows, we can live and rejoice in our light. I believe as we claim our right to live in joy and peace, we can collectively put an end to unnecessary suffering and co-create Utopia instead. I believe that by fully aligning with our souls and being fully embodied, we can serve our purpose and contribute in meaningful, fulfilling ways that literally the liberate the planet.

Feelin’ the magic here? (Me too – it’s powerful!)

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Random things about moi:

When I was a teenager, people always thought I was a lot older than I was and now people always think I’m quite a bit younger than I am (I was born in 1987). I contribute this to being so in tune with my inner child now – she’s the sweetest! And so wise.

I haven’t had a sip of alcohol since 2012. My body started rejecting it as I progressed on my spiritual journey and eventually I let it go (along with many other things). It was hard at first – it was definitely a crutch for me – but after some time, I started to learn how to be in the world without any substance. And it feels so good now.

When I was 14, I saved up all my money from my first summer job to buy a puppy. His name was Dice (that’s him in the photo). Dice was my angel and bestie; there for me through thick and thin! Dice passed over in 2014 and when he did, he came to me in spirit and told me exactly how he would be continuing to support me from that realm. I still work with him closely. Isn’t he the most handsome?

I looove to travel, true to my Sagittarius sign (I’ve got Sun, Moon, Mercury, Saturn AND Uranus in Sagittarius. Taurus Ascendant). One place I haven’t been yet but feel a soul-pull to is Greece; I’ve definitely got some magical past life history there.

I’ve gotten 4 tattoos, one of which is Dice’s footprints on the top of my foot (I literally got an ink pad and stamped his foot, then shrunk the footprint down so I could fit them on the top of my foot).

I’m obsessed with quantum physics. I started learning about the magic of quantum physics (consciously) when I was 13 and I still never get tired of it. Hence why my life, business, daily practices, and all things me, are exactly what they are. It just does. not. get. old. #wherespiritandsciencemeetandmakebabies 🙂

I was a gymnast growing up. I credit a lot of my healthy discipline to that background and am so grateful. I’ve also had to break away from a lot of unhealthy perfectionism conditioning from it too.

I LOVE to dance… freeform… barefoot… in the forest… to loud bassy music… 😀

Some of my fave memories of all time are from the retreats I’ve hosted. The magic of these experiences is just beyond words.

In Human Design, I’m a generator with a 6/2 (role model/hermit) profile. I’m here to bring harmony and peace by way of humanitarian commitment.

I’ve been bungee jumping 3 times. Still yet to go sky-diving. It’s on my list too.

I’m the oldest of 4, with all my siblings being a lot younger than me – 6, 8, and 10 years younger. I had a lot of responsibility to take care of them when I was young, which was a both a great honour and a challenge. I have a really special and strong relationship with all three of these beauties. (This photo of us four is from 2012.)

I literally had over 20 jobs by the time I was 25. Here are some: flagging, working at a gym, residential care aid, serving, selling vacuums (yup – door to door! haha), house cleaning, working at a fishing lodge, and working in my dad’s steel fabricating shop (that didn’t last long lol). I was unwilling to settle for anything less than finding my purposeful work.

I currently live in the boonies – 40 minutes from any town, in the forest, on the mountain. It’s my idea of dreamy. Home sweet home.

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