Welcome, beautiful soul!  

My guess is you’re here because even after all the success you’ve already created in your life and career, you’re feeling a calling to nourish your spiritual connection, further develop your intuition and divine gifts, and create greater fulfillment in your life and work.

Let’s be really clear: you are already powerful and successful! You know that, and yet… you desire MORE. You know life is precious and you want to reach your highest potential while you’re here. You want to make the most of life, you want to have an impact that really helps the world elevate, you want to serve your highest purpose, and you know your next step is to connect deeply with your soul to activate the next level embodiment of your Highest Self.

Maybe you’re feeling:

~ Stagnant, stuck, or lackluster? (and you are NOT interested in living a “meh” life)
~ Fear or uncertainty? (even though you’ve leaped into the unknown before, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still unknown and you’re still feeling those feels)
~ Moments of doubting your intuition and guidance?
~ Disconnected from your confidence and power to create the changes you desire?
~ Unsure if you’re going to finally make this next leap happen? (even though you know deep down it’s really the only option, this is your purpose after all – you’re ready for it, like, yesterday)

Are you also desiring:

~ Increased prosperity and income to support your new vision and desires?
~ To feel that passion for your purpose and life RE-IGNITED?
~ To really FEEL that vibrancy of being in your power as a conscious co-creator again?
~ An even deeper spiritual connection (and maybe you feel a new intuitive gift surfacing in you too – exciting!)?
~ To really LAND in this new reality you’ve been given the vision for?

Well, I’ve got great news for you (a reminder)… you’re in a really good place! Even though things feel a bit scary, frustrating, or unclear right now, you’re recreating yourself – again! That’s exciting.
And the support you’ve been calling in – to finally get where you want to go – has arrived. You are ready and the time is now. (Hallelujah!)

So let’s talk about where you’re at and what it looks like to get where you want to go.


~ Established a financial foundation and created significant success throughout your life (on your terms)
~ Done some amazing quantum leaping over the years (yay you!)
~ Experienced what the magic of consciously co-creating a new reality with Spirit feels like
~ Invested significantly into yourself personally and/or professionally before, and you deeply value the opportunity to put your energy (money, time, and intention) into your growth and life/purpose expansion

None of this is new to you.

And now… You are ready for the next level your soul is calling you to…

Next-level prosperity, wealth, and income… so you can add to your savings, start a heart project, increase your contribution to causes that call to you, and create a more solid foundation for your future and family.

Next-level intuitive gifts and soul service… so you can feel more confident and passionate about the work you do, be more fulfilled, help others even more powerfully, and leave a legacy you’re proud of. 

Next-level co-creative alchemy and dream actualization… so you feel capable and inspired to ACT ON and thus GROUND that big vision your soul has given you with more grace, pleasure, and joy.

Next-level power to create change for yourself personally AND the planet at large… you’ve been given a vision for yourself and the Earth, and not only do you believe transformation is possible (you’ve lived it first-hand and you understand its power and importance), but you know that directing your energy to bring these sacred visions to life is what you’re here on the planet to do.

And you’re ready to deepen…

Deepen into your Divinity
Deepen into your sacred body-temple
Deepen into presence and peace
Deepen into INFINITY & LOVE

While you’re ready for all of this, you desire support to help you move past the doubts and fears into clarity and confidence swiftly and graciously…

Someone who can support you through the alchemy and transformation you’re undergoing while holding a steadfast mirror of your Truth… who you really are, why you’re really here, and your own True magnificence. Someone who’s been there and come through the other side (many times!), who will support you in this, powerfully and lovingly.

And that’s why you’ve been drawn to this sacred container. 😉


I’m here to help you activate and embody this next-level version of yourself, your life, and your purpose that you’ve been feeling emerging. This is why I created the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship. 


intuitive alchemy magic

You already know that at the very core, what you really need is to get fully ALIGNED with your next level soul vision and EMBODIED in the frequency it holds. While it’s simple, it’s also a radical alchemical process and having someone who’s intuitively tuned-in and experienced to support you in all of this is what makes the journey a magical JOY.

This is why I love the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship so much. This is an incredibly sacred container filled with divine initiations, powerful soul activations, magic, love, and gorgeous support to catalyze your inner and outer transformation with as much ease, grace, and beauty as possible.


In the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship, we will move through the 7 Steps to Alchemical Dream Creation to support you in the journey of seeing your vision in your mind’s eye to it being CREATED IN PHYSICAL FORM.

You know this big up-level you’ve been feeling?

Well, I see these up-levels as “whole being illuminations,” and by going through these 7 steps (which aren’t at all linear, btw) we do the required inner work, play, and alchemy to shift your personal vibration causing you to BECOME the person you need to BE to take the actions you need to take to bring your dream to life. This is spiritual, yet GROUNDED.


We’ll work with the frequency, principles, and philosophy of Divine Prosperity®. This is an ancient, sacred consciousness that I work with and transmit. Divine Prosperity brings you into your next level of true fulfillment and actualized abundance. I’ve been both totally broke and wonderfully wealthy and what I’ve learned is money without fulfillment is meaningless AND having an impact is A LOT easier with actual cash. So with Divine Prosperity, you get both – inner AND outer riches. 


We’ll also focus on further strengthening your intuition and, if desired, activating a new intuitive gift in you. I am a powerful guide and activator in this realm. If you feel a new gift emerging, I will support you in mastering, utilizing, and serving it in your work (this could look like learning to do energetic transmissions or activations, channeling and communicating with divine spirits, and/or a unique style of healing modality directly channeled from your soul, for example – whatever gift your soul is calling you to activate next is what we’ll work with and focus on).

Together, we’ll focus on moving you into:

~ Deeper alignment and fulfillment with your soul service and purpose
~ Increased income, wealth, and financial flow
~ Greater impact and contribution towards the Earth and Her children
~ Fuller embodiment and presence to your holy body-temple
~ Alignment, embodiment, and integration of your next-level human evolution and soul expansion
~ Landing in the version of yourself and your life that you’ve been feeling and are SO ready for
~ The implementation of any new boundaries to support you in your new embodiment
~ Strengthened connection to God, your Higher Self, and your Spirit Team to give you even more trust, confidence, clarity, and a solid sense of peace and wellbeing in your life and work

This is an intimate, high level 1:1 mentorship with me to support your whole being illumination and overall life, purpose, and prosperity up-level. IT. IS. POWERFUL. And you are going to LOVE it. 

In this divine, alchemical container, you will receive:

Ongoing 1:1 Intuitive Alchemy Sessions where we do the deep work (and play!), open you up to embody your soul frequencies, and align you with your dreams

Two Activations: one “Intuitive Gift Activation” and one “Divine Prosperity® Activation” (these are SUPER powerful)

Email support for quick alignment shifts

Powerful energetic support to keep you soul-aligned, including energy work when desired

You’ll also get these special bonuses:

~ Access to my Divine Prosperity program content

~ Access to the Strengthening the Aura and other Kundalini Yoga & Meditation videos in my client archive

~ Other fancy things that are a surprise so I can’t tell you yet 😉

~ The option to upgrade for a personally tailored retreat(s) with me. (These are beyond magical and transformative – words don’t do them justice, but imagine a you and I in a super dreamy location, diving deep into Kundalini Yoga, soul channeled energetic activations and sacred initiations taking you to your next level of joy, prosperity, connection, magic, and co-creative power in lightning speed. Plus, we’ll have a total blast while we’re at it!)

We’re going to play, co-create, and do alchemy together and all the while, I’m going to see and hold you in your highest light and truth – no matter what. Let’s take you from stagnant and disconnected to clear, inspired, fulfilled, and in soul flow. Now is your time!!

allison braun living richly

“Katelyn started off as one of my dear clients, and turned into a dear friend and now also great teacher, spiritual guide and gift activator for me. As I’ve gotten to know her, and witnessed her gifts over the years (not to mention observing how coaching her helped ME grow and naturally activated my gifts!), it became clear that hiring her was an important next step in my journey and work.

I’ve always been pretty in touch with my intuition, however working with Katelyn allowed me to refine and clarify my intuitive gifts AND activate new gifts. Most recently I received/activated the gift of doing cellular activations while in one of Katelyn’s Intuitive Gift Activation Ceremonies. I was able to quickly apply that to my clients and community, allowing me to provide even better results for my clients than ever before. *As a bonus it also added an easy additional income stream as a new offering. Even more importantly, working with her supports me in expanding more and more into my fullest potential and to do what I’m most here on earth to do.

Being around Katelyn is powerful enough, but working with her 1×1 is a thousand times more powerful. It’s allowed me to access and trust my intuition in an even deeper way, meaning all my choices and actions are easier in my business everyday AND I’m an even more powerful coach and mentor with more confidence and clarity in my gifts and abilities.”

~ Allison Braun, Business & Life Success Coach + founder of Living Richly™

sally mercedes reclaim sacred

“Working with Katelyn in ANY capacity is a gift beyond words. I have now had the pleasure of receiving her guidance and support in a variety of ways (1:1, small group sessions, retreats, and her Divine Prosperity course), and every container has been unique and powerful. I am always amazed at the results I receive, and how easy and joyful the experience can be.

Katelyn has supported me through some major stuff: releasing past life traumas, following my guidance to shut down my business after five years of diligent work, clarifying and grounding the next-level version of my gifts, creating a new business that’s already wildly more successful than the last one, deepening my romantic partnership and supporting his alchemy and growth, exploring my truest experience of prosperity, and on and on.

After years of working with many teachers and mentors, Katelyn is still one of my primary sources of sisterhood and support. I love everything about her and the light and magic she brings into my life.

If you are feeling called to work with Katelyn, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her presence is a blessing I hope everyone has the pleasure of receiving.”

~ Sally Mercedes, Sacred Business Partner

Before filling out your application, know that I only want the absolute best for you, and I want to honour where you are at in your journey.

This particular Mentorship is NOT for you if:

– Making a significant financial investment into your personal and professional transformation doesn’t align with your values or doesn’t feel like the correct next step for you. (It might feel scary and like a stretch, and that’s normal, but it will also feel like next GUIDED step if this is meant for you.)
– You don’t value celebrating, laughter, pleasure, and play AT LEAST as much as you value shadow work, looking at the tough things, and doing the scary but necessary things. (With me, we’ll do both, and as much as I value the deep work, I value PLAY. I want to have FUN with you!)
– You’re not prioritizing giving back and contributing to global harmonization. (Global harmonization is one of my core values and it’s important that the people I work with are aligned with this.)
– You want me to help you with business structure, strategy, copy, or implementing practical biz things (this is not my zone of genius – intuitive gift development, working the energetics to manifest your dreams, prosperity consciousness, telepathy, and soul alignment and embodiment are my jam and while these pieces are what I believe are most key to success in your biz and life, you’ve also got to have the practical things covered to thrive).
– You don’t take full personal responsibility – I’ll show up 110% to support you as a strong guide, hold you in your Truth and light, and support you in actualizing your dreams and vision, but I can’t (and won’t) make you do the work, listen to your guidance, take the guided steps, etc. You are your own authority, always. <3

If reading the above points further confirms for you that you’re in the right place, know this…

You’re ready for this. Truly. It’s time! (YAY!) Your next step is to click below to fill out your application. Upon application approval, I’ll be in touch with you to connect more and . Please note there is a meaningful five figure investment for this mentorship and due to the intimate nature of this offering, I only work with a handful of clients at a time at this level. If this is speaking to your heart, I invite you to click the button below, take some full, grounding breaths into your beautiful heart, and fill your application out so we can connect more and see if IAM is your next guided step. I am SO excited to hear from you. So. much. magic. awaits! 

yes please work with katelyn edgar

“Potential when nurtured blossoms and Katelyn recognized my potential before I did. A talented coach, amazing role model, and gifted mentor, you will be drawn to her supportive spirit and inspiring nature. Reflecting over the past months, I’m so grateful that I listened to my heart and made the connection.

Through divine timing I began Katelyn’s program and it was within this beautifully transformative experience that I was guided to liberate myself from the limiting beliefs that had long held me back. In releasing the fears I had of my innate power I was able to understand and express my feelings of vulnerability and transmute those energies into confidence and strength.

Expanding beyond my wildest dreams I am more profoundly aligned with my intentions. The biggest shifts I have co-created include deepening my spiritual connection to Source and the Divine, embodying my Highest Self through my life’s purpose, and unleashing my intuitive gifts and abilities. I am now more poised and aware of my potential having eased into the natural flow and rhythm of the life that I desire.

Katelyn is a master at her craft and I would recommend her program to any woman who seeks to journey the path of becoming an Intuitive Coach. I am truly grateful and appreciative not only for her continued guidance and support, but also for all that has manifested and the bright future that is to come.”

~ Karrol Rikka, Intuitive Empath Coach

“I started working with Katelyn with only the knowledge that I wanted/needed to start my spiritual journey and chose her due to the high praise and recommendation of someone who had worked with her. I can now recommend her with the same conviction and vigor that she was recommended to me. I was unsure of what could be accomplished without being in person for the majority of the sessions, but I can say without hesitation that not only was I able to see results from our sessions (skype, zoom, or call) but it made for a very private and safe environment being able to be all alone in my space of choice and did not hinder the experience in any way.

Having Katelyn help get me started on my journey was invaluable and having continued working with her for 2 years since, I can now say that her value to my journey and my business has continued throughout.

Katelyn is a massive ball of light and love. If you are fortunate enough to have her accept you into her programs, you will be without regret. I highly recommend her programs and just her for that matter!”

~ Robert G.

“Honestly, it was hard for me to write this testimonial as I don’t feel that words can even properly express and encapsulate all that Katelyn guided me through and the transformation that took place in me since we met. Even just the retreat alone has shifted my life forever.

I was drawn to work with Katelyn because I had decided to pursue coaching as a career path and wanted to learn from someone who was doing the type of coaching I resonated with the most. Some part of me had a desire to be an intuitive coach, even though I doubted in my abilities and didn’t feel I was naturally “gifted” in this area, as I thought to be the case for many others. I knew as soon as I saw Katelyn’s website, without even fully reading through it, that her mentorship was exactly what I had been searching for.

Even though I was scared to make a such an investment in myself at a time, when I already had other mentors of different styles in my life, I knew that Katelyn embodied what my soul was desiring for me to step into and I went all in.

During our work together, SO much has changed that the massive shifts I had in that amount of time almost seem impossible! I have often reflected in awe and extreme gratitude for the intuitive and empathic gifts that she helped me re-awaken to, the forgiveness that I found for myself after carrying around heavy guilt and shame from childhood, the deep and powerful reconnection to God that I was able to experience in many layers, the opening of my heart to unconditional love for myself and others, and finally coming to feel my power as a women that I had never allowed myself to own because of trauma that I was able to set myself free of.

All of this led to me truly realizing my soul purpose and being able to step into service as an Intuitive Coach – and I know with certainty I would not have gotten there on my own, especially in such a short amount of time. I now am able to hold space and support my clients with confidence because I have integrated her tools and teachings first hand (rather than having just an intellectual understanding of what someone told me to do, maybe only ever learning about them in a course or book) and I know the gifts that I am meant to share with others. I would recommend Katelyn’s services to anyone who is serious about doing the “work” to remember the truth of their soul, their connection to God, and what they are here to do so that they can be of service to the world.”

~ Alanna Louise, Intuitive Healer & Soul Coach

“Before I started in the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship I didn’t know how to trust my own intuition, Higher Self, and spiritual gifts. I knew I was creating a powerful transformation for my coaching clients but I had no idea how I was doing it. I also knew I was destined to create an even bigger impact and serve more clients, but I was riddled with doubt, grasping at every spiritual training and business program available, and creating minimal results. I was exhausted.

After working with Katelyn for two years, I have completely redefined my relationship with my intuition. I live with such a deep knowing that my soul is guiding me and no longer grasp at external programs to teach me what I already know.
While working with Katelyn I experienced my two highest income-producing years, hosted my very first in-person conference, signed a publishing deal for my first book; The Feminine Warrior, was hired as a paid keynote speaker for a women’s empowerment conference and finally felt grounded and confident in my ability to create powerful transformation for my clients.

I’d highly recommend working with Katelyn to every single spiritually-minded human being who desires a deeper belief and connection to their true Self. Her work is pure magic and produces incredible results in both your personal and professional life. Thank you Katelyn. xoxo

-Deanna Deacon, Author, Speaker & Intuitive Life Coach, Founder of the Empowered Woman Conference

“The main reason I felt drawn toward working with Katelyn was her magnetic energy, confidence, and peacefulness that is so beautiful. I knew right away that it was the right decision because I had been stuck in anxiety and self doubt for too long and her presence and essence is what I wanted for myself and my business. She proved to me that I can be successful using my intuition and divine feminine power.

The monetary investment scared me at first but it’s never about the money. I decided to go for it because I realized that I am worth it and I deserve this kind of loving one-on-one support.

So much has changed during our time working together. The biggest things that have shifted for me are I’ve built a solid trust with myself and my intuition, my confidence has sky-rocketed, and I have a deeper love for myself and the gifts that I bring to the world. Through this life-changing experience I have been able to strengthen my own intuitive gifts so that I can be of service to others and inspire other women to love and trust their own intuition.

I would recommend working with Katelyn if you desire to have a strong intuitive feminine flow in your coaching business and a soul sister to guide you along the way.”

~ Karla Mejia, Intuitive Coach

peta panos

“If you are a priestess, spiritually-minded coach or healer wanting to make sense of the higher realms so you can ground your dreams into reality, look no further. My soul guided me to Katelyn and I am still overjoyed that I said YES. Her love knows no bounds, and her radiance Divine.

I will be eternally grateful for the love, healing and Sacred Sisterhood I received through the year and beyond. As an energy alchemist, Kundalini Yoga has been a game changer, and Katelyn is an incredible teacher. Every bit of this year has been a God-send. If you are sitting on the fence, take the leap of faith, your heart knows!”

~ Peta Panos, Soulful business mentor & Prosperity Ascension way-shower

“Katelyn is an extremely powerful embodiment of love and compassion and because of this she holds space for quantum growth and alchemical transformation.

She is a pure and clear channel and her intuitive guidance, through the application of various tools, processes and practices, combined with her loving support are always spot on.

Katelyn has guided me through profound breakthroughs. I’m grateful for the high level of support I’ve received from this alchemical Priestess of Divine Love as I continue to shift my reality and break free from what’s no longer serving me.”

~ Danielle Ashé, Soul Liberation Coach

Your leader in alchemy & magic

Katelyn is an Intuitive Alchemist®, Coach, Healer & Mentor. She’s a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and the founder of the Intuitive Coaching School, Divine Prosperity®: The Mastermind, and Divine Prosperity®: The 8-Week Immersion. Katelyn’s passion is to help others break free from fear and self-sabotage, tap into their intuitive gifts, activate a life of divine prosperity, connect to God, and fully serve their Soul’s highest purpose.

Years ago Katelyn began intentionally co-creating her current life. She worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, manifestation, energy medicine and healing, quantum physics, reiki, psychology and the power of programming the subconscious mind for success. Now, Katelyn has not only created a very successful business, but also has the life of connection, spacioiusness, and freedom she always desired.

Today, Katelyn takes great pleasure in supporting others to experience and facilitate profound and miraculous transformations and truly embody their divinity and align with, and serve, their Soul’s purpose with passion and confidence.