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Below I have listed some of the wonderful beings who have been trained by me in my Intuitive Coaching School. I highly, highly recommend each and every one of the coaches I am featuring on this page. They are each incredibly gifted in their own unique way and will powerfully and lovingly guide you through a profound transformation to help you break free from your blocks and create the changes your soul is calling you to.

CRYSTAL PAWLUS – Intuitive Mama’hood Coach and Postpartum Doula

Hello, I’m Crystal, and I love empowering women on the journey into a sacred motherhood, whether that is calling the soul of a baby into your womb, support during and after pregnancy, or finding your Soul as a mother. My super power is working with the womb space, healing birth stories of your own, your children or even ancestral patterns. My passion is to help open mothers to their spiritual gifts and connect with their higher selfs and the souls of their children to help make conscious parenting decisions that support the family on a soul level.

I worked as a pediatric nurse and was attending school for acupuncture when my life completely changed in a moment. I was involved in a car accident that led to years of healing and opening up to my spiritual path. I still felt that I had something to prove and struggled with my first pregnancy; I didn’t have support. After the arrival of my son, I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety. Everything shifted for me when I opened myself up to support, and it sparked a passion to support other fellow mothers and mamas-to-be. My second pregnancy has been so different! It is full of love and support as I claim a sacred motherhood and invite other women to do the same.

I love to witness mothers in their power, being the feminine and spiritual anchor in their family, and I look forward to connecting with you.


TYLA FOWLER – Intuitive Clarity and Creation Coach

My purposeful work is all about supporting you in being the human you truly want to be and doing the work that you require to do inside yourself, so that you can create what it is you were meant to create in the world. I know what it’s like to feel disconnected. From yourself. From the world around you. From the creative spark that makes you feel truly, vibrantly, viscerally alive. I know what it’s like to get so disconnected from that part of yourself that you start to believe it doesn’t even exist. To get locked in frustration and self-doubt when things around you just aren’t working. I also know what it feels like to rediscover the sacred space inside yourself. To come back to a place of wholeness. That place from which inspiration flows and you can co-create the life of your dreams. In my one-on- one intuitive sessions, I guide clients back to their own inner truth…back to that knowing space inside from which creation and inspiration emerge. Through my creation support services, I bring unwieldy visions and projects of all kinds into a place of total alignment and flow. All of my work is done with the intention of assisting you in achieving greater clarity, resonance and alignment, so that you can move through the world with more ease, grace and joy. Feel like you were put here to do big things? It’s because you were. And in fact, it’s so much bigger than you think. I can’t wait to make magic together! Look out, world! Here. We. Come.


RACHEL FISHMAN – Intuitive Graphic Designer and Brand Advisor

In addition to being an Intuitive Graphic Designer and Brand Advisor – working with Spiritual Entrepreneurs to craft brands that are in total alignment with their purpose – Rachel Fishman is excited to be expanding her business to offer Intuitive Coaching services to new clients. Rachel is passionate about helping her clients discover (or rediscover) their own passions and find the truest parts of themselves needed to manifest those dreams in the physical world. Rachel helps those that she works with unlock the doors to their imagination and takes them on journeys to shift their perspective to once again see clearly, and continue forward.


KARLA MEJIA – Intuitive Coach

Karla Mejia envisions a future where women are empowered by their intuition and are free to follow their hearts – without guilt. Simply, by saying, “my intuition said so” requires no explanation needed. Your intuition is all you need and you are enough. Her mission is to help connect women with their intuition and teach them how to incorporate intuitive practices so that it becomes a way of life and they really understand how to use it.

Karla Mejia is an Intuitive Coach and Energy Shifter. She helps entrepreneurial women to infuse intuition into their business and lifestyle so they can step into ease and flow. As a result of her work many women have manifested their hearts desires, developed a deeper sense of self-love, along with profound clarity and boosted confidence in taking action and following their hearts. As your heart and soul is infused into everything you do, you can expect to enjoy the journey and trust your path.

When Karla is not helping women connect with their intuition and follow their hearts, you can find her reading a book with a cup of tea, playing with essential oils or doing something creative.


GABRIELA BRUNNER – Career Transition and Intuitive Coach

I’m Gabriela, and it is my deepest desire to help you fall completely in love with Mondays. For most of my adult life, I’ve struggled to find fulfillment. While outwardly, I often appeared to have “made it” – beautiful family, high-powered attorney job, six-figure salary – I knew deep down that something wasn’t working. Despite how hard I worked, I never felt like it was enough. I never felt like I was enough. In an attempt to find myself, I switched jobs. Multiple times. Things continued to worsen until I got so deeply lost in the grind of my everyday that I couldn’t see how unhappy I was, let alone how to go about fixing it. I was stuck on hold. Waiting for myself to show up.

Eventually, I realized that I required accountability to make a real shift. Unfortunately, I had no idea where to find it. One fateful day, I asked for book recommendations on confidence in a facebook group. Many people responded, but only one took the time to say, “Wow, that is a really big question.” She invited me to deepen it, to get more specific, and most importantly, to get on the phone and talk it out. Before I knew it, we had shared four or five conversations. I felt like I was finally getting somewhere. She called me out and made me own my stuff. She held me accountable. She asked the tough questions. Long story short, I hired her. I’ll be honest. My process hasn’t been quick and easy. And it hasn’t happened overnight. But it has happened. And is happening. With every day, I get closer to fully embodying my New Monday lifestyle.

Now, I’m following my truth and helping other women lift themselves up and find fulfillment in their lives. As an accidental lawyer turned career transition and intuitive coach, I have a unique perspective that enables me to see to the heart of what’s keeping you stuck and to ask the tough questions that will create movement in your life.

I want you to know that I see you. And I’ve been there. I finally found the support I needed to get over my Sunday night blues. Now, I’m making it my business to help you do the same.


MEREDITH McELROY – Intuitive Coach

Meredith works with amazing men and women to discover the peace within each and every one of us. She creates free online workshops, dives deep with one-on-one clients, and leads an online group program called Peace and Presence. She stands strongly by your side as you move through paralyzing anxiety, break the cycle of stress, and dissolve perfectionism. During your time together, you will move forward with peace, confidence, and ease as you step into the life of your highest calling.


SANDRA SUAREZ DOMINGUEZ – Intuitive Life Coach and Healer

My name is Sandra Suarez Dominguez, and I am a mother, wife, intuitive life coach and healer. For much of my life, I knew that there was something a bit “off.” I felt unfulfilled, lost, and a deep longing for something more… even though I had no idea what “more” meant to my life.

It wasn’t until I traveled through my own spiritual journey that I discovered my Soul’s true purpose: to help other women bring forth their beautiful spiritual gifts as they create their own magic in this world. As an Intuitive Life Coach, I will help you heal and clear blocks in your life so that you can move past them and find clarity as you fulfill your own life purpose. You will connect with your higher Self and feel supported by your spiritual team. You will fulfill your dreams and achieve your deepest soul’s desires and life purpose. If you’re ready to embark on this amazing and magical journey, let’s connect to make your dreams become reality. I can’t wait to hear from you.


RENEE McLACHLAN – Ecstatic Dance Facilitator and EFT Practitioner

I honour you and the story that has brought you here – I feel your delights and sorrows deeply! I am here for you. I am a certified EFT and Ecstatic Dance facilitator. Both methods integrate the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, and I am fascinated by their rapid effects. I’ve been on this healing for about 7 years now – diving deep into the true meaning of LOVE – for myself, all people, all beings and God. My mission is to help women feel happy, satisfied, empowered, passionate, authentic, healthy and in love with themselves. It is my honour to serve, specifically in the realms of healing sexual trauma.


JESSICA STIGALL – Intuitive Healer and Self Love Guide

My soul expression and mission is to guide and assist you with aligning yourself with your Highest truth within, your greatest joy and absolute fulfillment; to know and experience your Highest self, your soul purpose and dream reality, and connectedness with all of Creation. I am dedicated to you and your soul embodiment, for the highest benefit of all of humanity, for the transformation in this world beings with us.
My heart’s desire and intention for you is greater expansion into self love, as love for all of your own aspects exponentially radiates towards love for all others. We then come to experience oneness with all, and embody unconditional love with all of creation. I share all aspects of myself and my story on my website, fully transparent, bearing my soul for you and I am here to assist you in doing the same.


VALERIE LANGLEY – Intuitive Coach & Meditation and Manifestation Mentor

My name is Valerie Langley and I’m a mindfulness and meditation success coach and manifestation mentor. I feel like I have found this amazing secret to unlock the life I have always wanted and the best part about it is it’s available to anyone and everyone.

It is my passion to share this secret with the world and that includes you. I worked as a nurse and loved my time nursing but felt like there was something more I needed to be doing. I wasn’t sure what that was. I had developed a meditation practice that has truly changed my life. I really didn’t understand what the big deal was about meditating but I figured I had nothing to lose by doing it. What I found out was when I meditate I become an open vessel to hear God’s messages and guidance for me. I found such a sense of peace and guidance through this practice. I later incorporated visualization and manifesting into my practice and WOW did things change. I quickly realized the magnitude of how our thoughts become things. I learned to shift my perspective from negative to positive and found myself having so much gratitude for all the amazing blessings in my life. Within a year of meditating I became pregnant with our fourth child which was a dream come true. We found and bought our dream house which we thought was out of reach. We sold our current home in 5 days and had an amazing cash offer above asking price which enabled us to buy our dream house. I quit my nursing job and started a coaching business which is thriving and it literally fell in my lap. I know all of this is because of my connecting to God and living in my purpose which is to help others become connected to the love and guidance available to them. So it is my mission to teach the world the secrets I’ve learned and to tap into the infinite resources that are available to all.


SARAH SANDY – Intuitive Coach

Sarah is an Intuitive Coach that works with you to alchemize your blocks, get to the root of your limiting beliefs, tap into a new and improved high – vibrational mindset, change your energetic patterns that are keeping you stuck and much more. She loves helping soul oriented women develop a deeper connection with themselves, gain clarity in life, and believe in their dreams by changing how they talk and think (mindset) and learning to co-create the life they want with the divine. She offers individual sessions, monthly programs and group guided meditations.

JENNIFER WAI – Intuitive Consultant

Jennifer Wai is an Intuitive Coach and Consultant living in New Jersey. She is a Jikiden Reiki Practitioner and is certified in Usui Shiki Reiki Ryoho Levels 1 & 2. A recent graduate of Katelyn Edgar’s Intuitive Coaching School program, she has been an empathic intuitive since childhood. With an acute awareness of the vibrations of people around her, she found peace and comfort in nature and in art. She works strongly with claircognizance and channeling, and comes from a line of healers and fertility workers in the Moroccan Jewish shamanic traditions.

She offers 1-hour Intuitive Coaching sessions as well as Spiritual Mentorship programs that integrate career and life coaching. In addition to her work as an Intuitive Consultant, Jennifer is a Human Resources manager with 15 years of experience in accounting and business management. Jennifer holds a B.S. in Communications with a minor in Anthropology.

“I found my passion to facilitate healing, and help people be their best selves. I offer this passion and dedication to help you reach your highest purpose and to encourage focus on your greatest joys. I offer support and space to heal and grow; to reclaim pieces of you that once had been lost. We are never quite finished with our growth, but we always hold the keys to free ourselves and unlock our potential.”


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