Hi Beauty!

First off…  YAY! You’re here. I’m delighted you’ve been drawn to this magical space. Welcome. 💜 

I’ve been facilitating incredible masterminds, group programs, and high level 1:1 transformations for over seven years now and let me tell you… this mastermind is SPECIAL. I am so proud of it. 

And the beautiful, heart-centered beings drawn to it… they are AMAZING. It’s a real honour to hold this space and support the profound level of transformation that happens in this container. 💜

Chances are you too are a soul-guided, heart-centered being and you’ve been divinely guided here in response to prayers you’ve been putting out there… I’m guessing you’ve got some deep heart longings for greater expansion, contribution, success, and abundance.

I’m also guessing that while you KNOW your next level is inevitable and you are more than capable, you’ve also been calling in a sacred support system to add a bunch of magic and grace to your up level journey…

If you’ve been: 

~ Scared to put yourself out there in a bigger way (but know it’s time!)

~ Feeling your intuition nudging you to go ALL IN on your dreams and soul purpose (you are READY)

~ Called to step into your confidence and divine power – in a way that is PURE, DELIGHTFUL, and truly serves the highest good of ALL

~ Desiring more financial ease and cash dollars (straight up… let’s get more money in your bank and flowing through you in ways that feel yummy and aligned!)

~ Longing to contribute more and make a bigger difference in the world while feeling confident and tapped into your soul’s purpose

~ Praying for a sacred container with other heart-guided souls who will hold you with total love, lift you to your highest, and cheer you on every step of the way…

Then keeeeep reading, my love!

Divine Prosperity: The Mastermind is a sacred container…

An alchemical portal for radical shifts and BEAUTIFUL transformation…

A vortex where your Soul Alignment and Higher Self Embodiment are inevitable…

A place to go to gather your (Highest) Self, activate your divine power, receive channeled guidance, and open your life and soul work up to the abundance, service, joy, and gratitude your heart YEARNS for. (((💜)))


This mastermind is about…

🤍 Allowing higher (much higher!) levels of PROSPERITY… More money. More support. All the things that not only help you to fulfill your mission and better serve others but to also live a RICH and ABUNDANT life that LIGHTS YOU UP!

💎 Deepening into your soul’s PURPOSE… REALLY get into alignment with your soul’s work and the mission you’re here for. Share your gifts with CONFIDENCE! Serve the people you are meant to serve and love every bit of it!

🌷 Activating the next level of your INTUITION and DIVINE GIFTS… We’re going deeper into God, deeper into Soul, deeper into your divine KNOWING, and activating next level intuitive GIFTS.

🤍 Stepping into SOUL EMBODIMENT… Really BE the person you came here to BE. Actually LIVE the life you really want to LIVE. Gracefully drop the self-sabotage and limiting beliefs holding you back and get embodied with your SOUL instead. This is about FULFILLMENT.

💎 NEXT LEVEL CELEBRATING… We are going to celebrate ALL. THE. THINGS together so we can raise the vibes and let them LIFT you into your NEXT LEVEL SOUL ALIGNED REALITY. You deserve to be happy and free – celebration vibration is key! 

🌷 Alchemical Dream Creation… We do the alchemy. Heal the deep things. Rewire your subconscious mind to align your whole being with your soul’s unique blueprint for SUCCESS. Collapse waves in the quantum field into particles here on earth and bring your dreams to LIFE. SO. MUCH. MAGIC. ✨

Here are some things I LOVE about the people in this mastermind…


💜 Are a diverse group of BEAUTIFUL beings guided by their hearts and trusting their souls and God to lead the way. Their courage and faith blow my freaking mind! 

💜 Are CHOOSING (every single day!) to opt into a life of wealth, divine prosperity, and sacred money flow so they can funnel their life force energy/power into their TRUE values (which include living lives of beauty and freedom AND contributing to the liberation of ALL beings).

💜 DEEPLY care about the world. So, they are engaged in ongoing anti-racism work and they invest in sustainability and eco-friendly choices. Momma earth and her children MATTER to them (a lot!). They continually check in to be sure their personal goals support movement towards the highest possible vision for the planet as a WHOLE (they have no interest in rising if it doesn’t contribute to the rising of EVERYONE). 

💜 Have so much freaking integrity. They do their work. They face their shadows. They take responsibility for themselves and their lives. They show up AUTHENTICALLY. They live in their hearts. 100%.

💜 Say YES to the big, BEAUTIFUL life of their dreams – over and over again! Regardless of their trauma, upbringing, and the different oppressions they each face… they keep saying YES and letting their gorgeous dreams take form. (I admire their strength and courage SO much.)

In short… this mastermind is for those who want (and CHOOSE) to be RICH, make a BIG fucking difference, and live BEAUTIFUL, FULFILLING lives. (Sound familiar? 😉 )

sally mercedes reclaim sacred

Working with Katelyn in ANY capacity is a gift beyond words. I have now had the pleasure of receiving her guidance and support in a variety of ways (1:1, small group sessions, her mastermind, retreats, and her Divine Prosperity 8 week course), and every container has been unique and powerful. I am always amazed at the results I receive, and how easy and joyful the experience can be.

Katelyn has supported me through some major stuff: releasing past life traumas, following my guidance to shut down my business after five years of diligent work, clarifying and grounding the next-level version of my gifts, creating a new business that’s already wildly more successful than the last one, deepening my romantic partnership and supporting his alchemy and growth, exploring my truest experience of prosperity, and on and on.

After years of working with many teachers and mentors, Katelyn is still one of my primary sources of sisterhood and support. I love everything about her and the light and magic she brings into my life.

If you are feeling called to work with Katelyn, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her presence is a blessing I hope everyone has the pleasure of receiving.”

~ Sally Mercedes, Sacred Business Partner

“Before I started working with Katelyn I didn’t know how to trust my own intuition, Higher Self, and spiritual gifts. I knew I was creating a powerful transformation for my coaching clients but I had no idea how I was doing it. I also knew I was destined to create an even bigger impact and serve more clients, but I was riddled with doubt, grasping at every spiritual training and business program available, and creating minimal results. I was exhausted.

After working with Katelyn for two years, I have completely redefined my relationship with my intuition. I live with such a deep knowing that my soul is guiding me and no longer grasp at external programs to teach me what I already know.

While working with Katelyn I experienced my two highest income-producing years, hosted my very first in-person conference, signed a publishing deal for my first book; The Feminine Warrior, was hired as a paid keynote speaker for a women’s empowerment conference and finally felt grounded and confident in my ability to create powerful transformation for my clients. 

I’d highly recommend working with Katelyn to every single spiritually-minded human being who desires a deeper belief and connection to their true Self. Her work is pure magic and produces incredible results in both your personal and professional life. Thank you Katelyn. xoxo”

~ Deanna Deacon, Author, Speaker & Intuitive Life Coach, Founder of the Empowered Woman Conference

The magic that goes down in this constellation of souls leaves me in awe constantly. Every group call is amazing. Our online space is filled with celebrations, authenticity, and support. Every week everyone is up-leveling MASSIVELY – transforming right before my eyes. The collective conscious is soooo powerful because the collective intentions are so PURE and guided by GOD.

I’m so humbled and grateful to hold this sacred space. 

If you’ve been calling in a container of magic and beautiful soul family to support your up-level in the realms of purpose, play, and prosperity and you’re ready to stand in your divine power for the highest GOOD of all, here’s your invitation! 

Divine Prosperity: The Mastermind is alllll the magic. 🌈✨ Come join us. 😍 

You deserve this epic level of goodness and support. 

You get to go to your next level with GRACE and GRATITUDE. You’re ready. It’s your time. God, your ancestors, and the angels are calling you! And the support you’ve been calling in is here.   

yes please work with katelyn edgar

The finer details…

You receive: 

* Super intimate access to yours truly (Katelyn!) and my energy to sync up to

* World class group coaching & divinely channeled support

* A solid container filled with sacred soul fam for in-the-moment celebrations & ongoing support

* 4 live calls every single month (a mix of energetic transmissions, activations, Q & A style, workshop style, etc  – whatever I feel the group needs at that time) to support you with all of the above

* The option to purchase additional 1:1 sessions (which are normally only available in high level $25k 1:1 packages) at a special rate

NOTE: This is an ongoing mastermind with a minimum three month commitment and then month to month after that. The intention is that we all grow so much in this container, that you’ll want to keep coming along on this beautiful ride with me! We get to rise TOGETHER. 🙌🏼 Usually my clients work with me for at least 8-24+ months because we just keep growing together and the more we work (and play!) together the more magic we get to co-create. 

**Anyone can join – whether you’re a coach or not. And all gender identifications are warmly welcomed!

Katelyn is an extremely powerful embodiment of love and compassion and because of this she holds space for quantum growth and alchemical transformation.

She is a pure and clear channel and her intuitive guidance, through the application of various tools, processes and practices, combined with her loving support are always spot on.

Katelyn has guided me through profound breakthroughs. I’m grateful for the high level of support I’ve received from this alchemical Priestess of Divine Love as I continue to shift my reality and break free from what’s no longer serving me.”

~ Danielle Ashé, Soul Liberation Coach

I felt an immediate YES when I first saw the Divine Prosperity Mastermind. I signed up and then had a wave of fear come over me and doubts on how I was going to be able to afford it and have money for my dream vision. I leaned in to the discomfort and trusted my heart as I always do. This group and the one on one work with Katelyn has guided me through many blocks around prosperity, some extremely deep emotional work and profound activations. It has been like entering lightspeed towards my dreams with all the money coming in and things feeling even more flowy and spacious. I’m shifting from a work harder mentality to opening to receive more with ease while serving in a really fulfilling way. I am blown away with where I’m at right now from just 2 months ago when I signed up and I can feel this is just the beginning.”

~ Patrick Rooney

💎 Super fancy bonuses for the next THREE wild hearted souls who are ready to say YES to their destiny and LEAP with God ALSO receive:

* 2 x 60 min 1:1 Intuitive Alchemy Sessions with Katelyn to use at any point while in the container ($1500 each = $3000 extra value!)

* Monthly 20 min 1:1 Power Sessions with Katelyn while in the container – meaning you get a session with me every month for as long as you stay in the container! (Valued at $500 PER session!)

* 1 x 30 min 1:1 session with the one and only Business & Living Richly Coach Allison Braun (Valued at $1000 – I’m soooo happy you get to receive Alli’s magic! She’s been my biz coach for years and years and has helped me grow my biz so much!)

That’s an ADDITIONAL $5500+ in bonuses! 😍

The investment:


I’m seriously SO jazzed to finally have an offering at this level of accessibility, that also gives so much access to me and my support. It feels so good to give you so much! 

There really aren’t adequate words to describe this mastermind… God is really working all the magic. Profound and miraculous unfoldings are happening all the time. And I just can’t wait to share it with you. It would be an absolute DELIGHT and PRIVILEGE to go on this adventure with you and support you in your beautiful journey. You are here to do so much GOOD and to live such a BEAUTIFUL life. It’s time. 


yes please work with katelyn edgar


So, my magical co-creator, if you’re feeling a heart-full YES and your soul wants IN (😍), click the “Yes, please!” button below to fill out your application. Upon approval, you’ll receive an email for us to set up a 20-minute (complimentary) call to be sure we have an aligned fit all the way around – both that you’re a perfect fit for this mastermind, and that this mastermind is a perfect fit for you. 

yes please work with katelyn edgar

I’m *so* excited to hear from you. Let’s make all the magic together. Let’s move through the challenges with grace and love. Let’s get your impact and income to your next level. Let’s leave an incredible legacy and have a blast while we’re at it. Let’s make the absolute most of this life. It’s PRECIOUS. YOU’RE precious. And powerful. And WORTHY. And… you’re ready. 

I love you so much.  

All the magic and warmth, 


“There are no adequate words to describe the magic that Katelyn Edgar and her mastermind have facilitated in my life. Before joining, I had already invested a huge amount of money in my personal growth, and I was fairly sure that I didn’t want to invest more. Within our first call, I completely changed my mind and got a glimpse of what my life would feel like if all this personal growth mumbo-jumbo I’d invested so heavily in turned out to be true. I felt myself–fully embodied as the woman I aspire to be.

Every moment has been as transformational as that very first call. Katelyn has supported me so fully in opening up: to my own power, to the power of source, to the magic that is all around me all the time. She’s held me as I released beliefs that were severely limiting my growth and my happiness. She’s held the space for me to expand farther than I ever thought possible and to embody the energy I want to hold.

Katelyn has been an awe-inspiring example of what it means to support others while also truly honoring oneself. She’s incredibly generous with her time and energy as a coach, while also modeling how to hold strong and loving boundaries with clients. She laughs at herself and is incredibly authentic. She has also created a stunning sisterhood. I have never felt so closely connected, so clearly seen, or so fully supported inside a group of women. These women are true angels in my life. They are some of my greatest teachers and without a doubt, some of my dearest friends.

I could go on forever, and if I had to sum it up, I’d say that if my future clients feel even one ounce of the love and gratitude for me in their lives that I feel for Katelyn Edgar in mine, I’ll feel successful beyond my wildest dreams. I will forever feel the deepest gratitude for Katelyn’s presence, and I will always be honored to call her my Sister.”

~ Tyla Fowler, Intuitive Guide & Healer

Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity program has completely changed my entire way of being!!! She is such a powerful healer and teacher. I have transformed my financial reality, from credit card debt to being overabundant With clients and money coming from multiple sources!! And a feeling of full trust in my financial security, forevermore. And that’s not even the best part, my connection to God is the strongest it’s ever been as well. I am so connected to God, I feel I am so loved and supported in all I do, a deep security I can fall back on anytime.

Deep down, I always knew these truths, and have studied them mentally before in books, but Katelyn’s powerful program and energy has me deeply embodied in them!! Her 40-day kundalini yoga practice contained in this program became my absolute favourite part of my day – so much fun, and so healing!!! I will definitely continue to do, even though I finished the 40 days now.

I highly recommend working with Katelyn in any aspect, as her energy is so powerful, you will become who you really are if you do what she teaches!!! I love you Katelyn! Thank you so much for sharing your light and allowing me to have this transformation within myself!!! Xo Cannot recommend her enough!!!”

~ Britney Taylor, Coach

Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity program has brought about some of the biggest shifts in my life! I’ve received significant abundance upgrades. I’ve been able to activate my ability to channel healing activations through sound and movement, eventually applying that to my work with clients. I manifested the opportunity to move into a beautiful home I had been dreaming about for some time. Most recently, I received clarity on professional offerings that I was able to distill into a brand new website that truly reflects me.  

In working with her, I was able to heal my relationship with God and the Divine, allowing his blessings to flow through me in a much deeper way.

Katelyn has so much love for every single person she works with, and you can really feel it in how she cheers you on, no matter at what stage you are in your life and business. Even when I was not actively working with her 1-on-1, I could still feel her lovingly watching over me from afar. If you want to work with a mentor who truly embodies what she teaches, and who cares about you as a soul sister and fellow earth angel, then I’d highly recommend working with Katelyn!”

~ Amber Sophia, Feminine Embodiment Coach and Ecstatic Priestess

karla mejia

“The main reason I felt drawn toward working with Katelyn was her magnetic energy, confidence, and peacefulness that is so beautiful. I knew right away that it was the right decision because I had been stuck in anxiety and self doubt for too long and her presence and essence is what I wanted for myself and my business. She proved to me that I can be successful using my intuition and divine feminine power.

The monetary investment scared me at first but it’s never about the money. I decided to go for it because I realized that I am worth it and I deserve this kind of loving one-on-one support.

So much has changed during our time working together. The biggest things that have shifted for me are I’ve built a solid trust with myself and my intuition, my confidence has sky-rocketed, and I have a deeper love for myself and the gifts that I bring to the world. Through this life-changing experience I have been able to strengthen my own intuitive gifts so that I can be of service to others and inspire other women to love and trust their own intuition.

I would recommend working with Katelyn if you desire to have a strong intuitive feminine flow in your coaching business and a soul sister to guide you along the way.”

~ Karla Mejia, Intuitive Coach

Your leader in alchemy & magic

Katelyn is an Intuitive Alchemist®, Coach, Healer & Mentor. She’s a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and the founder of the Intuitive Coaching School, Divine Prosperity®: The Mastermind, and Divine Prosperity®: The 8-Week Immersion. Katelyn’s passion is to help others break free from fear and self-sabotage, tap into their intuitive gifts, activate a life of divine prosperity, connect to God, and fully serve their Soul’s highest purpose.

Years ago Katelyn began intentionally co-creating her current life. She worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, manifestation, energy medicine and healing, quantum physics, reiki, psychology and the power of programming the subconscious mind for success. Now, Katelyn has not only created a very successful business, but also has the life of connection, spacioiusness, and freedom she always desired.

Today, Katelyn takes great pleasure in supporting others to experience and facilitate profound and miraculous transformations and truly embody their divinity and align with, and serve, their Soul’s purpose with passion and confidence.