Are you ready to walk the deeply fulfilling and abundant path of Divine Prosperity?

Do you desire to really FEEL and actually BE supported – financially, energetically, and in ALL ways?

Whenever I want to up my prosperity game through increased income and deeper support, I create a sacred alchemical container to quantum leap me into that experience.

I immerse myself completely, every day, for an extended period of time.

I LOVE these kinds of immersions.

They always support me in stepping into my power as a creator, align me with my soul’s visions, and open me up to the abundance and miracles waiting for me at my next expansion.

I’ve been desiring to create this powerful container for others and witness their epic transformations for a long time coming, and I’m so excited to offer it to you now!

Divine Prosperity: An 8-week immersion into True Fulfillment & Actualized Abundance

Think of this program like a complete prosperity consciousness renovation… a spirituality and abundance bootcamp.

Divine Prosperity is for you if…

You are ready to open up to more money so you can do more good in the world and create your dreams.

You are ready for a powerful shift in consciousness and a total upgrade

You desire a boost in how you perceive your life and yourself

You love the challenge and immersion, the magic and miracles, and the accountability offered in a group setting and alchemical container

You are committed (and excited) to spend roughly 1 hour every day devoted to anchoring and integrating into prosperity consciousness

This is powerful stuff!

Living this way allows you to:

Feel truly, deeply supported in every way

Purify your relationship to money, allowing it to become a sacred tool to support your mission and express appreciation

Live in a receptive state through the grace of God

Tap into the inner & outer resources that support you in fulfilling your desires and serving your soul’s purpose

Deeply receive the gifts of each and every moment (including the ones without a pretty bow), and

Come into an elevated state of being – where you are deeply present and grounded AND you see through the veils of this physical world into the spirit realm of infinite abundance.

“Feeling confident in my ability to financially take care of myself in this world and in making enough money to support my big dreams and soul callings has NOT always been an easy thing to feel. Katelyn has supported me in becoming confident in my ability to create and receive the money and abundance I need and desire in this lifetime (so that I can feel supported and share my gifts with the world)… but it’s been soooo much more than that!!! It’s impossible to fully explain the power of this work in words, because the prosperity consciousness that Katelyn lovingly guides you into is an entirely new way of being, thinking, feeling, and connecting. Yes, it will transform your finances. Yes, it will support you in manifesting whatever amount of money you’re desiring on a deep soul-kind-of-level and it will certainly help you heal your relationship with money so that you can alchemize the blocks keeping you stuck. And what’s even sweeter than that is the way Katelyn so lovingly and powerfully walks you back home to God throughout all of it. Katelyn helps you come home to the “heart and soul” of prosperity and therefore your money too. This is what makes the transformations experienced in Katelyn’s containers feel truly soulful and long lasting. I am so thankful for Katelyn and this work. Not only has it supported me in making AMAZING money through sharing my unique gifts and contributions with the world, it has taught me how to feel TRULY safe and supported in this world NO MATTER WHAT! Katelyn’s ability to keep God at the center of prosperity consciousness, matched with her ability to lovingly hold you through the shadows that are being brought to light through this work, makes her work truly unparalleled.”
~ Ashley Hogan, Intuitive Coach and Soul Guide

“Katelyn works with prosperity in a way unlike anyone else I’ve ever worked with. She truly embodies it.

Katelyn has taught me that prosperity is my birthright. I get to be prosperous because I’m still living and breathing. I get to invite prosperity into my life in so many fun and delightful ways, so that I know I am ALWAYS supported, no matter what. I easily attract the people, situations, programs, books, teachers, and yes – money I require when I embrace prosperity as my natural state of being.

When I remember that I am God, that everything is divine, and that I get to create and enjoy my human experience however I choose, I am living from a space of prosperity. Everything else is just icing on a truly delicious cake.

I never imagined feeling this good and this free (even when things are super crunchy!), and I know Katelyn’s magic is one of the top reasons I’m able to live this way.

I’m so excited to see what other miracles are in store for me!”

~ Sally Mercedes, Spiritual Teacher & Sacred Movement Facilitator

 Grounding into the consciousness of Divine Prosperity has helped me to consistently live in a place of deep trust – a FULL ON KNOWING – that I am always provided for. I have released fear and scarcity to truly be at PEACE and in union with God.

It has supported me in having the financial flexibility and freedom to do things like grow my business and income far beyond what I used to think was possible and purchase my absolute dream home. It’s allowed me to give money to causes that really matter to me and travel the world with loved ones (as my treat!).

Ultimately, it has shifted me into a state of being where I know that I can do, be, and experience anything and everything my soul desires. I know the possibilities are infinite and my experiences continuously reflect that knowing.

I know the possibilities are infinite and my experiences continuously reflect that knowing.

Here’s what’s included in the 8-Week Immersion:

Eight weekly pre-recorded coaching calls, where we’ll do deep healing ceremonies, energy clearings, prosperity transmissions, and alllll the magical prosperity things together.

Daily affirmation, subconscious rewiring, and embodiment work/play.

A 40-day prosperity practice, including a BEAUTIFUL Kundalini Yoga Meditation.

Incredibly powerful journal prompts to deepen your growth and ground your experience.

A private Facebook group for support, connection, magic, inspiration, and accountability from Katelyn and other Divine Prosperity peeps.

Divine Prosperity is designed to offer you lots of structure so that your naturally intuitive and flowing spirit can be held and fully supported in its creative expression. You can also expect a lot of guidance and encouragement, and a fun, uplifting container that shifts you into…

a heightened view of reality &

an elevated state of abundance.

This, right here, right now, is your invitation to deeply anchor into Divine Prosperity to experience true fulfillment in your inner world and actualized abundance in your outer world.

The world needs you to share your heart and gifts and to do so from a space of complete harmony with God. This sacred prosperity consciousness is an essential part of doing just that.

“Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity program has completely changed my entire way of being!!! She is such a powerful healer and teacher. I have transformed my financial reality, from credit card debt to being overabundant with clients and money coming from multiple sources!! And a feeling of full trust in my financial security, forevermore. And that’s not even the best part, my connection to God is the strongest it’s ever been as well. I am so connected to God, I feel I am so loved and supported in all I do, a deep security I can fall back on anytime. Deep down, I always knew these truths, and have studied them mentally before in books, but Katelyn’s powerful program and energy has me deeply embodied in them!! Her 40-day kundalini yoga practice contained in this program became my absolute favourite part of my day – so much fun, and so healing!!! I will definitely continue to do, even though I finished the 40 days now. I highly recommend working with Katelyn in any aspect, as her energy is so powerful, you will become who you really are if you do what she teaches!!! I love you Katelyn! Thank you so much for sharing your light and allowing me to have this transformation within myself!!! Xo Cannot recommend her enough!!!
~ Britney Taylor, Coach

“Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity program has brought about some of the biggest shifts in my life! Every time I go through it, I receive significant abundance upgrades. For example, the first time around, I was able to activate my ability to channel healing activations through sound and movement, eventually applying that to my work with clients. The second time around, I manifested the opportunity to move into a beautiful home I had been dreaming about for some time. Most recently, after completing the program for the third time, I received clarity on professional offerings that I was able to distill into a brand new website that truly reflects me. In working with her, I was able to heal my relationship with God and the Divine, allowing his blessings to flow through me in a much deeper way. Katelyn has so much love for every single person she works with, and you can really feel it in how she cheers you on, no matter at what stage you are in your life and business. Even when I was not actively working with her 1-on-1, I could still feel her lovingly watching over me from afar. If you want to work with a mentor who truly embodies what she teaches, and who cares about you as a soul sister and fellow earth angel, then I’d highly recommend working with Katelyn!”
~ Amber Sophia, Feminine Embodiment Coach & Ecstatic Priestess

rachel fishman intuitive design + brandingI booked my highest price branding package (ever) to a soul mate client a week ago! We began our work this week and I’m feeling so abundant and grateful to create a brand identity for her that is my zone of genius but will also be a creative challenge. #moreplease”
~ Rachel Fishman, Intuitive Graphic Designer & Brand Advisor

Honestly, I didn’t believe my relationship to God could get much stronger. Wow! Was I wrong. It has been amplified to a completely new level and I’m only just half way through the program. I am so grateful to you for creating this! Thank you. Divine Prosperity has transformed me.”
~ Taiha Lee Perron, Communication Queen, Writer & Wellness Advocate

You don’t need to know what your desires are to benefit from this work, and you don’t need to be an entrepreneur or business owner either. This is for anyone who is ready to do the work, step into your power as a true creator, and open to the sacred blessings meant for you.


You’re ready for this amazing transformation! To step into Divine Prosperity: The 8-Week Immersion, click one of the buttons below and let’s get started! It’s going to be MAGIC.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Before making your payment, I invite you to drop into your heart and set a powerful and inspiring intention for how you desire for this investment to support you. You get to co-create this experience! 💜 

*ALSO IMPORTANT: Please note that Divine Prosperity requires you to purchase The Abundance Book.

The Energetic Exchange: $888

(Payment Plan Available!)

Pay In Full: 

Payment Plan (3 x bi-weekly payments of $321):

*Special acknowledgement:

I want to give deep acknowledgement for some of the sacred tools and practices I used in this program, from different cultures around the world, including: Yoga, Sage, and Palo Santo. I encourage you to research where these tools, practices, and lineages are rooted if you choose to engage in these too. And always, to hold them with deep reverence and gratitude. 💜

I am also committed to donating 5% of the proceeds from each purchase of this program to support women and children in India, to give thanks for and honour the value and gifts of the ancient teachings of yoga, and to circulate the prosperity this yoga has helped generate back to its roots. I invite you to continue to explore to where and how you are called to circulate the prosperity you will inevitably generate as well!

Wow! It’s so amazing when you add things up.  I created the money for a new high level coaching program, Airbnb for retreat, first class flight, etc. When I added it together, I brought in over $18,000 new Money this month. And look to bring in even more. Upgrade.”
~ Sophia Leva-Marie, Sacred sexual High Priestess & ambassador for Sophia Christ consciousness

I have moved from just making it by every month to financial breathing room. Feels really good and money is now pouring in from awesome clients that are so grateful for the work we do. Pretty awesome! Katelyn, I can’t thank you enough for coming into my life. The blessings have been many too count. Thank you angel!”
~ Patrick Rooney

karla mejia

Has anyone else been doing the healing meditation from the new moon prosperity ceremony? I have been doing it everyday since then. I launched a new product in my business that was inspired by the ceremony meditation & in the last 4 days I have received multiple sales everyday. I am so overjoyed with happiness and emotion. This has never happened to me & now we are diving into 8 weeks of awesomeness & my heart is going to burst. I trust that I can continue to allow everything to flow through me without trying to control the how & when. Thank you, Katelyn.”
~ Karla Mejia, Intuitive Coach

“In the last two months of deeply dedicating to Divine Prosperity I have brought in over $20,000 and I’ve never felt so FREE! I used to agonize over money and how to make it and why there was never enough. I now feel FREE to manifest, save, invest and dance with money daily.

Thank you Katelyn. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

~ Deanna Deacon, Author, Speaker & Intuitive Life Coach, Founder of the Empowered Woman Conference

“The main reason I felt drawn towards Divine Prosperity was changing the fundamental mindset and perspective about wealth, abundance, and prosperity. I was able to reconstruct and create a new, loving, and happy relationship with money and my business development thanks to the Divine Prosperity coaching program.

I knew it was the right decision for me right away because I intuitively sensed the depth of the program that Katelyn created and has been holding for our communities. Later weeks of practicing with her especially in the morning Kundalini yoga practice session with her everyday, I confirm the profound quality of her intuitive words of the divine and very systematic and encouraging prompts that Katelyn was consistently and generously putting forward and sharing with such devotion and care.

I’m forever grateful for Katelyn’s profound insights, wisdom, generosity, courage, love, care, support poured down to my life through Divine Prosperity. I think this connection is what is called “God-given/guided” connection and co-creation to really open up and sustain a sense of divine community to serve the true essence of wealth, abundance, and prosperity that God speaks through in unconditional love for all of us. I hope many people can have an opportunity to tap into this magical guidance through Katelyn’s Divine Prosperity and can benefit as much as my life has been magically transformed as one of many testified and proven cases. Thank you very much, Katelyn and all Intuitive Alchemy community members! Your divine connection and co-creation mean and matter a lot to me and God bless you all to live and lead super prosperous happy and healthy life on Earth! :)”

~ Khema Young-Hwa Cho, 영화 [young-hwa], 令和

“Katelyn is an extremely powerful embodiment of love and compassion and because of this she holds space for quantum growth and alchemical transformation.

She is a pure and clear channel and her intuitive guidance, through the application of various tools, processes and practices, combined with her loving support are always spot on.

Katelyn has guided me through profound breakthroughs. I’m grateful for the high level of support I’ve received from this alchemical Priestess of Divine Love as I continue to shift my reality and break free from what’s no longer serving me.”

~ Danielle Ashé, Soul Liberation Coach