Hey Beauty,

REMINDER: You are not stuck in your reality (though I know it can feel that way). Reality is actually very malleable….

Call in the support you require, bring love to your wounds, courageously face your shadows head-on, and shine consciousness on the all lies and limiting beliefs so you can unleash all the stuck energy.


HARNESS and DIRECT all that freed up energy/power to declare and craft the new reality you are now choosing.

You already know what you don’t want. So now…  

What do you desire next?

What reality do you now choose?

What would feel fun, prosperous, loving, delightful, sexy, vibrant or whatever to you?

Write it out, dream it up, feel it here now, move into action when you’re guided to, and give the rest to God.

This is how we go from one reality to another.

Is it simple? Yes.

Is it always easy? No.

Is it worth it and outrageously beautiful? A ZILLION TIMES YESSSS!


With Love,

Katelyn <3


*Photo by Viktoria Haack Photography