Hey Beauty,

I often find that God won’t let me settle for a dream that falls short of what I TRULY want. So if I’m working away at a vision that I’m settling for on some level (because I don’t think I can have what I REALLY want, for whatever reason/fear/belief), then things usually stand still or even fall apart until I come back to my truth and divine knowing.

This happens because God doesn’t want us to settle. God WANTS us to have ALL of what we want, not a half-assed version of our dreams. This is a TOTAL blessing. God holds high standards for us!

Remember, God is literally infinite. God is THE Infinite. God IS the Source and Substance of this universe and the Creator of WORLDS. That’s EPIC power! And that Divine power resides within each of us, waiting for us to remember, acknowledge, and CLAIM it. In that remembering, we can begin to create from soul alignment again and free of our perceived limitations.
With our awareness of the full power of God within, we can create what we REALLY desire, deep within our souls.

If you’ve been feeling blocked or stagnant with a dream or vision you’ve been working towards, I invite you to take a look at what you’re trying to create and ask…

❤️ Is this what I REALLY want, or am I settling in some way?
❤️ Is this my FULL desire, or am I denying a part of my desire because I don’t think it’s possible to have it all?
❤️ Am I focusing on bringing my TRUEST vision to life, or am I focusing on a false dream because I’m scared on some level to go all in?


And from there ask…

🌈 If I wasn’t settling, what would I choose to create?
🌈 If I really believed I could have what I TRULY want, how would I be utilizing my energy (right now/every day/this quarter)?
🌈 If I knew I had the power of the whole universe behind me, what dream would I bring to life?

God wants you to have what you TRULY desire. Period. Keep refining what you truly want at a deep soul level and then focus your energy on bringing that FULL vision to life relentlessly until it’s here. And yes, it will likely be different (better!) than how you imagined because God is magic like that and we get to be delightfully surprised along the way. 😊🌈

Now get your journal out and go through those prompts, beauty!

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I’m sending you allll the love!


With Love,
Katelyn <3