Hello Sweet Sister,

I’m feeling called to really open up and be vulnerable with you about my journey…

When I was 13 years old, I was stealing money from my parents to support my crystal meth addiction. I was admitted to a psychiatric ward for 2 months and put on heavy doses of medication. I was very suicidal and cut my wrists to try to numb out the pain.

I used to have intense eating disorders and was 50 lbs. overweight.

 I was trying to hide from the world… and from myself.

I had back to back to back HIGHLY dysfunctional relationships. I desperately wanted to feel better…loved…and searched for that love outside of myself.

I used to REALLY struggle to make ends meet financially, and I’ve literally had over 15 jobs – nothing fulfilled me, not even close. I couldn’t imagine being able to make “real” money, never mind make LOTS of money, doing something that truly lit me up.

It seemed impossible and I felt defeated and lost.

There was a time, even after finding my calling, when I struggled to find clients who were willing to invest in themselves, I didn’t feel confident sharing my gifts with the world, and I wanted to make a BIG impact but felt small and powerless instead.

That’s (part) of my past. It’s been an intense ride, as it has been for many of us. I’ve struggled a lot and had a lot of pain and I did whatever I could to try to avoid feeling it.

Here’s what’s happening in my world now…

I live my life in deep devotion to God. I am connected to the spirit realm in a really powerful way that clearly guides my journey step by step.

My business is successful beyond my wildest dreamsit earns 6 figures/year, gives me the freedom to travel when and where I want, I can give freely to people who I want to support, and I get to create my own schedule in a way that makes me feel GOOD (no more struggling to find money, clients, or clarity on how to serve my purpose – thank God!).

I am empowered in my gifts as an Intuitive Coach, Mentor, and Healer. I support my (AMAZING) clients to deepen their spiritual connection, activate their Soul’s greatest gifts and intuitive magic, anchor in Prosperity Consciousness (so they can also experience the life of abundance and freedom they have been longing for), transmute their shadows and the dense energies that keep them stuck, and physically co-create the reality they dream of.

And I get to support my client’s transformations in the most incredible of ways, too! I have an amazing Sisterhood and Mastermind, Angels of Alchemy, I get to host beautiful, life-changing retreats, I teach Kundalini Yoga (which REALLY helps my clients to GROUND the big energy they bring through), and I also certify new coaches via my Intuitive Coaching School.

I love my work SO much – it DEFINITELY fulfills me.

I feel vibrant, sexy, strong, and healthy in my body. I work out regularly, have a strong daily Kundalini Yoga & Meditation practice, and eat all organic, high-vibrational foods.

I have the most amazing man who continuously supports me, is also devoted to God and serving his Soul’s purpose, and is both my best friend and Soul Mate (I love you James ❤️).

I’m not trying to brag or paint you a perfect picture of me or my life here.

Believe me, it’s not perfect.

Sometimes it’s really messy! I still have to face my shit and do my (sometimes seemingly endless!) work on myself.

I’m sharing all of this with you because there are two things (for now) that I REALLY want you to know…


I’m not making MASSIVE quantum leaps in every area of my life on the regular because things are just smooth sailing for me or because I’m lucky. One of the KEY reasons is because I have FINALLY learned to EMBRACE my shadows, FEEL my pain, BE with the darkness, and rather than push my fears away, bring them CLOSER so I can transmute them.

Alchemy requires us to look at our shadows and heavier energies we experience. We cannot transform those denser energies if we are unwilling to even look at them. We need to have the courage to look them right in the eye, pull them closer, and ILLUMINATE them with LOVE.

I think I’ll share another post soon going deeper into the how part of sacred alchemy. For now though, to get you started, I invite you to really look at what aspects of yourself or your life you’ve been afraid of facing and see if there are any feelings or thoughts you’ve been numbing down or pushing away. From a gentle, non-judgmental place, find love for those pieces of yourself and your life. This is REALLY important and this WILL shift your reality.

We have to integrate ourselves fully.

Remember to stay anchored in the Truth as you do this deep work and look at these aspects of yourself too… The Truth is God’s got you. You are safe. You are an Infinite Soul. You are a Powerful Divine Being. You are perfect just the way you are, wounds, fears, and all.

I remember this Truth about myself even when I’m working through the murkiest of my shadows. This enables me to transmute energies powerfully and quickly. This is why my life has become a series of one epic quantum leap after the next.


I REALLY want you to know that you CAN get out of your stuck-ness and into the life you desire.

No matter where you are at right now, you CAN shift things!

If I can go from a lost 13-year-old meth head to a thriving inspiration helping people in such profound ways, you can shift your life too!

If nothing else, I hope that from reading this post you feel inspired to KEEP GOING. Don’t quit on your dreams. Don’t quit on yourself! You truly can BE and DO whatever your Soul desires. Trust God and trust yourself. YOU CAN DO THIS!

Sister, I believe in you so much. I know how powerful you are. I know you can make the changes you desire in your life. If you’re ready to make some big quantum leaps too, and you’re ready to receive the support, miracles, and blessings you desire, here’s your opportunity!

Angels of Alchemy, my yearly Sisterhood and Mastermind, is open for applications again and the spots are almost full! If you feel drawn to learn more about this incredible, life-changing opportunity, here’s your invitation! You can learn more and apply for Angels of Alchemy here. (I would love, love, LOVE to welcome you into this amazing sisterhood – it will change your life, in the most magical way!)

With so much love,

Katelyn <3