Hello Beautiful!

The power of ritual and ceremony is TREMENDOUS. Taking the time to create a sacred experience (like a ritual or ceremony) creates a ripple effect throughout our universe. It infuses our actions and thoughts with incredibly powerful energy as we move forward.

             Rituals and ceremonies are like intentions on steroids.

There are so many ways we can use ritual and ceremony to tap into the power of full moons (and new moons as well) and in my opinion, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to use this energy. To me, it’s really just about making our human experience more fun, powerful, and deliberate. 

I’ve started to really enjoy working with the energy of the moon over the past couple of years and I got an intuitive hit that you might just love some guidance on how you can take advantage of the energy shifts that take place during a full moon with ritual. So… here it is!

Today, I’m sharing one of my favourite full moon rituals with you.

You can make changes to this in anyway that you feel inspired or follow it step by step.

Remember, this is YOUR ritual so whatever feels best to YOU will be most powerful. I find this particular ritual with these exact steps to be most effective and powerful for me, but as always, I encourage you to use your own guidance to know what will be best for you. Also, you can do this outside of a full moon and it will still be amazing – but the full moon will make it extra powerful for sure. 🙂

Katelyn’s Favourite Full Moon Ritual:

1.   Gather some of your favourite sacred items together (use your intuition in choosing your items and feel free to ask your angels and guides which items will be most supportive of your ritual). Some examples of things you could gather are crystals, incense, pictures of teachers and/or loved ones, candles, essential oils, and anything else that you find beautiful and makes you feel peaceful and connected.

**A couple other side notes… I love to do this at night, either in total privacy or if I am with others they are also taking part in the ritual themselves (remember this is sacred, so treat it so) and I also love to have some soft and soothing music playing in the background.

2.   Once you have arranged your space so that it feels perfect and supportive of you, you are going to write down EVERYTHING that comes to mind that you are ready to let go of from your being.

 This is the releasing part of your ceremony. This can include:

  • yucky thoughts that have been surfacing lately (often, leading up to a full moon, outdated thought patterns that are ready to be released will already be making their way from your subconscious mind to the forefront of your consciousness and possibly causing you some discomfort – those are the thoughts that are looking to be released)
  • feelings you do not desire to experience anymore
  • belief systems that you are D-O-N-E with

You might have just a few words or sentences to write down, or you might have half a novel written out – either is perfect.

Just trust whatever comes up.

(The last time I did this ritual, I had about 2 and a half pages of crappy thoughts and feeling about myself and my life written down that I was totally ready to let go of so if you have a lot, it’s alllll good.) This is your time to vent, get it all out from inside of you, and tell the whole universe you are READY to let this go!

3.   Give it all to God. At the bottom of your page, once you’ve gotten it ALL out, you can write something along these lines:

“God/Great Spirit/Creator, Angels, Guides, and all other Beings of Love and Light who support me, I am fully ready to release these thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and energies that are not aligned with my Highest Self. I give this to you as an offering. I ask that you take this energy and transform it into higher frequencies of love and place that transformed energy wherever in the universe that will be most serving to the highest vision for all. Thank you, I love you.”

4.   Bring in the new. Take each and every single thing you have written down in step 2 and write down the optimal opposite in an “I am” statement or affirmation on a new piece of paper.

For example, if one of the thoughts I wrote down as a release was, “I am not good enough.” I would write down something like, “I am more than enough because I was created perfectly in the eye of God. I am a radiant an brilliant Divine child.” Basically, you are going to take each thing you have written down and use those contrasting thoughts and feelings to come up with powerful statements that will immediately begin to manifest the reality your Soul most desires.

This is SO POWERFUL. Don’t leave anything out.

Be sure to write down a statement/intention/affirmation for every single one of the things you wrote down in step 2.

5.   Summon universal support in making it so. At the bottom of all of your new affirmations, write something along the lines of:

“God/Great Spirit/Creator, Angels, Guides, and all other Beings of Love and Light who support me, I am now ready to receive this reality. I fully trust that you are guiding me each and every step of my way into this life I am dreaming of. I step into my power as a co-creator of this reality WITH you. I claim this now! Thank you, I love you.”

6.   Go somewhere safe to burn these papers. First burn the paper with everything you are releasing written on it and afterwards burn the paper with everything you are now claiming, attracting, manifesting, and co-creating with your affirmations. As you watch the papers burning, stay very present and be very aware that as this energy transforms, you, God, and your angels and guides, are shifting reality. This is AMAZING! Watch really closely and wait until it has burned completely.

7.   Give thanks to yourself for taking the time to honor your Soul in this way, thank your angels and guides for being with you and assisting you always in the creation of your dreams, and thank God, the amazing Spirit that created everything, for the miracles that have already taken place and that are about to take place in your precious life.  

And that’s it! Enjoy this amazing experience, I know how powerful this ritual is and I’m excited to hear about how it goes for you.

If you have any questions (always) let me know and also, I would love to hear about any rituals or ceremonies you like to use too so come on over to my Facebook group Intuitive Co-Creators and share with me! Click here to join the group, I’m so excited to have you join!

Have a fabulous day and here’s to you stepping into the life of your wildest dreams!

Love Always,
Katelyn <3