Hey Love <3

I just cried hysterically for almost an hour straight with one of my primary support people (yes, I have multiple!). It was one of those cries that came from the depths of my being – it was loud and raw and full-bodied.


It was such a RELIEF. Such a deep RELEASE. And now? I feel a little bit shaky as my body recalibrates but mostly I just feel REALLY good… Peaceful. Centered. Expansive. Open. *SPACIOUS*.


This kind of emotional alchemy is a priority for me.


It’s this powerful and sacred work that frees up the energy I require to show up fully in my mission and keep my heart open so I can magnetize the things I desire and require in my life…


Mindset work is GREAT. Psychic work is GREAT. Working in the quantum field is GREAT. Conscious manifestation is GREAT. 


Talking things out is GREAT. Ceremonies and rituals are GREAT. Planning and envisioning is GREAT… I do all of that all the time AND… I also need to be directly tending to my emotional body regularly in order to have my dreams FULLY come together and materialize for me.


When I’m tending to my emotional body… I am able to stay intuitively connected. Creativity flows powerfully. Money pours in easily. I live in so much more joy. My relationships are stronger and more intimate. My body looks and feels how I like. And the list goes on and on.


I am my MOST powerful and joyful when I’m also regularly facing my shadows and alchemizing heavy emotions as they arise. This is what ignites my light in FULL POWER.


When my emotions are being taken care of,

I THRIVE – in ALL areas.


So, if there’s something you’ve been trying to shift in your life that hasn’t been moving how you’d like… I invite you to see if you have really done the work to alchemize your emotions around that thing yet. If not, here’s your nudge to dive in deep, my love! (And get solid support, if you need it!)


You will be so powerful on the other side because all the energy you REQUIRE to create the shift will finally be liberated and ready for you to utilize. You get to use that freed up energy to shape your new reality! That’s when we tap into the REAL magic. <3


Love you!


With Love,

Katelyn <3

*This epic photo is from the amazing Viktoria Haack Photography*