Hello Radiant Soul!

Today I want to speak out about hiring a mentor, how to know if you should make a big investment, and why it’s REALLY not about the money.

Deciding whether or not to hire a coach/mentor or invest in a program can be one of the biggest decisions we make since it often stretches us waaaaaaay outside our comfort zone! I’m going to share about what happened every time I invested in this kind of support. I’m including the details of how much money it’s cost me and how I manifested the money to make it happen even when I didn’t feel I had enough. My intention in sharing all of this is that it will help you along your journey to fully serving your Soul’s purpose.

For me, investing in a program has never depended on where I was at financially… Not once.

Before I hired my first coach, I had no job and only about $1400 in the bank (retirement savings – so it’s not like I was planning to use that anytime soon). Her program was $4500.

I knew I “had” to do it.

It felt like a total YES and I knew I needed this support.

So I asked about a payment plan and she offered one to me and away we went (even though I wasn’t sure how I would make the remaining payments). I ended up making the rest of the payments seriously miraculously… An unexpected tax return came in, I got a job that worked perfectly for me, and the payments just happened. Seeing the universe arrange itself to support me through those payments was a HUGE and very important part of my own transformation.

I saw that when I say YES to my desires and listen to my intuition, miracles happen.

My faith deepened and I learned first hand how to manifest money on the fly. This was an important lesson I would not have learned if I had waited until I saved up enough money BEFORE hiring a coach. (Not that I’m against saving up for things, but this was important for my personal experience, maybe or maybe not for yours too.)

The first coach I hired taught me how to be an Intuitive.

So it wasn’t the techy business coaching but more of the energetics of it all (like telepathy, mediumship, channeling, reading energy, reprograming the subconscious mind, manifestation etc. etc.) which of course was SO amazing but left me feeling like I was missing support in the business end of things.

So, almost a year later, I felt ready (and scared shitless!) to really take things more online so I could spread my message and share my gifts more powerfully. Part of what made me so ready was that somehow ALL of my income dried up in a week! I was like WTF is this?!?

When I went within, I knew the income dried up because I was being called to make a big shift and I could either back away from God’s call to me or I could take a DEEP breath and step up into my light more fully than ever before.

I decided I would “step up to bat” and I hired my next coach through a group program.

The investment was $3500, of which I had ZERO at the time. I mustered up the courage to ask my dad if he could help me by gifting me the money.

I was really nervous because he had previously said no, but he said yes this time! That in itself was sooo healing and miraculous for me… To have my dad support me like that was a precious gift. I was in tears of gratitude and our relationship really changed from that moment on.

I saw that again I was supported in unexpected amazing ways when I said YES to my Soul.

The group program was great and definitely moved me forward – I learned the basics of online marketing and figured out how to leverage the internet to get paying dreamy clients – but I soon learned I really need 1 x 1 support.

I realized that while I love community and the collective support of a group, I really need someone to be giving me their direct attention (in the intimate container of 1 x 1 coaching/mentoring) in order to move through my fears and blocks and transform into the woman I desire to BE, at the rate I want to shift at. (I’m not big on long drawn out transformations – I want to quantum leap like NOW, you know?)

Group programs don’t always provide me with the level of support I need to THRIVE.

I learned that I thrive and make inner and outer shifts way faster when I have 1 x 1 support too.

That’s why I love providing that exact same level of radical love-filled support for my own clients – it’s the quickest, most ease-full, and enjoyable path to total transformation and dream manifestation. (You can learn more about the support I provide my clients here.)

About 6 months later I found my an amazing business coach who does 1 x 1 mentoring and I fell totally in love with her. I was so attracted to her energy because she was holding the vibration I needed to integrate in order to step into the reality I was dreaming of. At first, when I reached out to work with her I wasn’t quite ready to take the leap in working together. How I knew this was I wasn’t feeling able to make the payments (which, I believe was going to be about $5000 or something like that).

Given my history, I knew that it’s not REALLY about the money.

Just because I didn’t HAVE the money didn’t mean I couldn’t GET the money.

So the question was really, “Is this in such deep alignment with my Soul that I am willing to do whatever it takes to find the funding for this?” When the answer was no, I looked deeper.

I was like, “Okay, if I know, based on my history, that I don’t need to have money saved up and ready to go in order to manifest the experience of hiring a coach, then what is this REALLY about for me?”

I realized that I wasn’t ready yet.

I still had work to do on my own first. So I let her know I wasn’t ready, which was the Truth. I didn’t tell her, “I can’t afford it.” Which would have been a lie since I know I can afford ANYTHING that is fully aligned with my Soul. God always funnels the money my way when things are fully aligned.

Feeling like we can’t afford something is only the surface and when we stay on the surface we aren’t able to make the changes we desire. When we dig deeper we will find what is really holding us back or out of alignment (hint: it’s never money) and from there we can begin to alchemize the energy to create and attract what we desire.

And that, my friend, is Empowering.

Even though at first, I was really disappointed that I wasn’t going to be working with that coach right then, it lit a fire under my butt to do the inner and outer work I knew I needed to. I let go and trusted the Divine unfolding of my life.

About 6 or so months later, I learned that that same woman was going to be launching a new program that was going to be about $15,000 for me. When I heard all the details, I was like, “This is for ME.” I had no idea how I was going to pay for it (again), because even though things with my biz were going well, I didn’t have that additional money set aside for such high monthly payments. But I “knew” this was happening anyway.

My job was to open up, to receive, and let it happen without knowing how or worrying.

Through that deep surrender and my commitment to stepping into my “next level” by saying yes to that program I was drawn to at that time, I was guided to raise my prices in my Intuitive Coaching School and 1:1 work A LOT (which was long overdue). Because of the shift in energy from my commitment to up-leveling and finally asking for the monetary exchange I truly desired, I got a new client right away. That paid for my first payment.

After making my first payment, everything REALLY opened up for me.

It was like making that BIIIIIG investment really launched me into the success I had been longing for.

The clients continued to roll in (as did the money) and I have never had an issue making my payments – AMAZING!

Since then I have continued to expand myself and invest in the support I truly desire, regardless of what the monetary exchange is (I just – gladly – made a coaching investment of over $20,000!).

If it’s in alignment – I am IN. 🙂

NOTHING stops me.

This has caused me to be able to expand my income to bring in six-figure and multi-six figure/years over and over again and has allowed me to receive the support and lifestyle I desire on a deep Soul level. All of this happened because I said YES and listened to my guidance rather than my fear. And I’m SO grateful I did!

So this is why I say…. IT’S REALLY NOT ABOUT THE MONEY. It’s about alignment.

And if it is aligned, it’s about our willingness to step into God’s call for us EVEN if it doesn’t make logistical sense.

I have one client who used FIVE credit cards to work with me and here’s what she said about it, “Working with you is the best investment I have ever made.” She has never said, “Oh man, I wish I didn’t invest so much in my purpose and this life-changing support.” She made her decision based on her intuition and knows it’s been the best thing for her. She’s been quantum leaping non-stop!

Without having had these experiences of stepping into the unknown and witnessing miracles, I wouldn’t be the amazing coach and mentor I am.

I wouldn’t know how to fully support my clients in their journeys through the unknown and into their miraculous dreams.

I wouldn’t really know first hand the depths of God’s, my Angel’s, and my own ability to co-create the resources needed for me to step into my desired reality.

That’s why I never look at money to determine whether I will invest in something or not, and I encourage you not to either.

If I feel unable to afford something, I let that be an invitation to look deeper to see what’s out of alignment…

Is it that this experience is out of alignment with my Soul right now?


Is it that I am not aligning myself with the Truth that this is a Divine invitation to experience miracles through leaping into the unknown and testing out my magic making juju?

From there, we can let our intuition give us answers and we can make an empowered decision knowing we CAN do and have everything our Soul desires.

I wouldn’t trade these experiences of investing in my purpose for ANYTHING. 

Every time I have made a huge investment and stretched myself I completely quantum leaped and it has been INCREDIBLE.

I have made back all of the money I ever invested many, many times over through my business and I don’t plan to stop stretching myself anytime soon – it feels too good!

I hope me sharing this with you helps you to make empowered decisions based on your heart. My desire is that you will quantum leap into your own miraculous dreams in the exact way that will most inspire you and evolve your Radiant Soul.

I looooove you!!!!!

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Love Always,

Katelyn <3