Hi love!

You know those moments when you’re desperately seeking clarity around something, but just can’t seem to see through the thick blurry fog of confusion or frustration?

Oh man, I know this feeling so well. One of the greatest challenges we’re gifted with as intuitives, is learning how to hear our inner guidance with all of the feelings, energies, and information that comes to us.

This can be especially difficult when our good friends’ EGO and FEAR show up strong.

They get so loud! They sometimes talk over our softer-spoken angels and intuitive guidance, clouding our minds with a bunch of BS.

If you’ve been feeling tangled in a big knot over something, or even if you’re doing okay right now but aren’t sure how to handle those knots when they come along, today’s quick video is for you.

A few weeks ago I had a very intense and expansive past life healing, and the experience really got me excited about sharing the very sacred process in the video above with you.

It happened during the trip of a lifetime at Hale Pua in Kona, Hawaii.

I will never forget the magic that transpired.

It was beyond what I could have ever imagined!

IMG_1514 copy

Some Kundalini Yoga before the sun came up.

I was actually sitting in the exact spot you see me doing a stretch pose in the picture above. I’d just finished my yoga, my mind was swimming with stories, and I was feeling a lot of heavy emotion.

I took myself through the process I teach you in this video, and I came into clarity almost instantly.

I knew exactly what I needed to do next and I had the courage to do it.

And I just have to share that amazing feeling with you!

In this video, I will teach you a super simple 3-step process to quiet all the stress and fear and get in touch with the highest truth in a way that’s easy for you to understand.

Sounds amazing, right? It totally is! This is my #1 go-to process for whenever I’m feeling bogged down and overwhelmed with a bunch of confusing mind chatter that just won’t let me see straight…it helped me soooo much in Hawaii and many other times in my life.

And the best part is, it won’t take you hours or require any strenuous effort…

All you need is some time to yourself and your journal.

Spirit does the rest! 😉 It feels a little something like this…

IMG_0075 copy

Ummmm… amazing! Enough said. 😉

I’ll also teach you one of the most powerful questions you can ask to lift the heavy veil of illusion that keeps us from feeling confident and clear.

But my favorite part of this process, and the one that I think is REALLY going to supercharge your connection and clarity, is learning how to allow yourself to hear and feel the truth.

I just know you’re going to love it. Use it whenever you need it, and leave me a comment below the video to let me know about your experience. I really LOVE hearing from you beautiful!

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Love always,

Katelyn <3