Hey Beauty,

I want you to know… you can have hard days, hard months, and even hard YEARS… and still be financially supported through your soul work…

For the past three years I’ve been in such a deep place of internal healing. Two and a half years ago my fiancé and I separated (right after I bought a house that I had imagined we would live in together). This was the catalyst for SO MUCH HEALING. My heart was broken. My life was shaken. My deepest trauma wounds were unearthed and the healing work ahead of me was beyond overwhelming. There were moments when I didn’t want to go on. I wanted OUT. The pain was sooo fucking deep.

AND… I am the CEO of a successful coaching business – a business where I help people connect deeply to God and their soul, activate their intuitive gifts, step powerfully into their purpose, and open up to abundant lives of Divine Prosperity.

I had a mission. I had clients. I had people to show up for. I had a mortgage. I had commitments. I had responsibilities.

All the things. Life kept going, you know?

Yet, I was in the darkest time of my life. (And I’ve been in some pretty dark times!)



 I needed to find a way to make it all work, even in the state I was in. I needed to show up anyway.

So here’s what I did…

❤️ I GOT SUPPORT: I started working with a trauma therapist. I hired a biz coach. I let my family and friends hold me when I didn’t know how to hold myself. Thank God for all the support of these people. They breathed life into me. They kept me going. My gratitude for them is eternal.

❤️ I WENT TO GOD: I did everything I could to stay close to God every single day. I prayed. I chanted. I did Kundalini Yoga. I went to church (going back to church from my current perspective of God is a whole other post for another day – such a trip). I did whatever it took to keep my spiritual connection intact. Some days this looked like just screaming at God about all the pain I was in. I never closed the door though. Thank goodness, because God is the foundation for my everything.

❤️ I KEPT GOING! I kept. on. going. I kept letting myself be a vessel for healing and support for others. I kept showing up for my clients. I kept doing what I could to be of service. In order to keep showing up though, I needed to make adjustments to my business so it could support me from where I was at. (That looked like cutting down group work for the time being, taking on less 1:1 clients, and raising my rates.)

The guidance was clear that this was not a time to shut my business down and pull out. I needed to keep going. Keep serving. Keep being a light. I needed to keep letting God’s light shine through me to support others. This was one of the most important things I did in order to keep ME going. Service is sooooo key!

❤️ I also shifted my beliefs to support me from where I was at… One super important shift I made was from believing I needed to be feeling good, showing up in a certain way, and doing certain things, in order to make money to: No matter how I’m feeling (or not feeling), no matter what I’m doing (or not doing), God provides for me completely and money keeps on flowing. I am safe. I am secure. I am a child of God. I am worthy of being supported NO MATTER WHAT.

And you know what?

My income did drop some, and I didn’t personally work with as many people as I had in the past.

BUT I still continued to have six-figure years! I still continued to DEEPLY support and impact my clients and community. I still showed up for my soul service. I still allowed myself to be financially supported. And I did this all WHILE doing the deepest healing work I’ve ever done on myself (and believe me, I had already done A LOT!).

The point is… I still showed up and did the best I could from where I was at. And God met me every step of the way!

I was Divinely supported through it ALL.

So I want you to know… if you’re having a bad day, a bad month, or a year that’s taking you right to your knees… You can still show up and help others. You can still be financially supported through it all. You can make adjustments as needed. You *will* make it through. And God will be with you – through thick and thin – no matter what. ❤️

I trust this will support you and your journey in some way today. Remember you are NEVER alone.

And I love you. So, so much! xoxo

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With Love,

Katelyn <3