Hey Beauty,

Yesterday I was on the elliptical thinking about how WE – who are alive RIGHT NOW – are those who are physically birthing the Golden Age… Like, no big deal… we are the just the ones who get to actually WALK INTO the Age of Aquarius. Isn’t that amazing?!

We are the ones waking up to our TRUE DIVINE POWER to co-create the changes in ourselves and the world that actually bring equality and liberation for ALL beings…

We are the ones doing the alchemy to come into HARMONY with each other and Earth, to allow INSPIRED CREATIVITY to guide our lives, and TRUE CARE and COMPASSION to be the focal points of every interaction.

Is there a fuck load of work to do still? Yup. For sure and it is heartbreaking to witness and experience the unintegrated shadows of humanity and ourselves.

But is it still happening? Are we still stepping into an age of grounded UTOPIA? Yup. I believe so. With my entire heart. I see it happening every day. 🙏🏼 ❤️

And all the deep inner work, the trauma healing, and the grieving of how things have been – for ourselves, our ancestors, and each other – is going to be SO worth it.

I see a world of BEAUTY, CONSIDERATION, SOVEREIGNTY, GENEROSITY, and CELEBRATION emerging. It’s in the ancient scriptures and sacred texts.



I am COMMITTED ~ to doing my part to grow myself and serve others…

I am in such deep APPRECIATION ~ to God for guiding me and to each of us who have chosen to incarnate during this potent time of RADICAL global transformation…

And I am CELEBRATING ~ all that we’ve ALREADY overcome and ALL the BEAUTY & MIRACLES we will continue to call forward through our pain, pleasure, prayer, and dedication.

I offer myself completely to the Divinity within me and that I see in every being who crosses my path. I devote myself to the actualized reality of a SAFER, more JOYFUL, more HARMONIOUS world for EVERYONE.

I believe in God and my angels to guide me. I believe in each one of you who is reading this now.

I humbly ask to be lead, from this moment on, into the divine co-creation of Heaven on Earth, for the highest good of all beings, through all timelines, forevermore.

Amen. And so it is. 💜🙏🏼

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With Love,
Katelyn <3