Hey Love,

Sometimes I feel like we need some perspective around what’s actually happening on this planet during our lifetime…

Do you remember the 11-11-2011 portal? It was said by Yogi Bhajan that 11-11-11 was when we officially entered into the Age of Aquarius, from the Piscean Age. (The 21-12-2012 portal was another huge one for shifting into this new age.)

What does that really mean?

Well, the Piscean Age was ruled by the third chakra (solar plexus) and was all about power, hierarchy, and ego. The Aquarian Age is ruled by the heart chakra and is all about us living from love, equality, having deep consideration and care for each other, and making global harmony a number one priority.

We quite literally stepped into a Golden Age where we are now learning to lead by the heart, focus on collective well-being, and join together to create peace, harmony, and divine alignment.

But it’s not just an overnight shift…

Yogi Bhajan said we would officially be settled into the Age of Aquarius (meaning we’ll be fully living in the heart frequency) in 2038.

That means that until around 2038, we are doing the work to shift out every unhealthy pattern from ALL of humanity’s history, so we can collectively be in the vibration where we can allow a literal planetary-wide Utopia to take form here.

We are all being called to heal every wound and alchemize and elevate every shadow aspect that’s been hindering the actualization of Heaven on Earth.

This is a BIG DEAL!

This is why we feel like we fluctuate between living in bliss and seeing pure magic and possibility, to feeling so heavy and fearful at times – as a collective we are doing the most radical alchemy that’s been done for over 2000 years! And all to literally birth HEAVEN on Earth for ALL beings (not just for those who currently benefit from privilege but for ALL of humanity 😍).

The work isn’t always easy…. we’re healing trauma and dysfunctional programs and patterning that have built up for thousands of years.

BUT what we’re stepping into and creating is SO WORTH IT!

Can you imagine a world where all beings are living from the heart center?

Where we all deeply hear, see, and care for each other and thus each feel deeply heard, seen, and cared for?

Can you see a world where we all have the resources we require to simply ENJOY life, share our soul gifts, and be in our fullest creative expression?

Can you see a world where the Earth is thriving, lush, and balanced EVERYWHERE?

Where every system truly supports the well-being of ALL of life?

This is the kind of beauty we’re actively working to co-create right now.

With every wound we bring love to, every soul fragment we integrate, every fear-based program we shift… we are opening up our capacity to hold this vision, take steps to actually create it, and truly birth Heaven on this planet.

This is what’s really going on here.

If you’re feeling depressed or really scared, remember you’re healing deep, deep old stuff that’s needing love, in order to align with the new frequency. Be so gentle with yourself. It’s EONS of pain you’re releasing from your cells and your DNA is undergoing a significant upgrade. Take good care of yourself. ❤️

If you’re feeling pure bliss and joy and so clear on how magical life is… amazing! Your body and being are attuning to the frequency of love and you’re learning how to sustain that vibration more and more. Use this time creating, playing, serving, and seeing how you can contribute to the creation of Utopia!

Eventually the oscillation will balance out. Eventually we’ll all get there. Heaven on Earth IS coming as we keep showing up with integrity, love, and faith.

It’s a MOST special time to be alive. We have each other. We have God. We ARE doing this! ❤️❤️❤️

With love,
Katelyn <3