Hey Love <3

I want you to know something important…


I don’t care WHAT you desire – if it comes from your heart and soul – YOU CAN ABSOLUTELY CREATE IT. No questions asked.


Here the 9 keys I want you to remember in your process of Alchemical Dream Creation:⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀


1. If it’s a soul-guided desire, it’s MEANT for you. Cherish the vision. God placed it in your heart.


2. You have all the special sauce to make it happen within you already. It’s in your DNA. It’s a part of who you ARE.


3. God and your Spirit Team WILL guide you. Ask for Divine support and be ready to receive it.


4. You will be given inspired action steps (that feel do-able). Take those guided steps. ⠀


5. You will probably doubt yourself and question the whole thing somewhere along the journey. If/when that time comes, process the emotions with love, allow your mentor and and people to support you, root back into the TRUTH of your desire, and then:




Keep leaning in and moving TOWARDS it. No matter what.


6. As much as possible, remind yourself there IS enough time. It’s all happening in PERFECT timing. Time is on your side. There is always enough time for it all to come together.


7. Enjoy life as it is right now AND be excited for what’s coming. Mastering pleasure in the journey is soooo important.


8. Remember this is a process of choosing what you want and then shifting (alchemizing) whatever energy is out of alignment with your desire, SO THAT you can hold the frequency of your desired reality. Embodying that energy is E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. But don’t put pressure on yourself… just gently find your way into the energy, bit by bit.


9. It won’t happen exactly like you planned. It will be BETTER than you imagined. (Because God is magic like that. Plus, God loves to surprise us to remind us we are CO-creating.)


All of this (in addition to activating your next level of Intuitive Gifts and Divine Prosperity) is a HUGE part of what we do in my Intuitive Alchemy MentorshipThis is a powerful 8-month, high level, alchemical container for established leaders and biz owners and in it we quantum leap like WOAH. 😍


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 I’m soooo excited to dive in with you!

With Love,

Katelyn <3

*This epic photo is from the amazing Viktoria Haack Photography*