I’ve been wanting to write a post to share all my 2017 lessons and blessings for a while now but every time I went to, I felt blocked because SO much happened. I was EPICALLY blessed and also challenged to the fucking CORE.

After fully integrating the gifts from 2017 over the past week, I’m now ready to share the gold, celebrate God’s blessings publicly, and honour myself for all my growth and creations. Yay 🙂

Here are the tremendous blessings and creations…

🎉 I bought my DREAM home! It’s in a forest full of fairies and ancient native spirits who teach me and support me every day, it’s super spacious, cozy, and BEAUTIFUL. I truly love it so, so much – thank you God!
🎉 I got my dream vehicle! A brand new Toyota RAV4 hybrid to support me in living in the mountains, where there’s lots of snow, AND lessen the impact I’m having on the planet. Plus, the colour: Galactic Aqua Mica (for real – that’s the name of the colour and it’s all sparkly 😍).
🎉 I started volunteering again in ways I really resonate with: fostering rescue dogs and mentoring young girls to educate them on the impact and prevention of bullying and relational aggression. This work is so deeply fulfilling and important.
🎉 I traveled to Bali for 5 weeks with some of my best friends and coach. We had SO much fun. I also moved through a lot of self rejection stuff with my coach and friends, which was uncomfortable, but I’m so glad to have released that energy. Oh, and I received a MASSIVE Shakti activation in Bali too, reclaiming my power as a BEAUTIFUL, POWERFUL, SOVEREIGN, SEXUAL woman of God.
🎉 I hosted two epic retreats for my sisterhood, now called Angels of Alchemy (enrollment is now open for AOA by the way! 😍). At these retreats, I started to work really deeply with the Goddess Isis and began channeling really powerful and ancient sacred ceremonies from her. Since then, she’s made it super clear to me that I am both “an initiate and an initiator of Isis,” a role I take great honour in fulfilling.
🎉 My business thrived (even though I took LOTS of time off to tend to personal stuff). I created an amazing new offering called Divine Prosperity™, which has helped 30 people open to and integrate the sacred consciousness of Divine Prosperity and deepen into God. I created my first passive stream of income through an offering I’m SO happy to provide – Strengthening the Aura Kriya (a Kundalini Yoga Kriya as taught by Yogi Bhajan). I also love that this year I created offerings to support ANYONE, regardless of where they are at financially or how they identify sexually, and that they are ALL super powerful. I also taught Kundalini Yoga as a guest at my mentor’s retreat. (I’m available to hire as a guest Kundalini Yoga teacher and/or sacred ceremony facilitator at your retreat; if you feel the call, reach out!)
🎉 I DIDN’T post on social media aaallll the time and instead took time off to unplug and rest and have my life experience for ME a lot more. 2017 really called me to allow that experience and let go of the idea that I need to be visible ALL the time or I won’t be in service or successful. I now know, even more deeply, that it’s not only safe to take time off, but it’s required in order to live a truly balanced and WHOLE life.
🎉 I activated and claimed my next level of intuitive gifts and magic as an activator and transmitter of sacred Divine frequencies. I also trademarked the name “Intuitive Alchemist” to reflect this uplevel.
🎉 I completed a level two Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. This included a 90-day 31-minute meditation called “Breaking the Mask,” which my mind was pretty sure damn near killed me some mornings lol. It was tough some days but oh my goodness, I’m so glad I did it now because I’m so much more ME.
🎉 I grieved, celebrated, and blessed the lives, deaths, and passing over of four special people who have been such precious gifts to my life… my dear friends Patrick Colby and Hong Lac and my sweet grandma and grandpa.

But also… like I said, my ass got kicked a little. Or a lot. It may have been my Saturn Return. It may have been Kali. It may have been that it was just time for me to get stronger, but whatever cards were at play, I got rocked.

Here’s my biggest lesson from 2017, which I had to learn over and over again and in parts:
I MUST identify my truest deepest desires, create whatever boundaries are required to support them, and I MUST uphold those boundaries. This is not an option, unless I want to get my ass kicked again. And thanks but NO THANK YOU. I’m good.

This required listening to myself to clarify what my true desires are (especially in the realms of relationships, support, and service) and then creating and upholding the boundaries to support those desires (which ultimately, is what allows me to best serve God).

In the process, many boundaries were crossed. It felt a lot like falling down and getting back up again, over and over.

I entered into spaces and frequencies that were unhealthy for me and didn’t serve my wellbeing or purpose – out of fear of disappointing, losing people I loved, being judged, etc. – and it was AWFUL. It felt like being bulldozed.

I kept getting knocked down and bulldozed because I wasn’t holding the boundaries I needed. I waffled. I wavered. Energetically and in the physical.

Now? I’m like, “Okay, this is what my soul needs – to do my best work, to feel safe to show up, to feel nourished, to have shakti flowing through me how I require to do my soul service, to THRIVE in all areas? GREAT. Let’s get those boundaries in place ASAP, then.”

And I’m SO grateful for all of it! I’m STRONG now. I know what I want and need to thrive. I know where to place my energy and how. I have standards that I won’t compromise on and those boundaries build the life experience I not only desire, but truly require in order to do my mission.

And the best part?

Life’s soooo juicy now! Because my energy is going where it needs to. I’m NOURISHED spiritually, physically, emotionally, sexually, etc. I am EXCITED about where and how I’m spending my time and energy. My creations are purely channeled gifts from God and I ENJOY them. I HAVE more energy! I feel aligned. My intuition is bang on and super clear (BECAUSE I’M HONOURING IT!).

2017 was about learning to say yes to me. To MY soul’s call. To HONOURING the desires and TRUTH of myself. Fuck. Yes. Thank you, God!

And now? With all those lessons and gifts integrated? I’m soooo excited for 2018 which, I’m quite certain, will be one of the most pleasurable, fun, creative, inspired, service-ful, and all around yummy years so far.

My soul frequencies for 2018:

So that pretty much says it all. I’m ready. LET’S GO!


PS ~ Thank you for witnessing and celebrating me. I’m so beyond grateful to have a community that lifts me up and loves me so much. I LOVE YOU TOO!