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Welcome to this sacred space, Beauty!

Do you feel on the verge of a big, beautiful soul and life EXPANSION?

Do you KNOW you’re here to be a bright, leading light in the world?

Do you have a DEEP soul desire to be of great service and live with great prosperity and joy too?

The old ways of doing life are falling away and a new way is being birthed on the planet: A way of grace, service, truth, prosperity and living life in alignment with your Highest Self.

I’m Katelyn Edgar ~ Intuitive Alchemist®, Kundalini Yoga Teacher, founder of the Intuitive Coaching School, and transmitter of Divine Prosperity®.

I so love that you’re here. I hope you can already feel the waves of Divine Love and prayers I’ve infused into this space radiating off the page and landing right in your beautiful heart.

Let’s talk about what brought you here…

Even when you truly believe in ALL the possibilities and magic available to you, when you’re on the verge of a big breakthrough, you may still find yourself:

uncertain of your next steps
feeling stuck
desiring more – more peace, passion, prosperity, freedom, inspiration, and connection
feeling disconnected
waffling around your alignment
wanting the guidance and confidence to trust and follow your intuition into a life of greater soul service, fulfillment, and abundance

That’s where I come in.

There are three primary pillars to my work:

Intuition, Prosperity, and Purpose

Intuition Activation

Whether you’re just now discovering your gifts or you’re already deep into your intuitive journey, your intuitive gifts and knowing are going to be activated in a BIG way as a result of working with me. The lines of communication between you, God, your Soul, and your Spirit Team will be strengthened and you’ll gain massive confidence in your choices, spiritual gifts, abilities, channeling, healing, and all things magic.

Anchor Into the Sacred Consciousness of Divine Prosperity

Live in the experience of being completely taken care of and supported – both with inner and outer resources. Receive everything physically and spiritually that you need to live your greatest dreams and serve your soul’s highest purpose. (Divine Prosperity goes way beyond money – because fulfillment matters! – AND it massively increases your experience of financial freedom and flow too!)

Serve Your Soul’s Purpose

Clarify and deepen into WHY you’re here and HOW your soul wants to express and serve in the world. Gain confidence and clarity, come into alignment and embody your Higher Self, feel deep passion for your mission, and receive the support you require to serve your purpose with true fulfillment.

At the very core, my mission and purpose is to help you unify with God…

to deepen your spiritual connection in your own unique way, live life aligned with, embodied in, and guided by your Soul, and FEEL and EXPERIENCE your own Infinity. This is about creating intimacy with your True Self and your Creator (because truly, our spiritual connection is the foundation for EVERYTHING we desire).

In my work, I support people through divine awakenings and sacred initiations, providing the nurturing and fierce support needed to move through doubts, fears, and disbelief into alignment, clarity, confidence, passion, prosperity, and true, deep fulfillment.

Together we alchemize fear, limiting beliefs, soul wounds, traumas, and anything else ready to be transformed. We also play! We play in divine magic: dreaming, soul visioning, activating your divine gifts for this lifetime, and developing strong intuition and powerful alchemical creation skills.

“The truth is, you’re ascending and your ascension supports the people who will be in the next wave of ascension. This work is beautiful, sacred, and essential, and it’s happening NOW (hallelujah!).”

The support you’ve been calling in for your big leap is here, and these are your next steps:


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