Intuitive Coaching Mentorship

On your journey as an infinite spirit living in this physical realm as a human being, you will encounter many phases and cycles of healing, transformation, and evolution.

It is an incredible journey and one that can, at times, be challenging, confusing, and straight up scary.

If you are a coach or healer who is on a part of your path where you know you are ready for a BIG shift and a your Soul is calling you to make a transformation (and seriously deepen your spiritual connection) then you are also probably looking for someone to guide you through your healing, lovingly show you the places where you may be energetically blocked, and to ultimately help you step into your ideal reality.

Life is too precious to be feeling stuck in the thick of worry, stress, and fear. By learning to tap into your own inner-wisdom, develop your intuition, deepen your spiritual connection, and expand your awareness, you can start living your life with freedom, passion, and clarity.

The Awaken the Intuitive Within ~ Intuitive Coaching Mentorship will help you to not only step into a new and improved life, but QUANTUM LEAP into one beyond your wildest dreams! You will simultaneously be going through your own incredible transformation WHILE learning some *seriously* amazing tools that you can bring into your personal life and your coaching/healing practice as well. 

GatewayAlthough life can be challenging at times, I truly believe that by reaching out for support and guidance we can move through those energetic blocks a lot more quickly and with way more ease and grace. And let’s face it, if we expense our clients to invest into themselves through us when they need support, we best be willing to investing OURselves when we need support too.

All of the changes you desire begin with your relationship to God. The core of my work is in helping you to strengthen your connection to Source so you can experience yourself, your relationships, your work, and your life as you were intended to—with JOY!

If you feel like the Awaken the Intuitive Within ~ Intuitive Coaching Mentorship sounds like EXACTLY what you have been praying for and calling into your life, then fill out the application for an Intuitive Breakthrough Session with me where I will guide you through a powerful (and fun!) process to help you gain clarity and start to release any blocks you may have. The session will also give you and I the opportunity to see if this program is the perfect fit for us both right now. I am soooo excited to begin this amazing journey with you! <3




The Intuitive Coaching Mentorship is for you if:

  • You are a coach or healer already and you LOVE the idea of further developing your intuition and psychic abilities (like reading energy, seeing past lives, mediumship, channeling angels and spirit guides, and more) to miraculously change your own life AND the lives of your clients
  • You understand the importance of investing into your own spiritual growth so you can better serve your Soul’s purpose and truly live the life of your dreams in exchange
  • You want to experience more harmony, passion, and love in your relationships
  • You are ready for quantum leaps that will transform your life forever
  • You know you are awesome and spiritual already, but deep down you feel a calling to make your relationship to the Divine even stronger
  • You are ready to let go of your fears of the future that seem to follow you around, keeping you stressed, and second-guessing your actions
  • You want to feel more grounded and connected to the Earth than ever before
  • You are fed up with feeling lost, anxious, and overwhelmed
  • You want to feel confident and clear when you are faced with making the most important decisions in your life
  • You want to overcome challenging (and maddening!) relationship issues with ease and grace
  • You feel like you will hugely benefit by having the support and guidance of an Intuitive Coach working alongside you
  • You are willing to do the inner work (and play!) in order to experience the outer results
  • You are ready for monumental and lasting change

If you answered YES! to these questions then I designed this program especially for YOUR beautiful self!

I work with a select few women privately at a time to create profound and lasting changes in their lives.

Upon completion of this program, you and your life will be incredibly transformed and you will feel more connected, clear, passionate, and powerful than ever before.

Does reading this make you feel like saying, “Yes! Thank you God for answering my prayers!”? Then I am so so happy you found me!

Apply now for a FREE Intuitive Breakthrough Session where I will guide you through a powerful intuitive process to start busting through any energetic blocks that are in your way and help you to gain massive clarity. On the call, we will also have a chance get a good feel for one another and see if working together is fully aligned for us both. 

If your application is approved, I will personally be in touch with you soon to set up your session.



Katelyn Edgar