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I have learned that God – the Universe, the Divine, some Great Massive Creative Force – is speaking to us in every single moment and each and every one of us has the ability to connect with this wisdom and truth.

Our intuition is our connection and communication to this Great Source!

We don’t have to fear making the wrong choiceK-FOREST-JPGs and suffering the consequences! We don’t have to settle for relationships that are anything less than amazing! We don’t have to suffer from depression, anxiety, and confusion! We don’t have to stay stuck in destructive patterns and self-sabotage!

We really can learn to open our awareness and awaken our intuition to a point where each life step we take is guided, inspired, and feels totally aligned with our highest purpose. Our relationships with ourselves, others, and God really can be filled with trust, passion, harmony, and love.

If you want to deepen your relationship with God, become a super powerful and intuitive co-creator, have truly harmonious and fulfilling relationships, and start living your dream life with confidence and passion then read on because this is what my work and purpose is ALL ABOUT! : )

Become an Intuitive Coach Mentorship

Private Coaching Mentorship with Katelyn

Learn how you can Become a Katelyn Edgar Certified Intuitive Coach and help other wonderful people (who you LOVE to work with!) to completely transform their lives using the power of intuition! This program is the FULL package – everything you need to BE a Powerful and Confident Intuitive Coach with a solid business foundation in place.

You know this is for you if:

  • You deeply desire to be a Confident and Powerful Intuitive Coach (or healer) and you can feel your Soul calling you to help others in HUGE amazing ways
  • You know you have some energetic blocks to bust through and limiting beliefs to transform in yourself so you can really step into your fullest potential (you’ve come so far already but you can feel there is still some “stuff” to clear away)
  • You would LOVE to have the freedom to work with WHO you want, WHEN you want, and WHERE you want (thanks to the internet we can travel anywhere and make unlimited amounts of money doing what we love with people we adore all at the same time… Brilliant!)
  • You are super jazzed about the idea of tapping into your own intuitive and psychic gifts to make miracles happen in your own life AND in your *amazing* client’s lives
  • You know this is all possible but don’t even know where to start… (or if you’ve got what it takes – especially since you haven’t even figured your own life out yet)

If this sounds like you, I’ve got you covered sister! If you feel the call for this from your Soul, then I can show you the way. Click the button below to learn more about how you can work closely with me to Become an Intuitive Coach yourself!

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Intuitive Coaching Mentorship

Private Coaching Mentorship with Katelyn 

The Intuitive Coaching Mentorship is for you if you are a heart-centered lady who is fully ready to awaken the power of your own inner-wisdom to transform your life into a passionate, fulfilling, and purposeful reality AND you are also already a coach or healer yourself.

You know this is for you if:

  • You want to awaken your intuitive gifts and develop your psychic abilities to change your own life for the better AND your client’s lives too!
  • You know you have some “stuff” (AKA self-sabotaging patterns, energetic blocks, and limiting beliefs) to clear out so you can quantum leap into your ideal reality as the best version of yourself and serve at your highest level possible (and receive all of your deepest dreams and desires in return!).
  • You’re REALLY ready to start living totally in alignment with your Soul’s purpose with Passion and Confidence.
  • You have done a good amount of personal development already and take your spiritual evolution seriously… but not too seriously.  ; )

If this sounds like you, then learn more about the profound benefits of working privately with me by clicking below!

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