Sacred Soul Retreat

Hello Beauty!

The time has come! You’ve been calling this divine experience in… You’ve been desiring nourishment, rejuvenation, spiritual connection, clarity, healing, release, expansion into your purpose, and a delicious deep dive into the exquisite beauty and truth of your own sacred soul.

You’ve been praying for a magical experience where time and space are suspended so you can drop fully into the brilliance and radiance of your soul and expand your life, mission, prosperity, spirituality, and relationships with alignment, joy, peace, pleasure, and holy power.

This is the Sacred Soul Retreat

We will laugh, cry, be deeply nourished, connect in the most delightful ways, dance our hearts wide open, do powerful alchemy via Kundalini Yoga and Sacred Priestess Ceremonies, and invoke all the goodness and magic you’ve been desiring. I have even invited two of my favorite women to facilitate special workshops to epically expand that magic. Really, words do no justice in describing the quantum-leaping beauty and cosmic openings that are about to happen at this retreat.

If we haven’t met yet, I’m Katelyn Edgar, an Intuitive Alchemist, Coach, Healer and Kundalini Yoga teacher. I’m here to help you unite with God, activate your intuitive gifts, serve your Soul’s purpose, and live in the sacred consciousness of Divine Prosperity. I’m so excited and deeply honoured to share this sacred journey with you.



You + Me + Sisterhood + Warm Sunshine = All the miracles & goodness

April 9 – 15, 2018

In Banderas Bay, Mexico

Prepare for a homecoming…
to your soul, to your Self, and to the
Sacred Temple that lives inside of you.


crystal pawlus intuitive mamahood coach

This was the best decision I ever made, joining this container that Katelyn so lovingly and tenderly holds. I am forever grateful to God for bringing her into my life.”

~ Crystal Pawlus, Intuitive Mama’hood Coach




The Sacred Soul Retreat is an invitation to…


Powerfully clear and heal beliefs, fears, wounds, subconscious programs that you KNOW are not aligned with your Truth, have been holding you back, and keeping you feeling stuck, scared, and small (agh! so frustrating!). Finally come into clarity around those pieces that have made you feel foggy and in the dark – whether it’s around your purpose, next step in life, work or relationship, etc. This experience will open you to the clarity you long for.


Activate and align with your sacred soul frequencies, your greatest potential, your intuitive knowing, and your highest purpose and destiny.


Embody your soul’s essence, your higher self, and the truth and brilliance of what and who you REALLY are. Fully BE the incredible woman you know deep down you are, but have felt disconnected from. Be empowered in your desires and your truth, and root down into your greatness as a divine woman of this Golden Age.


Rest and let go of stress and worry. Let your body and mind unwind completely so you can access your intuitive knowing and be revitalized completely. Allow tension to melt away. Be rejuvenated and restored with sacred light codes, vibrancy, and the energy of your own soul.


Be deeply nourished on every level – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Have the space to nurture yourself (and be nurtured in sisterhood) deeply. This is about that deep connection to yourself that leaves you feeling so light and loved.



This experience is open to anyone who identifies as a woman, and the women who say yes to this experience are powerful, magical, devoted, heart-centered, supremely gifted, and totally Divine.

sisterhood at sacred soul retreat by katelyn edgar

This is the Truth I know about you:

You LOVE the gift of receiving aligned support.

You’re a spiritual healer, leader, or entrepreneur devoted to making the world a better place.

You’re ready to open to the next-level magic & beauty you desire.

You’re message-driven, mission-driven, and on the verge of expansion.

You want to be NOURISHED, and you want your presence to be NOURISHING.

You KNOW things always work out in the most magical ways for you.

You’re ready to settle into the good sweet life of fulfillment, peace, and service to God.


sandra suarez dominguez

Katelyn has helped me step into a version of myself I would have never even seen if I had not joined. If you feel you are being led to take this journey, take it! It is a complete life changer!”

~ Sandra Dominguez, Intuitive Life Coach and Healer



sacred ceremony by katelyn edgar at mexico retreat


This is more than “just” a retreat…

It is a Sacred Temple and MASSIVE opening. 

The transformations, healing, expansion, and shifts that come from this retreat will open you to your deepest, truest desires and bring you into the sacredness of all things. It is absolutely LIFE-CHANGING.


Here’s what your retreat registration includes:

  • 6 nights accommodation in a private, beautiful, contained retreat space.
  • 3 delicious and nourishing vegetarian meals a day for each full day, plus dinner on arrival day and breakfast on departure day.
  • 2+ Kundalini Yoga & Meditation classes each day for massive alchemy. This experience is hugely powered by the sacred technology and teachings of Kundalini Yoga (as taught by Yogi Bhajan), both during and after the retreat.
  • Sacred Priestess Ceremonies to ignite your power as a priestess and support your expansion.
  • Powerful Work/Playshops by Katelyn and special guests on Divine Prosperity, deepening into your intuitive gifts, soul, and purpose, ecstatic dance, your sacred money archetype, boundaries for easeful success, vibrational sound journeying, and more.
  • Plenty of free time to chill, rest, read, journal, and unwind however you’d like.
  • So many other magical surprises and beautiful experiences. ;)


Meet our special guests facilitating powerful workshops and ceremonies:

allison braun Business & Lifestyle Success Coach

Allison Braun is affectionately known by her clients as “the Queen of Ease.” As a former sexual expression mentor turned Business & Lifestyle Success Coach, she now helps passionate, successful business owners let go of the pressure to hustle, push and force in order to succeed. Instead, she supports them in expanding into even more success with ease, flow and enjoyment.

Sacred Money Archetype Assessment
Identify energetic (and money) leaks causing you to work harder than you need to, and learn what to do about them so you can step more into your purpose while being financially supported.

Next Level Boundaries for Fulfilling Success With Ease
To reach your next-level goals, whatever they are, you need to set AND hold loving boundaries in every area of your life. This workshop will support you in exploring which boundaries you’re neglecting, how that’s contributing to more challenge, and how to put them in place and uphold them for more ease and success in your life.


renee mclachlan ecstatic dance EFT

Renee McLachlan is an Ecstatic Dance facilitator, EFT practitioner, Sexuality coach, and musician. She loves to serve people who yearn to unconditionally love and accept themselves, deeply connect to their body, and experience the full expression of their soul.

Ecstatic Dance Ceremony
In this workshop, we ground into your heart’s true nature and tune into the body’s wisdom. As we flow, shake, and release like a wave, you will feel yourself expanding into your power. Experience your authentic movement as medicine.

Vibrational Sound Journey
A sound journey into the depths of your being. This is a time to soften and surrender to the natural and intelligent flow of energy in yourself. You will receive sacred vibrations channeled from the Divine through voice, drum, and rattle.


Sally Mercedes sacred artist

Sally Mercedes is a Sacred Artist, Healer, and Creative Director. As a singer, writer, business coach, spiritual teacher, and loving soul, Sally is on a mission to reclaim all things in life as sacred and to help others do the same, especially through their work, creativity, and expression.

The Power of Learning From Pleasure
This workshop is all about pleasure and what it means to learn from pleasure (hint: it’s not about avoiding pain). Embracing pleasure as a spiritual teacher allows you to experience God in all things and provides a powerful lens and access point for reflection, integration, and healing.

Pleasure Healing Ceremony
Use the powerful and sacred medicine of pleasure to heal ancestral wounds and unsupportive patterns, and to restore your unique connection to the Divine. This is a sensory and sensual experience that brings God into your body so that you can do the “deep work” in a way that feels really, REALLY good.



And, because this transformation is so powerful, I’m also including tremendous support leading up to, and after our retreat:

  • 3 group mastermind calls offering a mix of masterminding, group energy clearings, Priestess activations and transmissions, and so much more. We’ll have a call at the beginning of April before the retreat, and the others in May.
  • 40-Day Kundalini Yoga practice to support your integration back home and continued elevation. You will receive a recorded instructional video to follow along to.
  • private Facebook group for co-creation and connection, before and after your experience.


Note that your retreat registration does not include:

  • Travel to Mexico.
  • Shuttle service to the retreat location.


Here’s a little more about where we’re staying…

mexico retreat sacred soul katelyn edgar

Our retreat house is located in Banderas Bay, Mexico. The nearest airport is in Puerto Vallarta, about 40 minutes away. Other nearby towns include Punta Mita and Sayulita.

The house has beach access, a swimming pool, a large tropical garden, and a meditation hideaway. It’s stunning.


Now all you need to do is choose your room!

Private room with ocean view ~ Single payment of $4,300 OR 3 payments of $1,566

This room in the main house has a king-size bed and includes an ensuite bathroom with shower, a patio with ocean and garden views, air conditioning, and wireless internet.

Private room with garden view ~ Single payment of $4,200 OR 3 payments of $1,533

This room in the casita has a king-size bed and includes an ensuite bathroom with shower, a patio facing the garden, a small kitchen, air conditioning, and wireless internet.

Private room ~ Single payment of $4,000 OR 3 payments of $1,466

This room in the main house has a queen-size bed and includes an ensuite bathroom with shower, air conditioning, and wireless internet.

Shared room ~ Single payment of $3,800 OR 3 payments of $1,400

These rooms are located in the main house or casita, and all include air-conditioning. Depending on the room, you might also have a patio, deck, ensuite bathroom, kitchen area, or wireless internet.



If you need to cancel for any reason, this experience is transferable: you can send a friend or family member to the retreat in your place. The ONLY way to receive a refund is if we can find a person to fill your spot; in that case, we will refund the amount paid minus a $250 administration fee. This retreat is non-refundable if you cancel and nobody fills your spot.


This retreat will be one of those experiences that changes you for the rest of your life, in the best of ways. I can hardly wait. :)


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peta panos crafted coaching

If you are a priestess, spiritually minded coach or healer wanting to make sense of the higher realms so you can ground your dreams into reality, look no further. My soul guided me to Katelyn and I am still overjoyed that I said YES. Her love knows no bounds, and her radiance Divine.

I will be eternally grateful for the love, healing and Sacred Sisterhood I received through the year and beyond. As an energy alchemist, Kundalini Yoga has been a game changer, and Katelyn is an incredible teacher. Every bit of this year has been a God-send. If you are sitting on the fence, take the leap of faith, your heart knows!”

~ Peta Panos, Soulful business mentor & Prosperity Ascension way-shower


sally mercedes sacred business partner

“I have had the pleasure of attending not one but two of Katelyn’s retreats, and they are truly stunning. These retreats are pure, powerful containers, and the space Katelyn holds is unmatched. The transformation is instant, and yet the impact of our ceremonies is still with me today, continuing to work its magic on me.

I am so grateful for the gift of Kundalini Yoga (which I first experienced at Katelyn’s retreat, and is truly a gift that keeps on giving), and the memory of evening giggles with such dear sisters still makes me smile.

I honor myself for saying yes to this opportunity and showing up. There is nothing quite like this experience. And thank you, Katelyn. What a supreme blessing!”

~ Sally Mercedes, Sacred Business Partner & Creative Director


tyla fowler

There are no adequate words to describe the magic that Katelyn Edgar and this container have facilitated in my life. Before joining, I had already invested a huge amount of money in my personal growth, and I was fairly sure that I didn’t want to invest more. Within our first call, I completely changed my mind and got a glimpse of what my life would feel like if all this personal growth mumbo-jumbo I’d invested so heavily in turned out to be true. I felt myself – fully embodied as the woman I aspire to be. 

Every moment has been as transformational as that very first call. Katelyn has supported me so fully in opening up: to my own power, to the power of source, to the magic that is all around me all the time. She’s held me as I released beliefs that were severely limiting my growth and my happiness. She’s held the space for me to expand farther than I ever thought possible and to embody the energy I want to hold.”

~ Tyla Fowler, Intuitive Clarity & Creation Coach

gabriela brunner

Katelyn is an angel on Earth. Her support and love are just incredible. The passion she brings to her work is truly unmatched. She guides you, supports you, loves you, and challenges you to step into all that you were meant to be. And, she doesn’t let you give up because she SEES you in a way you have never been seen before. And not only did I get Katelyn, but I got a group of soul sisters that I love and that love me more than I ever thought possible. We’ve known each other our whole lives, even though we only “met” a few months ago.

If you are searching for that missing piece, if you know you are meant to do and be more, if you desire to feel unconditional love and support, then Angels of Intuition is for you. You are in for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!”

~ Gabriela Brunner, Career Transition and Intuitive Coach

rachel fishman

“My experience working with Katelyn has been at the very least… life changing! I was drawn to working with Katelyn through her devotion and commitment to my success and her desire to fully support me in making my dreams come true. With her guidance, I have been able to fully discover and claim my intuitive gifts, and learn the beautiful art of Intuitive Coaching (and much, much more)!

Without Katelyn and this sisterhood, I would have never imagined my life in the way that it is today. Her unwavering support, and her ability for her to hold sacred space for my growth and healing through the triumphs and successes, the scary times and the times where I was feeling low, have enabled me to keep going on this incredible journey and not give up. If anyone is looking to transform their life, become their truest and highest selves, and truly discover their own unique gifts to share with the world… look no further than Katelyn Edgar. She is the real deal!”

~ Rachel Fishman, Intuitive Graphic Designer and Brand Advisor



Your leader in alchemy & magic

katelyn edgar intuitive alchemistKatelyn Edgar is an Intuitive Alchemist, Coach, and Healer. She’s a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and the founder of Angels of Alchemy, the Intuitive Coaching School, and Divine Prosperity™.

Through her work, she helps men and women unite with God, activate their intuitive gifts, serve their Soul’s purpose, and live in the sacred consciousness of Divine Prosperity.

Several years ago, Katelyn began consciously creating her current life. She worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, manifestation, energy medicine and healing, quantum physics, reiki, psychology, and the power of aligning the subconscious mind with Divine Truth. Now, Katelyn has not only created a successful and impactful business, but also has a lifestyle she absolutely loves with the freedom and fulfillment she always desired.

Katelyn takes great pleasure in helping people come fully into their power, strengthen their container to better serve their purpose, discover and activate the next level of their gifts, learn about the sacred consciousness of Divine Prosperity and how to live and create from that space, experience Divinity within themselves and express it through their work and lives, activate their soul frequency in the human body (and manifest it in the earthly world), and remove any conditioning, patterns, and programs getting in the way of them having their most divine life.

Join her sacred and sparkly community on Facebook, “~ Intuitive Co-Creators ~” to be connected with an amazing group of heart-centered women supporting each other to co-create their dreams and serve in a way that is truly fulfilling.


Katelyn Edgar