Pre Session Form

Hi love! Please fill out this form the day before (at least 24 hours in advance is preferable) each private coaching session to update me regarding what's feeling like the highest priority in your world and help you get your thoughts organized and intentions clear so we can make the most of our precious time together. Remember everything is connected so it's not that we'll be neglecting anything, this simply brings awareness to what to touch on FIRST. The more clear and specific you can be with me the better. This will help me to be better prepared for you, and to ensure that you get the most out of our time together. Any questions you don't want to answer, just SKIP them. The ones with an asterisk are the only mandatory questions. Be sure to bookmark the link so you have quick access to it. I'm looking forward to hearing your voice soon! Love Always, Katelyn <3
  • (What are you celebrating and honouring yourself for right now? What do you deeply desire? What are you really grateful for right now?)
  • (How would you most love the energy of this call to support you? What would you most like to receive from this session?)

Katelyn Edgar