Hello and welcome, beauty! <3

First off, let’s take a moment to celebrate how far you’ve already come, everything you’ve already created, and who you already are.

You are truly amazing. You’re already such a success! I invite you to really breathe that it. It’s so important to acknowledge that  especially when we’re in the midst of another uplevel.

I know that even after accomplishing amazing things and quantum leaping into incredible, dreamy realities, when you’re being called to the next level, there can be a lot of feels and edges that pop up.


Maybe you’re feeling:

~ Stagnant, stuck, or lackluster? (and you are NOT interested in living a “meh” life)
~ Fear or uncertainty? (even though you’ve leaped into the unknown before, it doesn’t change the fact that it’s still unknown and you’re still feeling those feels)
~ Moments of doubting your intuition and guidance?
~ Disconnected from your confidence and power to create the changes you desire?
~ Unsure if you’re going to finally make this next leap happen? (even though you know deep down it’s really the only option, this is your purpose after all  you’re ready for it, like, yesterday)


Are you also desiring:

~ Increased prosperity and income to support your new vision and desires?
~ To feel that passion for your purpose and life RE-IGNITED?
~ To really FEEL that vibrancy of being in your power as a conscious creator again?
~ An even deeper spiritual connection (and maybe you feel a new intuitive gift surfacing in you too  exciting!)?
~ To really LAND in this new reality you’ve been given the vision for?


Well sister, I’ve got great news for you (a reminder)… you’re in a really good place! Even though things feel a bit scary or unclear right now, you’re recreating yourself  again! That’s exciting.

And the support you’ve been calling in  to finally get where you want to go  has arrived. You are ready and the time is now. (Hallelujah!)


So let’s talk about where you’re at and what it looks like to get where you want to go…

~ been in business for a good while
~ filled programs
~ got the structure and strategies down
~ had awesome success on your terms (yay you!)
~ done some amazing quantum leaping over the years
~ experienced what the magic of consciously co-creating a new reality with Spirit feels like
~ invested significantly into yourself personally and professionally before, and you deeply value the opportunity to put that kind of energy (money, time, care) into your growth and life/biz expansion

None of this is new to you.

And now… You are ready for what your soul is now calling you into. You’re ready for your next level…

Next-level prosperity, wealth, and income… so you can add to your savings, start a heart project, increase your contribution to causes that call to you, and create a more solid foundation for your future and family.

Next-level intuitive gifts and soul service… so you can feel more confident and passionate about the work you do, be more fulfilled, and help others even more powerfully.

Next-level creative alchemy and dream actualization… so you can feel capable and inspired to GROUND and ACT on that that big vision your soul has given you with more grace, pleasure, and joy.

Next-level power to create change for yourself personally AND the planet at large… you’ve been given a vision for yourself and the Earth, and not only do you believe transformation is possible (you’ve lived it first-hand and you understand it’s power and importance), but you know that directing your energy to bring these sacred visions to life is what you’re here on the planet to do.

And while you’re ready for all of this, you desire support to help you move past the doubts and fears into clarity and confidence swiftly and graciously…

Someone who can support you through the alchemy and transformation you’re undergoing while holding a steadfast mirror of your Truth… who you really are, why you’re really here, and your own True magnificence. Someone who’s been there and come through the other side (many times!), who will support you in this, powerfully and lovingly.

And that’s why you’ve been drawn to this sacred space. :)

I’m here to help you activate and embody this next-level version of yourself and your life and work that you’ve been feeling emerging.

You already know that at the very core, what you really need is to get fully ALIGNED with your next level soul vision and EMBODIED in the frequency it holds. While it’s simple, it’s also a radical alchemical process and having someone who’s tuned-in to support you in all of this is what makes the journey a magical JOY.

This is why I created the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship. This is a sacred 8-month container filled with magic, love, and support to move you through this radical inner and outer transformation with as much ease, grace, and beauty as possible.



In the Intuitive Alchemy Mentorship, we will move through the 7 Steps to Alchemical Dream Creation to support you in the journey of seeing your vision in your mind’s eye to it being CREATED IN FORM.

You know this big up-level you’ve been feeling?

Well, I see these up-levels as “whole being illuminations,” and by going through these 7 steps (which aren’t at all linear, btw) we do the required inner work, play, and alchemy to shift your personal vibration causing you to BECOME the person you need to BE to take the actions you need to take to bring your dream to life.



We’ll also be activating a new intuitive gift in you. I’ll be supporting you in utilizing and serving this new gift in your work (this could look like doing transmissions or activations, channeling and communicating with divine spirits, and/or a unique style of healing from your specific soul, for example  whatever gift your soul is calling you to activate next is what we’ll work with and focus on).



And, we’ll work with the frequency, principles, and philosophy of Divine Prosperity™. This is an ancient, sacred consciousness that I work with and transmit. Divine Prosperity brings you into your next level of true fulfillment and actualized abundance.


Together, we will focus on moving you into:

  • Deeper alignment and fulfillment with your soul service and purpose
  • Increased income, wealth, and financial flow
  • Greater impact and contribution towards the Earth and Her children
  • Fuller embodiment and presence to your holy body-temple
  • Alignment, embodiment, and integration of your next-level, human evolution, and soul expansion
  • Landing in the version of yourself and your life that you’ve been feeling and are SO ready for
  • The implementation of any new boundaries to support you in your new embodiment
  • Strengthened connection to God and your Higher Self to give you even more trust, confidence, clarity, and a solid sense of peace and wellbeing in your life and work


This is a high-end, intimate 1:1 mentorship with me to support your whole being illumination and overall life, purpose, and prosperity up-level.

In this powerful 8-month alchemical container you will receive everything you need to powerfully create the new iteration of you, like:

~ 1:1 coaching sessions including a VIP Deep Dive to kick things off and Intuitive Alchemy Sessions throughout the whole mentorship
~ Two Activations: one “Intuitive Gift Activation” and one “Divine Prosperity™ Activation” (these are SUPER powerful)
~ Email support for quick alignment shifts
~ Powerful energetic support including energy work when desired

And these bonuses:
~ Access to my Divine Prosperity program content
~ Access to the Strengthening the Aura ~ 40 Day Kriya and other Kundalini Yoga & Meditation videos in my client archive
~ Other fancy things that are a surprise so I can’t tell you yet ;)

intuitive alchemy mentorship with katelyn edgar


Before filling out your application, know that I only want the absolute best for you, and I want to honour where each person is at in their journey.


This particular Mentorship is NOT for you if:
– Making a significant financial investment into your personal and professional transformation doesn’t align with your values or doesn’t feel like the correct next step for you. (It might feel scary, and that’s normal, but it will also feel like the right next guided step if this is meant for you.)

– You’re not prioritizing giving back and contributing to global harmonization. (Global harmonization is one of my core values and it’s very important that the people I work with are aligned with this.)

– You want me to help you with business structure, strategy, copy, or implementing practical biz things (this is not my zone of genius – intuitive gift development, energetics, prosperity consciousness, telepathy, and soul alignment and embodiment are my jam and while these pieces are what I believe are most key, you’ve also got to have the practical things covered to thrive).

– You’ve not yet reached significant financial success in your business. (Of course the definition of success is personal, but if you’ve not yet had your big breakthrough financially, this mentorship isn’t going to best serve you right now.)

– You don’t value celebrating, laughter, pleasure, and play AT LEAST as much as you value shadow work, looking at the tough things, and doing the scary but necessary things. (With me, we’ll do both, and as much as I value the deep work, I value PLAY. I want to have FUN with you!)

– You don’t take full personal responsibility.

– I’ll show up 110% to support you as a strong guide, hold you in your Truth and light, and support you in actualizing your dreams and vision, but I can’t (and won’t) make you do the work, listen to your guidance, take the guided steps, etc. You are your own authority, always.


If reading the above points further confirms for you that you’re in the right place, know this…

You’re ready for this, sister. Truly. It’s time. (Eeee!) :D Your next step is to click the button below to apply for a complimentary Intuitive Breakthrough Session with me where we will tap into your soul’s vision for your next chapter, get to know each other, and see if you’re a fit for this mentorship. Upon application approval, I’ll get in touch with you to set up your session.




allison braun living richly

“Katelyn started off as one of my dear clients, and turned into a dear friend and now also great teacher, spiritual guide and gift activator for me. As I’ve gotten to know her, and witnessed her gifts over the years (not to mention observing how coaching her helped ME grow and naturally activated my gifts!), it became clear that hiring her was an important next step in my journey and work.

I’ve always been pretty in touch with my intuition, however working with Katelyn allowed me to refine and clarify my intuitive gifts AND activate new gifts. Most recently I received/activated the gift of doing cellular activations while in one of Katelyn’s Intuitive Gift Activation Ceremonies. I was able to quickly apply that to my clients and community, allowing me to provide even better results for my clients than ever before. *As a bonus it also added an easy additional income stream as a new offering. Even more importantly, working with her supports me in expanding more and more into my fullest potential and to do what I’m most here on earth to do.

Being around Katelyn is powerful enough, but working with her 1×1 is a thousand times more powerful. It’s allowed me to access and trust my intuition in an even deeper way, meaning all my choices and actions are easier in my business everyday AND I’m an even more powerful coach and mentor with more confidence and clarity in my gifts and abilities.

~ Allison Braun, Business & Life Success Coach + founder of Living Richly™



sally mercedes sacred business partner

“Working with Katelyn in ANY capacity is a gift beyond words. I have now had the pleasure of receiving her guidance and support in a variety of ways (1:1, small group sessions, retreats, and her Divine Prosperity course), and every container has been unique and powerful. I am always amazed at the results I receive, and how easy and joyful the experience can be.

Katelyn has supported me through some major stuff: releasing past life traumas, following my guidance to shut down my business after five years of diligent work, clarifying and grounding the next-level version of my gifts, creating a new business that’s already wildly more successful than the last one, deepening my romantic partnership and supporting his alchemy and growth, exploring my truest experience of prosperity, and on and on.

After years of working with many teachers and mentors, Katelyn is still one of my primary sources of sisterhood and support. I love everything about her and the light and magic she brings into my life.

If you are feeling called to work with Katelyn, I HIGHLY recommend it. Her presence is a blessing I hope everyone has the pleasure of receiving.

~ Sally Mercedes, Spiritual Business Guide + founder of Reclaim Sacred™



If you are a priestess, spiritually-minded coach or healer wanting to make sense of the higher realms so you can ground your dreams into reality, look no further. My soul guided me to Katelyn and I am still overjoyed that I said YES. Her love knows no bounds, and her radiance Divine.

I will be eternally grateful for the love, healing and Sacred Sisterhood I received through the year and beyond. As an energy alchemist, Kundalini Yoga has been a game changer, and Katelyn is an incredible teacher. Every bit of this year has been a God-send. If you are sitting on the fence, take the leap of faith, your heart knows!

~ Peta Panos, Soulful business mentor & Prosperity Ascension way-shower



Katelyn is an Intuitive Alchemist™, Coach, Healer & Mentor. She’s a Kundalini Yoga Teacher and the founder of the Intuitive Coaching School, the Angels of Intuition Sisterhood, and Divine Prosperity™. Katelyn’s passion is to help others break free from fears and self-sabotage, tap into their own intuitive gifts, connect to God, and fully serve their Soul’s highest purpose. 

A handful of years ago Katelyn began intentionally creating her current life. She worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, manifestation, energy medicine and healing, quantum physics, reiki, psychology and the power of programming the subconscious mind for success. Now, Katelyn has not only created a very successful business, but also has the life of connection, time, and freedom she always desired.

Today Katelyn takes great pleasure in passing her wisdom and knowledge onto others so they can experience and facilitate profound and miraculous transformations and truly align with, and serve, their Soul’s purpose with passion and confidence.

Join Katelyn’s beautiful community on Facebook, “~ Intuitive Co-Creators ~” to be connected with an amazing group of heart-centered women supporting each other to co-create their dreams.


Katelyn Edgar