Hey Beautiful,

I’m guessing you’ve been looking for a way to make a great living that doesn’t require you to spend your precious time doing things that you don’t really want to be doing, in places you don’t really want to be, with people you don’t really want to be with. You’ve been looking for a fulfilling career that allows you to help people you absolutely adore, in really profound and beautiful ways… using your unique divine gifts… and that also gives you the time and financial freedom you’ve always wanted. 

I’m also guessing you’ve been feeling a little (maybe a lot??) alone on your journey and a little (or a lot??) lost when it comes to figuring out HOW to ground your big dream here in this physical realm. 


I’ve been there, sister.  And here’s what I know for sure… 

As a highly intuitive Soul, you’ve been guided here for a very divine purpose. I know, on a deep Soul level, that you’re meant to live a prosperous, aligned, inspired life and that you DO have the power within you to help so many people… as an Intuitive Coach, as a Leader, as a Healer, and ultimately, as a modern-day Priestess. I also know that the power of having a sisterhood to support you along your journey is going to be what makes the magic inside of you really come to life. 


So, my love…

Are you ready now to co-create a magical, beautiful, brilliant life for yourself with the Divine?

Are you ready to bring God, Spirit, and intuition into your life AND your career as an Intuitive Coach?

Are you ready to be supported by an amazing sisterhood of like-minded, like-hearted women who are also on this path of divine service?

Are you ready to fully embody the radiant and gifted Priestess you truly are?

Are you ready to open up to prosperity, make amazing money, and receive total freedom through serving your Soul’s purpose?

Are you ready for a life far beyond what you’ve imagined up to now?

Everything in your life has been orchestrated by the Divine and has led you up to this:

The moment when you choose to let go of the crap that’s been keeping you stuck and instead say YES to your amazing self, YES to your epic dreams, and YES to owning the infinite power and love that’s within you.


And, you’re in just the right place…




Angels of Intuition is an intimate, powerful, and mind-blowingly beautiful Sisterhood, Mastermind, and Intuitive Coaching certification program. It’s designed to take you from sick and tired of struggling and feeling stuck to (finally!) breaking free and leaping into the life you’ve been dreaming of… as an Intuitive Coach, as an empowered Healer, and as a fully embodied Priestess.



In the sacred container of this sisterhood you will be guided through the very powerful and transformational process of my Intuitive Coaching School plus so much more. You’ll receive the profound support of true Soul Sisters, 1 x 1 mentoring from me, a safe container to activate and share your Soul’s greatest gifts, monthly mastermind calls, two divine virtual retreats, AND to top it all off we are all going to Mexico for the most transformative and magical retreat of your life!




I created Angels of Intuition because there was a time, not long ago, when I was sick and tired of working at a job that didn’t light my Soul right up. I was so frustrated that I wasn’t allowed to take time off whenever I wanted. I was even more frustrated that even if I could get time off, I wasn’t making enough money to travel to the places I wanted. I was so done with living a mediocre existence. I knew I was meant to be doing something big with my life and I knew I wanted to help people in really meaningful ways. 

When I was finally ready for change, I met my first coach and she told me she could teach me how to become a coach too – she saw my true potential and knew she could help me get to where I wanted to go. At first I was hesitant because I didn’t know if I was ready (I still didn’t have my own “stuff” totally figured out yet) but my intuition was telling me I had to do this… So I leaped! 

I was scared sh*tless but at the same time… incredibly excited! Now I finally had someone to take me under their wing, help me transform the self-sabotage and limiting patterns that were keeping me stuck, guide me to activate my gifts and finally, I had someone to show me how to create a life and career I was in love with… as an Intuitive Coach. Now, I get to work with clients (who are total Soul Sisters), I create my own schedule, and I make more money than I ever used to imagine was possible for me. I’m truly free. And it feels SO GOOD!

I support my (seriously amazing) clients to let go of their fears, clear their subconscious blocks, and bust through those pesky limiting beliefs so they can step fully into their light as intuitives, coaches, and healers. You will experience your own profound transformation leading you to fully embody your Soul’s purpose and receive the tools and guidance to become a successful Intuitive Coach yourself. This program offers a way for you to quantum leap into a fulfilling, purposeful and FREE life of joy and high divine service. 


You know Angels of Intuition is for you if you…

  • Are ready to deepen your connection with God, the Divine, and activate your intuitive and psychic gifts so each life step you take is guided, inspired and aligned with your Soul’s highest purpose.
  • Desire radical, love-filled guidance to have a huge, miraculous transformation in your own life and learn how to do the same for others.
  • Want the freedom to live (and travel!) wherever you want while running your own successful heart-centered coaching/healing business at the same time.
  • Want to become a confident and powerful Intuitive Coach and healer OR you are a coach or healer already and are now ready to further tap into your intuitive gifts.
  • Have a deep desire to be of the highest service in our world and make unlimited (yes – UNLIMITED!) amounts of money in exchange for sharing your divine gifts.
  • Want deep meaningful connections with a sisterhood of beautiful women who are also embarking on this journey of making their dreams come true.
  • Would love, love, LOVE to go on the trip of a lifetime to the tropics with me and your sisters (who doesn’t want that?!).
  • Have done a lot of deep healing on yourself already and even though you might still have some “stuff” to work through, you know you’re SO ready to step fully into your potential and power and serve the way you’re meant to.
  • Are ready to take full ownership of your life and do the work (and play!) to make it all happen.


You will learn things like how to…

  • Read energy and identify the root of energetic blocks and limiting beliefs in yourself and others.
  • Clearly channel angels and spirits.
  • Reprogram your own and your clients’ subconscious mind for success and lasting change. 
  • Use intuition for miraculous healing and for seeing past lives and the future.
  • Quantum leap into your dream reality and confidently know how to guide another to do the same. 
  • Preform sacred ceremonies.
  • Deliver your gifts to the world in a way that makes a huge impact and feels authentic.


So sister, are you feeling the magic? Does this all sound like exactly what your Soul has been guiding you to? I know how you feel… I was overjoyed when I learned that all of this was possible for me too. And now, what was once only a possibility in my mind, has become my reality. 

If you’re ready to fully commit to your dream of becoming an Intuitive Coach you can absolutely have all of this too! Your next step is to apply for a complimentary Intuitive Breakthrough Session with me to see if Angels of Intuition is a perfect fit for you. 



My transformations started before I even enrolled in Angels of Intuition. During our Breakthrough Session, Katelyn helped me get clear on exactly what I am meant to do on this Earth. It was so moving that I had tears and goosebumps throughout the entire session. I knew in my heart and in my soul that I had to be a part of this program, even though I didn’t fully know what I was about to step into. For a split second I was nervous about the investment but my heart and soul were shouting in a way I hadn’t really experienced before (This is it! This is exactly what you’ve been looking for! Don’t worry about the money, you are always supported!) and when I could no longer hear the fear, I said yes. Actually, it was more like YES!!!!!!!! And it’s been exactly the blessing my soul knew it would be.

Katelyn is an angel on Earth. Her support and love are just incredible. The passion she brings to her work is truly unmatched. She guides you, supports you, loves you, and challenges you to step into all that you were meant to be. And, she doesn’t let you give up because she SEES you in a way you have never been seen before. And not only did I get Katelyn, but I got a group of soul sisters that I love and that love me more than I ever thought possible. We’ve known each other our whole lives, even though we only “met” a few months ago.

If you are searching for that missing piece, if you know you are meant to do and be more, if you desire to feel unconditional love and support, then Angels of Intuition is for you. I can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into our sacred sisterhood. You are in for one of the most beautiful experiences of your life!

Gabriela Brunner, Career Transition and Intuitive Coach


And this, my love, is our retreat location... We'll be staying at our own (gorgeous!!) private luxury resort in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Can you say DIVINE?! And this, my love, is our retreat location… Our own (gorgeous!!) private luxury resort in Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Like I said… SIMPLY. DIVINE. ;)


Joining Angels of Intuition Means You will Receive…

    • Love-filled guidance and 1 x 1 mentoring from yours truly.
    • An incredibly supportive, sacred, and oh-so-sparkly sisterhood of women who are also spirit-loving, heart-centered, and totally devoted to serving their Soul’s highest purpose (no more feeling alone on this journey, sister).
    • Step by step training, through the Intuitive Coaching School, to become a successful Intuitive Coach confidentially guiding your own clients through lasting transformations (hello impact, money, time, travel, and FREEDOM!).
    • A secret Facebook group for us all to stay super close and connected in and where you can give and receive support and share miraculous celebrations with your sweet sisters.
    • Regular energy work and ceremonial support from me to help make your transformation as beautiful and graceful as can be. 
    • Mastermind calls with your sisters and I to tap into the collective group consciousness and co-create your dreams.
    • Two divine virtual retreats which will hold our opening and closing ceremonies… among other things. ;)
    • An absolutely dreamy retreat to Mexico with your sisters because well… we all know you LOVE to travel and this dream of yours wouldn’t be complete without some white sand and turquoise water! 


I’m here to guide you through the darkness and into the light with your spiritual support system and a brilliant sisterhood, to connect you with the infinite magic and potential you hold within. You are strong enough, brilliant enough, powerful enough, and more than ready to fully receive the life that’s been waiting for you. Let’s do this sister! Apply for an Intuitive Breakthrough Session so we can get to know each other a bit more and see if Angels of Intuition is meant for you.



“Before I began working with Katelyn in her Intuitive Coaching School I was stuck on how to really tap in to the awesome intuitive gifts we all have but may not know about or how to use them. I was also hesitant to make the financial commitment! After going through the program, I have found this amazing connection to God and the universe and beyond and I started working with my first paying clients before the program even finished!

Katelyn was so great at encouraging me to really step out and dive in to my coaching practice and get my career up and running which was a big dream of mine. I am so grateful to have had such an awesome, inspiring and divinely guided coach to teach me on this amazing journey. If you want to take your coaching and intuition to the next level, Katelyn can get you there! I would HIGHLY recommend her; she has amazing tools and is such a clear channel for God. It’s a pure joy working with Katelyn!”

Valerie Langley, Intuitive Coach & Meditation and Manifestation Mentor


Before I started Angels of Intuition I needed guidance on how to be a lightworker in the world and knew this program would help me with just that. You see, Katelyn has the ability to see you as your Higher Self. That person who is the true you.

In my journey with Katelyn and this sisterhood, I’ve learned so much about myself… The blocks, the pain, the hurt, things about myself I never even knew I was carrying around with me and that were keeping me from moving forward. I learned to embrace them and release them. I learned about my spiritual gifts and they have been enhanced, and become stronger and clearer through this journey. I learned how to connect with my own Higher Self and my spiritual team as well as other people’s.

Katelyn has helped me step into a version of myself I would have never even seen if I had not joined Angels of Intuition. If you feel you are being lead to take this journey, take it! It is a complete life changer! You will end up having an incredible support group – soul sisters who will support and inspire you on your journey! These women have become my family, they will encourage you everyday to follow your path, believe in yourself and never give up. I recommend AOI to anyone who is ready to step into their life’s purpose, become their Higher Selves, and help their clients achieve their true soul’s desires. I can never thank Katelyn enough for this beautiful gift. Take this journey! You will not regret it!!

Sandra Dominguez, Intuitive Life Coach and Healer


A divinely guided investment into your dreams and purpose is likely what you need right now in order to shift that stagnant energy you’ve been feeling and move you through your blocks and all that resistance that keeps coming up for you. You making this investment into your purpose is a super powerful way for you to let the whole universe know you are ready for these changes NOW. I know that’s what it took for me to move out of my “stuck-ness” and finally into my manifested dreams. 

You are ready to transform into your Highest Self, but trying to do this all on your own can be really tough and take a lot longer. (I speak from personal experience.) By saying ‘no’ to the guidance and support that’s being offered to you here, there’s a good chance you’ll stay stuck, confused, alone, and frustrated far longer than is necessary. You need to make a change in order for change to happen, right? It’s time to break away from that outdated painful pattern and choose support, joy, love and pleasure instead. You deserve this!!!


This is your path to FREEDOM!


I invite you to trust your intuition and listen to the calling deep inside that led you to this page. It’s your time, beautiful!




There are no adequate words to describe the magic that Katelyn Edgar and Angels of Intuition have facilitated in my life. Before joining, I had already invested a huge amount of money in my personal growth, and I was fairly sure that I didn’t want to invest more. Within our first call, I completely changed my mind and got a glimpse of what my life would feel like if all this personal growth mumbo-jumbo I’d invested so heavily in turned out to be true. I felt myself–fully embodied as the woman I aspire to be. 

Every moment of AOI has been as transformational as that very first call. Katelyn has supported me so fully in opening up: to my own power, to the power of source, to the magic that is all around me all the time. She’s held me as I released beliefs that were severely limiting my growth and my happiness. She’s held the space for me to expand farther than I ever thought possible and to embody the energy I want to hold. 

Katelyn has been an awe-inspiring example of what it means to support others while also truly honoring oneself. She’s incredibly generous with her time and energy as a coach, while also modeling how to hold strong and loving boundaries with clients. She laughs at herself and is incredibly authentic. She has also created a stunning sisterhood. I have never felt so closely connected, so clearly seen, or so fully supported inside a group of women. These women are true angels in my life. They are some of my greatest teachers and without a doubt, some of my dearest friends. 

I could go on forever, and if I had to sum it up, I’d say that if my future clients feel even one ounce of the love and gratitude for me in their lives that I feel for Katelyn Edgar in mine, I’ll feel successful beyond my wildest dreams. I will forever feel the deepest gratitude for Katelyn’s presence, and I will always be honored to call her my Sister.”

Tyla Fowler, Intuitive Guide and Healer

katie_walshWhen I met Katelyn, I never would have called myself an Intuitive. I had a deep desire to explore the healer within myself, but felt like intuition was a gift I didn’t get, something I went to others for. I had just begun exploring coaching and didn’t totally believe in myself. I was on the verge of a huge shift in my career and was scared to take the leap. I was burnt out, mildly depressed, facing difficult issues in my relationships…and through our work together in the ‘Intuitive Coaching School’ and her intimate, intense, and powerful support of me, I shed all of these layers and began to reawaken the intuitive healer I AM!

I am now blossoming in my newfound power and confidence, having great success with my clients, launching a company I’ve dreamed of for years, and living every day happy, free, and connected to the Divine. I am SO grateful and honored to be able to share what Katelyn awoke inside of me with other people. She is a phenomenal coach and mentor, wise and gentle channel, and a caring, compassionate, vibrantly exceptional human being.”

Katie Walsh, Intuitive Healer, Herbalist & Health Coach




Growing up I felt totally paralyzed by stress, anxiety, and perfectionism. Through a journey of deep self-discovery, I began to feel a strong calling to share the beautiful teachings and tools that brought about this transformation. I had absolutely no idea how to share my gifts with the world though. Before I started Angels of Intuition, I felt stuck, and a part of me still felt totally afraid of how other people would react. My soul longed for a support system from people who were doing the kind of work I was being called towards.

After starting AOI, I experienced big change – fast. I started my first online program, Peace and Presence, within one month of the program starting. I immediately felt so loved and supported by Katelyn and my AOI sisters. And, most recently, I fulfilled a dream I did not even know I had.

An aspect of the AOI program is receiving certification as an Intuitive Coach, to use these powerful processes in our own work with others. Honestly though, before the program, I thought the Intuitive Coaching certification would be a great add-on for me, but I doubted whether or not I would actually work as an Intuitive Coach.

Needless to say, after experiencing the magic of Intuitive Coaching, I now feel it is one of my highest callings and feel deeply honored to serve others in this way. I recommend Angels of Intuition to anyone who is feeling the call to show up in the world in a powerful way. Angels of Intuitions will gift you the profound healing, empowerment, and support you need to feel totally confident in your gifts so you can share them with the world without hesitation.”

Meredith McElroy, Intuitive Coach

My experience working with Katelyn in the Angels of Intuition Program has been at the very least…life changing! I was drawn to working with Katelyn through her devotion and commitment to my success and her desire to fully support me in making my dreams come true. With her guidance I have been able to fully discover and claim my intuitive gifts, and learn the beautiful art of Intuitive Coaching (and much, much more!)

Without Katelyn and this sisterhood, I would have never imagined my life in the way that it is today. Her unwavering support, and her ability for her to hold sacred space for my growth and healing through the triumphs and successes, the scary times and the times where I was feeling low, have enabled me to keep going on this incredible journey and not give up. If anyone is looking to transform their life, become their truest and highest selves, and truly discover their own unique gifts to share with the world…look no further than Katelyn Edgar. She is the real deal!

Rachel Fishman, Intuitive Graphic Designer and Brand Advisor



DSC_3133 copy
Katelyn is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and the founder of the Intuitive Coaching School and the Angels of Intuition ~ Sisterhood, Mastermind, & Intuitive Coaching Certification program. She’s an Intuitive Coach & Mentor helping heart-centered women, coaches and healers to break free from fears and self-sabotage, tap into their own intuitive gifts and fully serve their Soul’s highest purpose. 

A handful of years ago Katelyn began intentionally manifesting her current life. She worked extensively with many teachers to learn about intuition, yoga, meditation, manifestation, energy medicine and healing, quantum physics, reiki, psychology and the power of programming the subconscious mind for success. Now, Katelyn has not only created a very successful business through her Intuitive Coaching School, but also has a lifestyle she absolutely loves with the time and freedom she always desired.

Today Katelyn takes great pleasure in passing her wisdom and knowledge onto others who also want to become powerful and confident intuitives, guides and coaches, so they can experience profound and miraculous transformations (for themselves and their clients) and fall head over heels IN LOVE with their lives – fully living their Soul’s purpose with passion and confidence.

Join our sparkly community on Facebook, “~ Intuitive Co-Creators ~” to be connected with an amazing group of heart-centered women supporting each other to co-create their dreams.


Katelyn Edgar