Breakthrough ~ Break Free Session

This is really a FULL WEEK of love-filled support and intuitive healing awesomeness.

I will be reading through your energy to see exactly where you’re block is stemming from (for example: energy you picked up from someone else, a past life pattern you are clearing, an ancestral wound, etc.), and channel exactly what you need in order for you to shift out of your “stuckness”, heal this block, and finally MOVE FORWARD. This week will clear away old stagnant energy and open you back up to feeling inspired, clear, and like YOURSELF again.


A Breakthrough ~ Break Free Session is for you if:Pathway

  • You feel energetically blocked, stuck, or unclear in a specific area of your life (especially around relationship to yourself, your business, another person, and/or God).
  • You know you need someone outside of yourself who is intuitive and tuned-in to help you to understand, heal, and finally BREAKTHROUGH and BREAK FREE from this block once and for all because you’ve been trying on your own and so far… no luck!
  • You are REALLY wanting support and clarity but you don’t feel ready to make an investment into a full coaching package just yet.


What you will receive:

  • Me, doing an intuitive reading and connecting to your Highest Self to gather information and start to clear your energy field before we even talk.
  • A 60 minute phone or Skype session.
  • You and I, getting to the root of the energetic block that’s manifesting this frustrating stuff in your life and that you are SO ready to bust through.
  • Us, going right into your subconscious to REALLY heal and clear this block (guided by intuition) so you can be fully empowered and ready to step into your next chapter with confidence, clarity, and passion.
  • A follow up email from me recapping the call, updating you on any post session messages from your angels and guides, and covering action steps to take as you continue to integrate the healing as you move forward into your next chapter.
  • A recording of your session which has healings encoded into it so every time you listen, you will receive the energy and healing at a whole new level.
  • UNLIMITED email access to me for one week following the call for questions and support as you continue to integrate.

Your investment for this sweet session and week of awesome love-filled support is $350. Once you have made your payment, I will send you an email to book your session. Yay!

I’m Ready!

Here is what other women have to say about their Breakthrough ~ Break Free Sessions:

Taiha-copy2-233x300“Before my session with Katelyn I was struggling with making the leap into starting my own business. I knew I had it in me, I knew I could do it, but there was something holding me back. Like this giant invisible boulder dead centre in the middle of my path that I just couldn’t seem to get around on my own.

As soon as our call began the wisdom just poured through her calm and steady voice as she gently but authoritatively guided me through a fluid series of subconscious exercises.

Within that first week of our session I cut back my hours at work and began designating a set schedule to making my business a reality. It was as if I was finally saying ‘Yes!’ to my own life and the opportunities began falling in my lap immediately.

The momentum I gained after my first session with Katelyn was absolutely priceless, and her gift of intuitive guidance is like nothing I have ever experienced. If you are ready to bust through your blocks and create radical shifts that last then you need Katelyn in your life!”

~ Taiha Perron, Writer & Wellness Advocate


10897917_913864208654332_8856639474228877763_n“If I had to choose one word to describe Katelyn’s intuitive session that one word would be a combination of amazing, awesome, phenomenal, wonderful, magnificent and any other word that makes you feel exhilarated. These words really don’t do my experience any justice.

Any time a person encounters the Divine, then words become useless because you simply can’t describe an experience like this. The most precious and most beautiful part of my session was my encounter with my younger self. Wow! Katelyn is truly gifted at what she does, but you will have to experience it for yourself to understand the power behind this experience. I am so grateful and blessed to have had this opportunity to transform my way of being in the world. Thank you Katelyn and be blessed my dear!”

~ Jane Green

I’m Ready!


Katelyn Edgar