I’ll be the first to admit it… I have definitely been guilty for “trying” to manifest by saying affirmations and setting intentions in a forced disconnected way and you know what? It doesn’t work and it does’t feel good. “Trying” to manifest our big awesome dreams sucks! It’s not fun and it’s WAY too hard!

I shot this really straight-to-the-point video to give you the KEY piece for your manifestation process. I’m sharing with you my number one most POWERFUL secret Jedi ninja tactic for manifesting your BIG dreams. And yes, I stand behind this 110%! 🙂

I know there are lots of tips and tools for manifestation out there but this one tip is what will make ALL the difference for you. It will take you from frustrated, overwhelmed, and just barely having hope to feeling empowered, clear, and totally confident as you manifest your dreams and desires. Trust me.

Click the image below to check out my video and learn my #1 Most Powerful Manifestation Tip!

So…remember to ask for assistance before you even start your affirmations, intentions, and visualizations! Asking for help from God (the BRILLIANT Creator of this miraculous universe) is a REALLY SMART idea and is KEY to manifesting your BIG dreams. Plus, it will make this a way more FUN and JOYFUL process for you too! This is truly co-creation at it’s finest! 🙂

Now, I’m curious, was this the Divine reminder that you needed to hear? I’m also curious about what your favourite manifestation tips are! Share your love and ninja tactic manifestation tips with me in the comments below! <3

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 Love Always,

Katelyn <3