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So you know how sometimes we can get caught up in the drama and stresses of life? Well today, I want to remind you that the life you are living could end at any given time. Seriously! There are no guaranteed tomorrows. So remember to practice being present and love every moment of your life you possibly can!

Remember that every moment of your life is PRECIOUS.

These are the “rules” that I live by. As long as I am following these guidelines, things are flowing beautifully in my life. Enjoy!

My Top Tips to Loving Life & Living Free:

  1. Find HUMOR in chaos.
  2. Look for the BEAUTY in the muck.
  3. DANCE!
  4. HONOUR your amazing body.
  5. Have FUN!
  6. Make sure the people in your life REALLY know how much you love them.
  7. Understand that ALL people and experiences that come into your life are there for YOUR evolution.
  8. Strive to see the HIGHER PURPOSE for everything that is unfolding.
  9. Give the GORGEOUS PLANET you live on your UTMOST RESPECT.
  10. Laugh HARD.
  11. PLAY and use your IMAGINATION like you did as a child.
  12. Be so BRIGHT and SHINY that any darkness in your way becomes light too.
  13. Fall completely IN LOVE with your perfectly imperfect self over and over and over again.


Have an AMAZING day… YOU deserve it!

Love Always,

Katelyn <3


PS – Do you have any “rules” that you live by to keep yourself in the flow with life? What are they?

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