I decided to share some private things from my own life that made all the difference for my financial situation. I have had quite a few clients, relatives, and friends express fears around money lately and I know what I am about to share will be a huge help for anyone struggling with fears around money.


This post is really for anyone whoGet Connected wants more money and happiness…(You!)

If you have been feeling fearful or anxious around finances I want you to know as well as I do, that it’s because there is an opportunity for a BIG money breakthrough for you!

I’m sharing some of the challenges I faced with money and the exact steps I took to turn my own financial situation around, to help you to allow this big breakthrough with money in your life, and for it to even happen with joy, grace, and ease. I’m going to tell you exactly what I have done to attract a lot more money into my reality.

Here is the step-by-step process I used to attract more money:

1. First off, I started to ASK GOD to show me ways that I was blocking money. We always have what we desire (in this case – money) coming to us, it’s just that we will subconsciously block it because on some level, we believe having that desire will cause us more pain than pleasure. Example: my parents suffered big time from loosing a lot of money when I was a kid and I never wanted to go through that same suffering so, I prevented it by not having much money to loose.

2. I PAID ATTENTION TO MY INTUITION for signs of when and how I was blocking myself. I was shown that I really DIDN’T TRUST myself or my partner to make wise choices with money. THIS WAS HUGE! I had a massive fear around getting more money and then us falling back into old patterns of silly unconscious spending, which would result in suffering. So, my block was actually a form of protection for myself from my fear.

3. I then ASKED FOR AWARENESS to know when I was falling into this fear.

4. I became FAMILIAR with how that fear FELT IN MY BODY.

5. The moment I felt it I would stop myself mid-thought and ask the Divine to take this fear/belief/pattern from me… I intentionally gave it to God to take care of. (Why try to do this all on our own when we can ask the Creator of this massive incredible universe to lend a helping hand right?)

6. I thanked God (in advance) for healing this pattern/fear and REALLY EMBODIED THE VIBRATION OF GRATITUDE. I thanked God for showing me exactly how to be an awesome money manager and how my partner is brilliant with money as well. (It was at this point that I started to actually get my income/expense totally sorted out, have important and really honest convos with my man, change my ways of spending/saving, etc.)

7. I FOLLOWED the INSPIRATION I then received to start GIVING MORE. I focused less on how to GET and more on how to GIVE… From little things like making my partner a yummy snack, to bigger things like opening my schedule up to welcome another beautiful client into my life so I could be in service to her. As soon as we focus on what we can give to another, we automatically switch our vibration (and attraction power) from scarcity and lack to abundance and prosperity. This HAS to happen because to give means we must look at what we ALREADY have (abundance) rather than looking at what we don’t have (lack).

8. I FULLY TRUSTED this would be more than enough doing on my part to bring money miracles into my life! This trusting means that I let go of my attachment to the WHEN and HOW of money showing up. I trusted that I had done everything I needed to on my end, and I trusted that in the perfect time and in the perfect way, God and my angels would take care of the rest for me.

9. In delightful and miraculous ways, I received money money money moooonayyy…MONEY! (Singing that money song from way back when!)

10. I humbly thanked God for once again, blowing my mind and heart wide open. I also celebrated myself for being so faithful, following my intuition, and being seriously courageous and brave!

If you do this process in your own life you WILL see awesome financial changes and you WILL feel a lot closer to God!

I’m going to let you in on a secret… The money is actually just the (super yummy) icing on the cake. It’s that deep satisfaction we get knowing we have helped a fellow human and that sweet liberation we feel when we deliberately co-create with God that we were truly searching for all along. 😉

So, I’m curious… Did this post inspire you? Did any of these steps hit home for you? Did you have a moment of, “Aha, that’s exactly what I have been missing!”? Come on over to my Facebook group “Intuitive Co-Creators” and let’s chat about it! Click here to join my (really amazing) group!


Love Always,

Katelyn <3