Become an Intuitive Coach Mentorship

I deeply love my work as an Intuitive Coach. There was a time though, not long ago, when I didn’t reallStairwayy believe that having this career was even possible for me. I didn’t know where to start or if I even had what it takes. It wasn’t until my own mentor told me she could coach me to become a coach, that I truly considered having a career as amazing and fulfilling as the one I have today.

I am so honoured now, to be able to teach other wonderful heart-centered women who want to make a difference in the world, how they can do this too through coaching.

You have the power within you to help so many people! If the idea of becoming an Intuitive Coach is something that really really inspires you, then read on to find out if working closely with me to become a coach is right for you.  

The Become an Intuitive Coach Mentorship is for you if you are a heart-centered lady who would absolutely LOVE to:

  • Be guided to have a huge miraculous transformation in your own life and learn how to provide the same experience for others in the process
  • Receive the training to be able to help others to connect with their Soul’s purpose and live their best possible lives inspired by Freedom and Love
  • Learn how to read energy and guide yourself and others out of patterns of fear and self-sabotage
  • Have the freedom to live (and travel!) anywhere in the world and run your own heart-centered coaching business at the same time
  • Get paid (unlimited – yes UNLIMITED! – amounts of money) to help amazing people overcome their challenges and create their dreams
  • Work closely with me to “learn the ropes” of being a powerful and confident intuitive, coach, mentor, and healer
  • Have the freedom to set your own schedule, be your own boss, and work only with the people who you adore and love to spend your precious time with
  • Learn how to reprogram the subconscious mind for success using many different methods guided by intuition
  • Get the mentorship and support you need as you begin working with your own clients 
  • Deepen your spiritual connection and tap into your own intuitive and psychic gifts


Feeling excited yet?!? Good! Does this all sound like EXACTLY what your Soul has been searching for? I know how you feel! :) I was SO excited when I learned about all of these possibilities too! And now, what was once only a possibility in my mind has become my reality. If you are fully ready to commit to your dream of becoming a coach, you can have all of this too!

Click on the button below to apply for a complimentary Intuitive Breakthrough Session (valued at $500). In the session I will guide you through a powerful intuitive process to help you release any energetic blocks you might have and gain massive clarity where you need it. This session will give you and I both the opportunity to get to know each other and see if this program is the perfect fit for you.



Read what some clients who have completed the Become an Intuitive Coach Mentorship have to say…



“Once I saw that Katelyn created the Become an Intuitive Coach Mentorship I felt completely God-guided to invest myself into it. Katelyn taught me all of the tools and techniques I needed to be able to perform miracles in people’s lives, just as she had in mine! I broke free from fear and limiting beliefs and began to understand the powers that I truly possessed all along. Today, I am a strong, powerful, wise Intuitive Coach taking on my own clients, and I am forever grateful I was able to work with such an inspiring, radiant teacher and angel. Katelyn’s gifts are honorably priceless, and continue to perform miracles in my life each and every day! I would highly recommend her coaching to anyone who is ready to completely transform their lives, and start living their life on their highest purpose as a coach or healer!”

~ Kelsea Rai, Intuitive Coach

Katie copy

“When I met Katelyn, I never would have called myself an Intuitive. I had a deep desire to explore the healer within myself, but felt like intuition was a gift I didn’t get, something I went to others for. I had just begun exploring coaching and didn’t totally believe in myself. I was on the verge of a huge shift in my career and was scared to take the leap. I was burnt out, mildly depressed, facing difficult issues in my relationships…and through our work together in the Become an Intuitive Coach Mentorship program and her intimate, intense, and powerful support of me, I shed all of these layers and began to reawaken the intuitive healer I AM! I am now blossoming in my newfound power and confidence, having great success with my clients, launching a company I’ve dreamed of for years, and living every day happy, free, and connected to the Divine. I am SO grateful and honoured to be able to share what Katelyn awoke inside of me with others. She is a phenomenal coach and mentor, wise and gentle channel, and a caring, compassionate, vibrantly exceptional human being.”

~ Katie Walsh, Intuitive Healer, Herbalist & Health Coach 




Katelyn Edgar